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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Extracts from Slater's Directory of Ireland 1894

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Private Residents. Private Residents.
Alexander Mrs. Susan, Arrandale Lalor Rev. Matthew, St. Patrick's college
Bell Mrs. Harriet, Pembroke house Macdowell Mrs. Dorothy, Otter Holt
Black George G. Burlum house Maffett Edward S. Athy street
Brown Paul A. Burrin house, Burrin St Malcolmson Colin A. Court place
Browne-Clayton Wm. C.J.P. Browne's hill Martin Rev. John Hill, Pembroke road
Burton Sir Charles W. C. Bart. J.P. Pollerton house Massey Rev. Richard D.H. D.D. Evington
Byrne Rev. James c.c. Athy road Morris Edward, Pembroke road
Carey William, Athy street Mulhall Edward T. Erin lodge
Casey Mrs. Hester, Pollerton castle Nolan John J.P. Fighting Cocks
Colgan Francis P. Greenville, Athy rd O'Brien Rev. Patrick F. O. LL.B. St. Patrick's college
Comerford The Most Rev. Michael D.D. Braganza house O'Callaghan Robert T. Athy road
Cooper Mrs. Sarah J. Hanover house O'Meara Thomas M.B. 35 Dublin street
Cullen Rev. John, 4 Athy street O'Meara Thomas P. Asylum, Athy road
Delany Rev. John, St. Patrick's college O'Meara William H. Burrin street
Duckett William J.P. Duckett's grove Pearson Thomas B. National Bank
Dunne Michael W. College street Quilton Edward T. Straw hall
Finlay Rev. Canon John M.A. The Rectory Rawson Edward A. Barrowville, Kilkenny road
Fitzmaurice William J.P. Kelvin grove Beeves William R. Castle view
Foley Rev. John, St. Patrick's college Roche Rev. James J. St. Patrick's college
Foley Rev. Patrick B.A. St. Patrick's college Ross Mrs. Catherine, Burrin street
Gorry Rev. Patrick c.c. Athy road Boss John M. Belleville
Hammond John J.P., M.P. Tullow street Ryan Joseph V. John street
Haughton Misses S. J. & E. B. Burrin house, Burrin st Slocock Oliver T. M.K.C.V.S. Grosvenor
Haughton Samuel W\ Green Bank house Spong Frederick, Roseville
Ingres Rev. Felix W. B.A. St. Patrick's college Stuart Henry E. Bank of Ireland, Athy st
Jameson Miss Cordelia, Athy road Thomas Captain William J. J.P. Belmont
Jameson Joseph, Athy road Wilson Rev. James, The Manse
Kennedy Robert A. Grosvenor place  
Commercial Commercial
Adam & Co. grocers, 4 Castle street Kirwan Patrick, hairdresser, Browne st
Assembly Rooms (James Moore proprietor), Dublin street Langran George, proprietor & publisher of the 
Bacon Ann, pawnbroker, Castle street Carlow Sentinel,'' & printer, Athy st
Bank of Ireland (branch) (Henry E. Stuart, agent; W. B. Reeves, subagent), Athy Rd Lawler Bridget, grocer, 27 Tullow st
Bayley  M.& C. Stationers & fancy repository, 6-8 Burrin Street Lawler Edward, tailor, 100 Tullow st
Begley Henry, tailor, 60 Dublin street Lawler Patrick, grocer, 112 Tullow st
Bell (reps, of) J. C. butter & wool merchants, College street Lawler Thomas, grocer, 76 Tullow st
Belton & Co. ironmongers & timber &c. merchants, 147, 101 & 6 Tullow st Lawless Eliza, draper, 139 Tullow st
Bergin William, grocer, 53 Dublin st Lawlor Jn. spade maker. Staplestown Rd
Boake Henry B. draper, 67 Burrin st Leverett & Frye, grocers, 56 Dublin st
Boake William H. grocer & baker, 121 & 128 Tullow street Lewis Robert, bootmaker, 24 Dublin st
Bolger James, Corn agent, Cornwall Quay Lowry Patrick, baker, Tullow street
Bolger William, Corn mer. Corn market Lynim Richard, saddler, Castle hill
Bourke P. & Son, wool merchants & butchers, Haymarket Maffett Edward S. solicitor, Athy st
Breen Patrick, grocer, 74 Tullow street Malcolmson Colin A. solicitor (R. Malcolmson & Co), Court place; 
Brennan Lawrence, grocer, 24 Castle st & at 182 Great Brunswick st, Dublin
Brennan Thomas C. baker, 52 Dublin st Malone Robert teacher of music Pembroke Rd
Brennan William, potato dlr. Market sq Mangan M.& Sons, corn mers. &c. Castle Hill
Brophy Mary A. house agent, Castle hi Mangan Patrick, miller &c. Castle mills
Brophy Michael, journalist, 76 Tullow st Markey Thos. F. outfitter, 6 Dublin st
Brophy Patrick, cooper, Cornwall quay Masonic Lodge, 30 Dublin street
Brown Paul A. solicitor, Burrin house Maxwell Richard, rope &c. maker & draper, 70 Burrin st
Bruen's (Henry) Estate Office (Thomas II. B. Ruttledge, agent), Athy road McAssey Alice, draper, 116 Tullow st
Burbridge  Henry. Coach propr. The Strand McCaul Lawrence, tailor, 54 Dublin st
Burgess Thomas k Sons, drapers, 15 Tullow street McDarby Ellen, confectioner, Tullow st
Burke Ellen, dress maker, 92 Tullow st McDonald James, spirit dealer. Burrin st
Burns William, grocer & general dealer, 19 to 21 Castle street McDonald John E. house agent, 18 Castle street
Byrne Edward, grocer, Cornwall quay McDonald John, pawnbroker 55 Tullow st
Byrne James, inspector of Board of McDonald Patrick J. hairdresser 150 Dublin street
Byrne John, weigh-master, Potato market McDonnell Catherine, spirit dealer, 7 & 146 Tullow street, Hay market
Byrne Patrick, butcher, 3 Burrin street McGrath Daniel J. Chemist , 2 Dublin st
Byrne Patrick, grocer, 72 Tullow street McQuaide & Co. Booksellers, 42 Dublin st
Byrne Patrick, potato dealer, Market sq McQuaide John, registrar of marriages, 42 Dublin st
Byrne Terence, horse dlr. 38 Tullow st McRea John, steward, Athy road
Byrne Thos. grocer, 34 & 83 Tullow st McWey Thomas, wool merchant & grocer, Hay market & Wellington sq
Cahill Mary, dress maker, Browne st Molloy Michael. draper &c. 22 Tullow st
Carey William, solicitor & registrar of Titles, Athy st Molloy Patrick, baker, 137 Tullow st
Carlow Commercial Club (James Fenlon, hon. sec.  Moore James, auctioneer, 55 Dublin st
Patrick Lawler, treasure. & Thos. Lawler, (chairman), Browne st Moore James, sheriff's officer, Green lane
Carlow Protestant Orphan Society (Ven. Archdeacon James Jameson, sec), Burrin street Morris Edward  bacon curer. Pembroke rd
Carlow Rowing Club (Henry B. Boake, captain ; James B. Lawler, sec) Morris James & Co. family grocers & wine & spirit merchants, 1 Tullow st 
Morris Albert. & Co. ironmongers, cartridge manufacturers, electricians,  & 73 & 74 Burrin street; Jas. Ogle, proprietor. See advertisement
furniture dealers. upholsterers, registered druggists, oil & color merchants,  Morton Anne B. fancy depository, 57 Dublin street
seedsmen, nurserymen, fruit, forest & rose tree growers & florists, Muldowney Ellen, dressmaker. 4 Browne street
140 Tullow street; John M. Ross & Sons, proprietors Mulhall David, bill poster, Bridewell lane
Carlow Sentinel (Saturday) (George Langran, propr. & publisher), Athy st Carlow  Mulhall Edward T. solicitor & commissioner for taking affidavits, 
Catholic Young Men's Society (Rev. Edward Kavanagh,  Erin Lodge. & at 54 Middle Abbey st. Dublin
president; John Kelly, hon. sec.; Michael Molloy, treasurer), College st Mulhall Joseph, general dlr. Corn market
Clarke Francis, butcher, 69 Tullow st Mulling Thomas, boot maker. Browne st
Clowry John P. grocer & spirit dealer, 54 Tullow street Murphy Edward, ironmonger, 15 Castle st
Colcough John, tailor, Castle hill Murphy Ellen, grocer, Castle hill
Cole Edward. hay & straw dlr. Centaur st Murphy James, grocer, 29 Barrack st
Coleman Benj. painter &c. 19 Dublin st Murphy Jn. P. watch ma. 13 Tullow st
Coleman Samuel, painter, 29 Dublin st Murphy Jn. provision dlr.125 Tullow- st
Colgan Francis P. L.K.Q.C.P.I. surgeon, Greenville, Athy road Murphy John, carpenter &c. Castle hill
Colgan Patrick, bookseller, 135 Tullow st Murphy Joseph, grocer, Centaur street
Conlan Patrick J. proprietor of the " National & Leinster Times" & printer, 58 Dublin street Murphy Michael, blacksmith, Mill lane
Corcoran & Co. mineral water manufacturers & grocers, 24 Wellington sq Murphy Thomas, draper, 2 Tullow st
Core John, fruiterer, 16 Dublin street National & Leinster Times (Saturday)
Corr John, C. B. officer, The Pound County Club (Right Hon. Henry Bruen P.O., D.L.  (Patrick J. Conlan, proprietor & publisher), 58 Dublin street
 president; B. F. Bagnall, sec), Dublin street National Bank Limited (branch) (Thos. B. Pearson, manager; 
Cripps George, saddler, 3 Tullow street William H. Fitzmaurice, accountant), Dublin st
Crotty Mary, baker, 118 Tullow street National Bank, Dublin street
Crotty Michael, grocer, 36 Tullow st Newton Wardle, steward, Athy road
Crow James, blacksmith, Centaur st Nolan Alicia, milliner, 139 Tullow st
Davies Messrs. dentists, 51 Dublin st Nolan Edward. grocer, 4 Court House sq
Deegan Catherine, baker, 21 Tullow 6t Nolan Michael, grocer, 40 Tullow street
Deighton Joseph C. plumber & engineer, Burrin street. Nolan Thomas, boot maker, Castle st
Devine Patrick, tea dealer. 1 Leinster Crescent Nowlan Honora, spirit dealer. Centaur st
Donaldson Robert B. watchmaker 51 Dublin st O'Brien Joseph, grocer, 12 Tullow st
Donnelly Charles, spirit dealer. The Quay O'Callaghan Robert T. F.K.C.S.I. surgeon, Athy road
Dooley James, grocer, Corn market Ogle James, family grocer & wine & spirit merchant 
Douglas Marlborough C. house agent, Burrin Street (Jas. J Morris & Co.), & Ogle's hotel, 1 Tullow street. 
