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Carlow 1850's

THE Carlow Tempe Group recently presented local businessman Bernard Jennings with a rare old map of Carlow town. The map shows that sometimes change doesn't necessarily spell progress. Over the past 50 years politicians have been continuously calling for a hospital for the town. This map, based on a survey carried out by the Engineering Department of the British Army in the 1850s, shows the town had a hospital - even if it was the town jail. The map, which originally belonged to the late Pat Purcell, is very interesting. It identifies all the houses in both Bridewell Lane and Brewery. The accuracy is such that all the trees and back sheds, saw pits and ball alleys are all included. Among the changes one can see is the Friends Meeting House was situated where the present-day Carlow Book Shop was. The outline of the premises has not changed up to the present day. In 1824 the Quakers leased that premises to Benjamin Jones. One of the conditions was that he was to change the front facade or else his rent would be increased. He duly carried out such works, which remained in situ until the premises was demolished and rebuilt a couple of years ago. Another clause in that lease was that the premises could not be sub let to a person who dealt in brass, or carry on the trade of a smithy or a publican. Behind the Friends Meeting House you can see the Wesleyan Chapel, which was built to commemorate the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley. At the Deighton Hall is the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) building. While one of the town's landmarks for many years, the Presentation Convent had not yet been built. What is striking is Hanover House, with its imposing garden and inlet from the River Burrin.

Source: The Nationalist Friday December 6th 2002
Sent in by Peter Walker c.2009

Premises in the town of Carlow during the 1850s
Source:  (118 TB. Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland)

Pat Purcell Papers

Holligan, 1850s

Letter to Pat Purcell dated July 1977 from Public Record Office, Melbourne, Vic. Australia. [this enquiry may be a search for relatives of deceased person in order to distribute estate!]

Dear Sir,
We have the following entry for Michael Holligan, aged 36, Agricultural Labourer, his wife Margaret, aged 30, both were able to read only, and their children Patrick, aged 3 and infant Ann. They came from Carlow, Ireland. Departed from Liverpool on 18/05/1851, arrived in Melbourne on 21/09/1851 on the ship "Stamboul", having sailed for 126 days. They moved to Geelong on 28/09/1851.
Is it possible for you to enquire if there are relatives living in the Carlow area today?

Source: Michael Purcell 2013
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