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Sitting of the Carlow Republican District Court.

By kind permission of Mr Michael Purcell

1922, ourselves alone!

In 1922, with no police force or national army formally established in the newly formed Irish Free State, the 26 Counties was slipping into a state of anarchy and lawlessness with many robberies, score-settling and crimes of all kinds being committed daily.

A Republican Police Force was doing its best to maintain order.
 Republican Courts were set up to administer justice.
The first Republican Court session authorised by the Irish Free State Government held in Carlow Court House, February 1922, with Adjudicators appointed in place of Magistrates and Judges.

Nationalist and Leinster Times newspaper in the PPP.

Sitting of the Carlow Republican District Court.


Seamus Lennon, Michael Governey, Sean O' Byrne.

At the opening of the Carlow District Republican Court, Mr Seamus Lennon said he wished to make it clear that the Court derived its jurisdiction from the Republic, which was still in existence, and under which no alien court could function.

They were appointed under the authority of Dail Eireann and drew their jurisdiction from that body and nobody else.

Mr Michael Governey said --I take it that Mr Lennon has not made the statement you have listened to for any political motive, and as far being self-appointed justices, we are not.

We have been appointed by the people, and shall insist on law and order being respected, and that our rulings and decisions must be carried out. No doubt a dark cloud is hanging over Ireland at present, and I hear some people are taking advantage of the state of affairs existing just now, but I for one, sincerely hope that wiser counsels may soon prevail.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2008.
Nationalist and Leinster Times newspapers in the PPP.

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