Douglas Sarah, fancy repository,  150 Tullow street Ogle's Hotel, 1 Tullow street & 73 &74 Burrin street (James Ogle,
Douglas Win. cabinet ma. 44 Dublin st  proprietor; also proprietor of James Morris & Co. family grocers & 
Douglas Wm. M. watch maker. 5 Tullow st wine & spirit merchants, Carlow). See advertisement
Dowling & Co. drapers, 4 Dublin street Oliver Jas. &Sons,butchers,61 Dublin st
Dowling Eliza, draper, Castle street O'Meara Thos. P. M.B. surgeon, Asylum
Dowling Mary, grocer, Fighting Cocks O'Meara Thos.M.D.surgeon,35 Dublin st
Doyle A. & Co. drapers, 142 Tullow St O'Meara William H. F.B.C.S.I. surgeon, Burrin street
Doyle James, grocer, 71 Tullow street O'Neill John, ironmonger, 87 Tullow st
Doyle John, cooper, Staplestown road O'Neill Mary, provision dealer. 14 Tullow st
Doyle Patrick J. coal dlr. Staplestown Rd Orange Lodge, Burrin hall, Burrin st
Doyle Patrick, wheelwright, Barrack st O'Reilly Michael, grocer, 38 Dublin st
Doyle Peter, saddler, 82 Tullow street O'Reilly Patrick, grocer, Barrack street
Duggan Mary, bookseller, 133 Tullow st O'Toole Ellen, spirit dealer, Browne st
Duggan William, grocer, 59 Dublin st Patterson Michael, grocer, Castle street
Dunne Michael W. solicitor, College street; & at 19 Eustace St. Dublin Pearson Thomas B. insurance agent,
Dycher Elizabeth, dress maker. Market sq Phoenix Brewery Co. (John Donnelly, agent), John st
Evans Wm. gun maker, 44 Tullow st Pigott Thomas, baker, 104 Tullow st
Farrell James, Tailor, Burrin street Power Eliza, bookseller, 18 Dublin st
Farrell Joseph, car proprietor, Burrin st Power John, car proprietor, Pollerton rd
Farrell Valentine & Son, game dealers, Browne street Public Works, Evergreen lodge
Fenelon James C. painter & contractor, 33 Tullow Street Purser Mark, implement maker & cycle agent,  102 Tullow street
Fenlon David, grocer, Wellington sq Quinlan Hugh, provision dealer.23 Castle st
Fitzmaurice Wm. land agent, Kelvin grocer Quinn David, cabinet maker &c. 141 Tullow street
Foresters' Hall, Dublin street Rawson Edward A. M.B. surgeon, Barrowville, Kilkenny road
Gale &. Son, 'Tailors, 26 Dublin street Reddy James, grocer & spirit dealer, 67 Tullow street
Gas Works (Henry Lyne, manager) Montgomery st Redmond Matthew, potato &c. dealer, Market square
Geoghegan Jn. insurance agt. College st Reilly Patrick, grocer & spirit dealer, 70 Tullow street
Glover John G. clerk of Union & superintendent registrar, Dublin road Reilly William, saddler, Castle Hill
Gordon J. E. H. & Co. Limited, electrical engineers, Athy road Reynolds Thos. provision dlr. Tullow st
Gorman John Collector of borough rates 113 Tullow st Richards T. & M. Iron founders &c. Dublin road
Gorman Thomas, land agent, Mageney Richards Thos. Ironmonger at.64 &7 Dublin st
Graham Mary, hardware dealer, 148 Tullow street Roach Patrick, hay & straw dealer, Castle hill
Green Aaron, travailing drpr. Browne st Robinson Michael, timber merchant, Hay market, & boot maker, Dublin st
Hade Wm. P. civil engineer,28 Dublin st Roche Nicholas P. draper, 49 Dublin st
Hamilton Thomas, sewing machine agent, Montgomery street Rorke Thomas J. horse dealer, Park view
Hammond Jn. grocer, 8 to 10 Tullow st Ross John M.& Sons, general merchants & ironmongers 
Hann Herr, teacher of music, St. Patrick's college (Albert Morris & Co.), & insurance agents, 140 Tullow street
Hanrahan Rd. cork cutter, 90 Tullow st Ross William J. draper &c. 9 Dublin st
Haughton William J. butter & coal merchant, Water lane Ryan Anne, provision dealer,86Tunow st
Hearns Garratt, butcher, Wellington sq Ryan James, coal dealer, Tullow street
Hearns Thos. butcher, 119 Tullow st Ryan James, corn dealer, Corn market
Hendrick Patrick, joiner, Castle hill Ryan Joseph V. M.B., B.S. R.U.I  surgeon, John street
Henry & Price, ironmongers &c. Dublin st Ryan William, grocer, Castle hill
Heron John, butcher, 19 Tullow street Salter William & Co. chemist  69 Burrin st
Hodges Kate, bookseller, 8 Dublin street Saunders Jas. leather dealer,16 Tullow st
Hoey Kate, bookseller, 28 Tullow street Saunders Robert. wire worker, Browne st
Hopkins Edward & Co. coach builders &c. 41 Tullow street Scully Edward, fish salesman,14 Castle St
Howe Hannah, draper, 72 Burrin st Scully James, grocer, 52 Tullow street
Hughes Patrick, monumental mason &e Shaw Lawrence, tinplate worker, Castle st
 cut limestone & granite works, Green lan Sheil Thomas, flour dealer, 2 Burrin st
Hunt Samuel H. saddler, 17 Dublin st Sherwood & Lloyd, photographers, 21 Dublin street
Hutchinson & Son, plumbers, Dublin rd Slocock Oliver. T. M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Grosvenor Pl
Hutchinson Teresa, grocer, Court sq Smyth Alexander, boot & shoe dealer, 30 Tullow street
Jackson Joseph, auctioneer & grocer 31 Tullow street Smyth Joseph, 1 hay & straw dealer,  2 Browne street
Jackson William, ironmonger &c. 143 & 11 Tullow st Smyth Mary A. dress maker. 2 Browne St
James Daniel, householder, Gayville, Dublin road Smyth Thomas, green grocer. 115 Tullow st
Johnson Charles J. pharmaceutical chemist  Stuart Henry E. insurance agent, Bank of Ireland, Athy street
(W. Salter & Co.), 69 Burrin street Tennant Richard, collector of poor rates, Burrin street
Johnson Stanley, baker & commissioner,10 Dublin St Thompson Thomas, engineer & saw mill proprietor, Hanover works
Johnston William, clerk of the Crown & Peace, 20 Dublin street Tracey Maria, boot & shoe dealer, 123 Tullow street
Kavanagh Brothers, masons, Burrin st Tyler John & Sons, boot & shoe dealers-, 144 Tullow street
Kavanagh Michael, tailor, Corn market. Tynan Kate, wine & spirit dealer & commercial hotel, 130 & 131 Tullow .st
Keating John, grocer, 25 Castle street Vass  Maria, dress maker, 5 Burrin st
Keating Michael, butcher, Dublin st Vindicator (Saturday) (Patrick Kelly, propr. & publisher), Dublin st
Keegan Nannie, confectioners Tullow st Walker Vincent, bookbinder, College st
Keegan Thomas, butcher, 106 Tullow st Walsh Patrick, boot maker, Castle st
Kehoe Walter, fishmonger, Burrin st Walshe James, marble cutter, John st
Kelly J, carpenter & builder, Burrin st Watson Joshua & Co. Lim. maltsters, Cornwall quay
Kelly James, town clerk, Cornwall quay Whelan Elizabeth, grocer, 149 Tullow St.
Kelly John, bookseller, 57 Tullow st Whelan John, grocer & corn & coal dealer, 79 Tullow street
Kelly John, provision dlr. 58 Tullow st Williams Michael, clothier, Castle st
Kelly Julia, teacher of music, Burrin st Williams Richard, Tailor, 134 Tullow st
Kelly M. & Sons, butter merchants & grocers, Wellington square Wills John, coal &c. dealer, Bridewell lane
Kelly Michael. L. corn miller, Carlow mills Wills John, hair dresser, 30 Dublin st
Kelly Patrick, proprietor & publisher of the " Carlow Vindicator," & printer, Dublin st Wilson George P. & Son auctioneers. Club house, Dublin street
Kelly Patrick, spirit dealer, Corn market Wilson George P. Club house & commercial hotel, Dublin street
Kelly Thomas, carpenter, Burrin street Wilson Richard T. house agent, Club house, Dublin street
Kennedy Wm. spirit dlr. 45 Dublin st Wynne Luke, boot & shoe merchant
Kergue Sarah, laundress, Home of Industry, Dublin road Young Men's Christian association
Kinsella Mary A. Royal Arms hotel, Dublin st  (Marlborough C. D. Douglas, sec), Burrin street
Kirwan E. & II. A. drapers, 145 Tullow street End of Carlow section for 1894
Kirwan Mary, eating ho. 51 Tullow st Transcribed by Terry Curran c2008


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