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Slater's Directory of 1846

Carlow Town

Extracts from Slater's Directory of Ireland 1846 - (Carlow)

Carlow 1846
Carlow College,’ founded by the Right Rev. Dr. Keeffe, in 1793, for the education of Catholic clergy and laity. The ancient languages, modern philosophy, and mathematics, are taught by the professors, and the pupils are prepared for graduating at the London University, and Trinity College, Dublin. ‘The building is spacious, with a centre and wings, and the grounds for recreation are extensive.
The church of the establishment has a graceful spire, one hundred and ninety-five feet high; the huge gilt cross at the summit was a gift from the ladies of Carlow. The Catholic cathedral is a noble edifice, with an octagonal tower and lantern one hundred and fifty feet high; it is the later English style, with chapels in the transcript, and the interior is enriched by a statue of Doctor Doyle, from the chisel of Hogan., which is greatly admired. The edifice was completed in 1834, and cost £18,000. There is a large Catholic chapel on the Graigue side of the river; and the Presbyterians, Society of Friends, and Methodists have their respective places of worship. The market days are Monday and Thursday. Fairs May 4th, June 22nd, August 26th. and November 8th. The parish of Carlow contained in 1841, 9,901 inhabitants, and the town 8,734 of that number.
POST OFFICE, Burrin Street, CARLOW, William Henderson Cary, Post Master. - Letters from DUBLIN and various parts North, &c. also from ENGLAND, arrive every morning at half-past one, and are dispatched every night at eleven. - Letters from Cork and the South arrive every night at eleven, and are dispatched thereto every morning at half-past one. - Letters from KILKENNY arrive every morning at ten, and are dispatched thereto every afternoon at half-past two.

Gentry & Clergy

Banneh Rev. Charles, Cathedral St
Brandon Rev. Win. Pembroke road
Browne Major. Peter, Barracks
Browne Robt. Clayton, Esq Browne hill
Brune Colonel Henry. M.P. Oak Park
Butler Mrs. Edward, Burrin House
Butler Richard, Esq. Thornville
Campion Mr. John Leonard, John St
Cary Captain Henry, Athy road
Cary Captain William. Burrin St
Coffey Mr. Anthony, Church St
Cooper Major Herring, Shrule Castle
Cooper Mr. Thomas Herring, the Baru
Cuthbert Rev. George G. Dublin St
Deacon Mrs. Sarah, 21 Dublin St
Donaghue Mr. Thomas, Clocri Stick
Dowling Rev. Marcus, Cathedral St
Duckett J. D. Esq. J.P. Carlow
Elliott Samuel, Esq. Kilmeany
Faulkner Henry, Esq. Castletown
Fishbourne Mr. Joseph, Dublin road
Fishbourne Mr. William, Tullow St
Fishbourne Mr. William, Athy road
Haly Right Rev. Francis, D.D.  R.C. Bishop of Kildare, Braganza House
Hare Rev. Henry Evington
Haughton Thos. Esq. Kilam Grove
Hetherington The Misses, Burrin St
Hoye Captain Richard, Athy road
Hughes Rev. James, College
Jackson Mr Adam Maryborough St
Jameson Rev. Joseph, Pembroke Road
McCarthy Rev. Daniel, Cathedral St
M’Taggart Rev David, Montgomery St
Massy Rev. Dawson, Graigue
Montgomery Mrs. Hannah, Burrin St
Moore Howard, Esq. Carlow
Morgan Mrs. Catherine, Athy road
Nolan John. Esq., Kelbally Hue
O’Connor Rev, R. Burrin St
Pope Major, Dublin road
Rochford Horace, Esq. Clogrennan
Rochford John A. Esq. Clogrennan
Royse Abraham, Esq. County inspector of police), Kilkenny road
Shervington Mrs. Dublin road
Smyth Mrs. Abigail, Montgomery St
Stoyte Mr. Thomas, Dublin St
Taylor Rev James, St. Patrick’s College
Thomson Mr. John, John St
Thornton Major, Thorville
Tracy Rev. Richard. Brown St
Tuckey Charles Henry, Esq. J.P.  Borlem. Kilkenny Rd
Tuomy John, Esq. M.D. J.P.. Dublin St
Vigors Thos. Teuch, Esq. Erin Dale
Wallase William, Esq. Dublin St
Walshe Rev. James, College
Watson John Leckey, Esq. Finay Park
Watters Henry, Esq. Staplestown
Whelan Thomas, Esq. Athy Rd
White Mathew Esmond, M.D. J.P. Cathedral St
  Not otherwise described are Day Schools.  
  Church  John, 134 Tullow St
  Convent of the Presentation School, Cathedral Street
  Cosslet Mrs. Superioress
  Crossthwaite Margaret, Burrin St
  Darcy Henry, Montgomery st
  Diocesan School.,
  Scott David Henry , headmaster Church Street
  Forbes Mrs. Athy road
  Graigur & Killeshin Schools
  Collins Charles, Master
  Collins Elizabeth, Mistress
  National School, Chapel Lane, Graigue 
  Gorman Michael , master
  National School, Graigue
  Henessy Michael , master
  Parochial School, Tullow St
  Curran P. , master
  Rose Martha,  Mistress
  Cullen James, (to the transfer office), 12 Dublin street
  Fitzmaurice Arthur (land), 122 Tullow street
  Lahee John, (general) 41 Dublin St
  Byrn Nicholas, Dublin st
  Cullen Paul John, 57 Dublin St
  Kavanagh Patrick Wm. 151 Tullow St
  Montgomery Henry, 4 Dublin St
  Burgess John Hewitt, Burrin Street, and 2 Foster place, Dublin.
  Butler Thomas Crawford Seneschals of the manor of Carlow master extra in chancery, commissioner for taking affidavits in all the courts, and for married women, proctor for the dioceses of Leighlin, and crown solicitor, Rose Villa, and 53 Upper Dorset St, Dublin.
  Campion Job Leonard, Montgomery St, & 96 Marlborough St, Dublin
  Meagher Joseph, Athy road
  Barrington Michael, 70 Dublin St
  Watson James, 131 Tullow street
  Collins Martin, Wellington square
  Collins Thomas, 128 Tullow St
  Crotty Thomas. 115 Tullow St
  Crowe John, Tullow St
  Darcey James, Tullow St
  Davies Robert, 54 Dublin St
  Deighton Philip, 15 Dublin St
  Fox John, 126 Tullow St
  Hughes Henry, 138 Tullow as
  Jackson John 143 Tullow St
  Johnson Stanley, 10 Dublin St
  Kinsella Mary, Maryborough St
  Lowrey Patrick, 14 Tullow St
  M'Grath Thomas, Tullow St
  Nolan Philip, 21 Tullow St
  O'Farrell George, 34 Tullow St
  Power Patrick, 139 Tullow St
  Bank of Ireland (Branch),  - (draws on the blank of England, London and all the Branch Banks of England in the country) - Thos Whelan Esq. Agent Athy road
  Doyle Thomas, Tullow St
  Gaffney John, 52 Tullow St
  Lawlor Michael, Tullow St
  M'Derby Patrick, Maryborough St
  Crotty Daniel, 52 Dublin St
  Kavanagh Fras. Xavler, 137 Tullow St
  Lahee John, 41 Dublin St
  M'Quaide John, 42 Dublin St
  Nolan Francis & Co. 5 Tullow St
  Walker Francis, 145 Tullow St
  Adams Rozen, 6 Tullow St
  Bunbury Robert. 20 Castle St
  Conway Thomas 115 Tullow St
  Fenlon Patrick, Tullow St
  Graham William, 20 Tullow St
  Griffin Robert Blackall, 121 Dublin St
  Hackett Richard, John St
  Leonard John, 14 Tullow St
  M'Guiness Thomas, 51 Tullow St
  Quinlan Michael, Maryborough St
  Smith George, 141 Tullow St
  Spear Joseph, Tullow St
  Treacy Patrick, 11 Tullow St
  Walsh James, 13 Tullow as
  Williams John, 113 Tullow St
  Bourke Patrick, 46 Dublin St
  Byrne Patrick, 25 Tullow St
  Foley John, Ma borough St
  Herrings Edward Maryborough St
  Hughes Michael, Tullow St
  Keating Michael, 5 Dublin St
  Kenna Patrick, Castle St
  Lacey Thomas. 51 Dublin St
  Lennon Patrick, Tullow St
  M'Donald Timothy, Castle St
  Oliver Patrick, 61 Dublin St
  Oliver Thomas, 62 Dublin St
  Haughton Samuel, Burrin St
  Jenkinson Matthew, Cathedral St
  Kavanagh Jeremiah, Graigue
  Barrington Michael, Burrin St
  Murphy Bernard, Centaur St
  Nolan Peter, 32 Dublin St
  Pendred William, 49 Dublin St
  Bordman Richard, Burrin St
  Holden Patrick, Browne St
  Tyndal William, Church St
  Walsh John, 54 Tullow St
  West John, 59 Tullow St
  Whyte John, 49 Tullow.
  Bready Thomas, Tullow St
  Jackson William, 2 Tullow St
  Mercier John, 41 Tullow St
  Waring Elizabeth, Tullow St
  Booth Thomas, Graigue
  Wall Edward, 64 Tullow St
  Walshe Michael, (& Slate) Bachelors Walk
  Wilson Michael, Maryborough St
  Crosby Ellen, 11 Dublin St
  Curran Sarah, Dublin St
  Alexander John, The Quay, and at Milford
  Anderson George William, The Quay
  Burroughs George. John St
  Clarke S. & Co. Burrin Bridge; Residence Hanover
  Crosthwait Samuel & Co. The Quay
  Haughton Samuel, Burrin St
  Jenkinson Matthew, Cathedral St
  Kavanagh Jeremiah, Graigue
  Kelly James (and boat owner), The Quay
  Kelly Laurence (and boat owner), Wellington Square
  Kinsella Patrick, The Quay
  Wilson Michael, Maryborough St
  Watson James & Co. (and oil and colourine), 131 Tullow St
  Dowling E. Barrow St
  Graham James, Burrin St
  Birkett Henry, 65 Dublin St
  Byrne John, Tullow St
  Coffey Murtha, 59 Dublin St
  Corcoran Thos. Wellington square
  Coyle Thomas, 149 Tullow St
  Dillon James, Castle St
  Dowling Christopher, Tullow St
  Doyle James, 28 Tullow St
  Doyle William, Tullow St
  Ellis George, Tullow St
  Ellis Thomas, 12 Dublin St
  Hammond Edward, 8 Tullow St
  Hughes Thomas, 2 Dublin St
  Kelly Hugh, 37 Tullow St
  Kelly Laurence, Wellington square
  Lawler & Co. 53 Dublin St
  McDonald John, Tullow St
  McDonnell Michael, 11 Tullow St
  Morris James, 74 Burrin St
  Muldowney Daniel, 24 Tullow St
  O'Neill Brien, Maryborough St
  Tynan Christopher, Castle St
  Tynan Joseph, 33 Tullow St
  Tynan Thomas, 73 Burrin St
  Waring Elizabeth, Tullow St
  Watson James & Co. 131 Tullow St
  Wilson Michael, Maryborough St
  Wright Mary, 144 Tullow St
  HABERDASHERS (see also Linen, Drapers &c.)
  Budd Mary, 26 Dublin St
  Byrne Ellen, 145 Tullow St
  Gahan Bridget, 116 Tullow St
  Keeffe Rose Mary, 60 Dublin St
  Murphy Eliza, 129 Tullow St
  Fergusson William, 62 Dublin St
  Murray John, 18 Tullow St
  Walsh Sarah & Teresa, 7, Dublin St
  INNS & HOTELS. (See also Public Houses.)
  Carpenter Rose (family and commercial) Burrin St
  Cullen John, 67 Tullow St
  Hanlon Thomas, Burrin St
  Cullen James, Royal Arms Hotel (family & commercial) 12 Dublin St
  Whitmore Samuel, (family & posting) Dublin St
  Delany James, (a boiler & farming implement maker) Graigue.
  Graham William, (Brass founder & plumber), Burrin St
  Kinsella Patrick, The Quay
  Caulfield Andrew, Castle St
  Coyle Thomas, 149 Tullow St
  Crotty Daniel, 52 Dublin St
  Kelly Hugh (Iron and steel merchant), 37 Tullow St
  Kinsella Patrick, The Quay
  Morris James, 69 Burrin St
  O'Brien William, 22 Tullow St
  Turner Marian, 7 Tullow St
  Dowling Edward, Coal market
  Haughton Joshua, Tullow St
  Saunders James, 17 Tullow St
  Treacy Thomas, 12 Tullow St
  Banks Henry, 15 Tullow St
  Boake William, 67 Burrin St
  Byrne Matthew, 19 Castle St
  Doyle Alicia, 142 Tullow St
  Henderson John, & Co 25 Tullow St
  Hughes Thomas, 2 Dublin St
  Humphrys Robert, 47 Dublin St
  Ivers John, 9 Tullow St
  Ryan Margaret, 130 Tullow St
  Thompson Alex 150 Tullow St
  Waring Elizabeth, Tullow St

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