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Carlow Born Canadian Soldiers


Terry Curran c 2007

Forename Middle / Surname Birth date  Where Born Residence Next of Kin
James  Abbott 20 Aug 1893 Co Carlow Strathroy, Ontario Emily Shepherd
Thomas  Allan Young 26 Feb 1893 Co Carlow   Susan Young
George  Arthur Herbert Hone 8 Oct 1880 Caurty Co Carlow   Eileen Nace Hone
George  Austin 12 Apr 1871 Carlow Town Carlow   Elizabeth Austin
B Jordan 11 Mar 1892 Co Carlow   Mrs Slocock
David  Browning Bookey 21 Dec 1893 Cloneyal Co Carlow East Vancouver British Columbia James Charles Bookey
John  Burns 12 Jul 1877 Co Carlow   Edward Burns
John  Byron 7 Jul 1861 Carlow Town Carlow East Edmonton, Alta Mary Byron
Wm  Byron 19 Nov 1883 Bognells Carlow   Mrs Maryaret Byron
William  Caine 24 Sep 1893 Old Leighlin Fairmount, Saskatchewan James Caine
Thomas  Cavanagh 6 Aug 1883 Co Carlow Prince, Rupert, British Columbia Mrs Kate Cavanagh
William  Claxton 2 Jan 1885 Ballyrvan   Mrs Sarah Claxton
Frederick  Coe 6 Apr 1890 Fullow Carlow Acme, Alta, Canada Louisa Coe
Arthur  Connor 26 Nov 1893 Co Carlow   Dennis Connor
Albert  Corrigan 21 Aug 1898 Co Carlow   Mrs Adelaid Corrigan
Joseph  Daly 25 Sep 1886 Co Carlow Red Deer, Alberta Mrs Sarah Daly
Thomas  Dear 9 Nov 1872 Carlow Town Carlow Montreal, Ph Mrs Eliza Dear
Micheal  Deare 18 Mar 1875 Co Carlow Chicago, Illinois, USA Elizabeth Deare
John  Desmond Kelly 1 Mar 1881 Tullow Co Carlow West Moose  Miss Jennie Boyal
Fred  Doupe 24 May 1884 Hacketstown Unity, Saskatchewan H Sarah Doupe
Henry  Doupe 26 Dec 1882 Co Carlow Sintaluta, Saskatchewan Mrs Doupe
John  Edward Warren 24 Apr 1876 Bagnalstown Carlow Montreal Violet Warren
Richard  Fennell 21 Sep 1870 Co Carlow   Mrs M J Belton
Harry  Ferguson 26 Jan 1888 Co Carlow Phila, Pennsylvania, USA Emily Ferguson
Robert  Forbes 15 Feb 1881 Hacketstown Toronto, Canada Edith Forbes
Robert  Francis Tunstead 10 Mar 1876 Killishes Co Carlow   Mrs Annie Tunstead
Peter  Frederick Crampton Ross 22 Jun 1892 Co Carlow Toronto, Ontario William James Ross
John  George Glover 6 Jan 1895 Co Carlow Joseph St, Lachine, Quebec Mrs A Glover
William  George Ormsby 13 Jul 1888 Borris Carlow   Miss Ella Ormsby
Arthur  George Scott 14 Sep 1879 Co Carlow   Walter Scott
Robert  Grace 14 Oct 1883 Co Carlow Grosse Pt, Michigan Mrs Catherine Grace
John  Graham 22 Jan 1877 Co Carlow   Agnes Graham
Edward  Gregory 7 Dec 1887 Bagnalstown Carlow   Mary Ann Gregory
William  Henderson 27 Nov 1888 Co Carlow New York City, New York, NY. USA Robert Henderson
Victor  Henry Beecher 22 Jun 1895 Co Carlow   Mrs Anna Beecher
Robert  Hugh Leonard MacDowell 30 Dec 1877 Co Carlow R N W M P, Barracks, Regina, Saskatchewan Nellie MacDowell
James  Hutton 1 Oct 1895 Co Carlow Cobourg Felt CO Cobourg, