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Pat Purcell Papers

County Carlow 1885

From: Friend of Carlow <>

Henry Bruen & Co.

Carlow Sentinel.


The Right Honourable Henry Bruen Of Oak Park And His Tenantry.

We have received the following for publication and commend to the careful attention of all engaged in rent agitation Mr Bruen's reply to the demand  for a general reduction. While it shows conclusively that the demand is to a large extent forced and fictitious, it also proves Mr Bruen's desire to maintain the position he has always held in his dealings with his tenantry as a fair and considerate landlord :-

Shamrock Hotel, Carlow,

November, 1885.

To the Right Honourable Henry Bruen,

Oak Park, Carlow.

We, the undersigned tenants on your property, have come to a conclusion at a meeting held this day, that we cannot pay our present rents; we expect an abatement of 30% on this half year, and a reasonable time to pay our rents, as we cannot turn our cattle or sheep into money at present.

Patrick Norton, Ballyloo; Walter Cummins, Cloughna; Michael McDonald, Primrose Hill; Timothy Dowling, Linkardstown; Michael Wrafter, Knockthomas; Patrick Kehoe, Orchard; Edward Hayden, Knocknagee; Thomas Byrne, Carlow; James Byrne, Ballyhacket; Bernard Byrne, Ballyhacket; Pat Kealy, Gurteen; John Mahoney, Ballycarney; John Timmons, Quinagh; James McDarby, Cloughna; James Lennon, Cloughna; Pat Cummins, Nurney; Pat Doyle, Ballybannon; Pat Donohoe, Orchard; P. Haydon, Cloughna; William L. Bourne, Ballinacarrig; Michael O'Brien, Ballinacarrig; Nicholas Cosgrave, Orchard; James McDonald, Coolroe; William Kennedy, Orchard; Representatives, Martin and Thomas Byrne; Michael Keegan, Knocknagee; Michael Prendergast, Coolroe; Thomas Lyons, Coolroe; Robert Little, Ballyloo; Mathew Cummins, Ballybannon; William Byrne, Ballyhacket; Edward McDarby, Cloghna; Sam Snoddy, Quinagh; Pat Murphy, Ballyryan; Pierce Gall, Ballycarney; John Gorman, Newtown; Michael Nolan, Newtown; Peter Walsh, Newtown.

P.S -- Please reply to the above address.

[Mr Bruen's reply to follow - to be continued, hope the above is of interest to our readers, Selina.].


 Mr Bruen replies- Divide and Conquer!

Carlow Sentinel.

19th November 1885.

Mr Bruen's reply to his tenantry.

Addressed to Mr Patrick Norton, Ballyloo, Carlow.

Oak Park, Carlow.

Dear Sir -

I have received a communication from several of my tenants to which I am asked to send an answer, and your name being first on the list I address myself to you.

At first sight of the manifesto I feel some wonder why I should be asked to send any response, for the signatories commence by informing me that they have "come to a conclusion" on the subject described by them, viz., that 30% is to be deducted from my property, the balance to be payable when convenient to them.

But when I remember the fact, that I have had conversations with many of my tenants who have held quite a different tone, and that several, including some whose names are below your name on the document, have already paid their rent within the past month, I incline to the belief that it is the work of a few busy agitators, and that the great majority of my tenants will meet me on the terms and in the spirit which you and they know perfectly well, have guided our intercourse in the past.

I am quite ready to consider each case and give abatement's such as the circumstances seem to require, or reasonable extension of time, but a general uniform abatement I decline to give; and I consider that those rents which have already been reduced under the provisions of the Land Law Act, should be maintained.

I remain, yours faithfully, (signed) Henry Bruen.


From: Friend of Carlow <>

Thomas Butler 1885

 Transcribed by Selina Lawlor from large advertisement poster in the Pat Purcell Papers.




The Election of a Representative to Parliament is shortly to take place. Many of you will have the privilege of recording your votes for the first time, and it is of importance that you should have the opportunity of expressing your opinion on a question that greatly affects your interests.

I allude to the relationship that is to exist between this country and Great Britain.

I have been asked to solicit your votes and support in opposition to Separation, in favour of which a candidate has been selected for you. Being firmly convinced the The Union with Great Britain is essential to the PEACE, PROSPERITY AND LIBERTY OF ALL CLASSES AND CREEDS in this country, I shall oppose any measures that may tend to the Dismemberment of the Empire or threaten the Supremacy of the Crown.

I shall support any measures that will enable Farmers to compete on fair terms with the Foreign produce that is now flooding our Markets, and that will HELP TO REVIVE OUR NATIVE INDUSTRIES and thus IMPROVE THE CONDITION OF THE WORKING MAN.

I consider that Foreign Manufactured Goods, admitted free to this country, while ours are taxed from 10 to 60 per cent before landing in foreign countries, is unfair and presses unduly on our manufacturing population, and is only one-sided Free Trade.

With the labouring classes now enfranchised rests this important question of who is to be your representative?

Have wages and employment increased under the many promises held out during the past few years?

How many establishments have been closed, others reduced, and men thrown out of employment?

Before prosperity can return to this land Agitation, Tyranny, and Boycotting must cease, and LIBERTY, INDUSTRY, and FREEDOM take their place.

WORK and GOOD WAGES cannot be obtained without capital, which will not be advanced without security.


Irrespective of parties I will support all such measures as will, in my opinion, PROMOTE the PROSPERITY of IRELAND and its INHABITANTS.

For more than twenty-three years I have PERMANENTLY RESIDED amongst you, and am known to many, having taken an ACTIVE part in all matters connected with Local affairs in the county.

It has ALWAYS been my desire to ASSIST ALL whom I have come in contact to the best of my power.

TRUSTING that the same good feeling that has hitherto existed between us may always continue,

I am, Yours faithfully,


Ballin Temple, Carlow. 16th November 1885.

[noted added by Michael Purcell Jan. 2013, in the ensuing election, Thomas Butler received 751 votes, his opponent. Ed Gray of Pembroke House, Dublin received 4,801 votes. Mr Gray was deemed elected.]


Source: M. Purcell 2013. Old newspapers in the PPP.

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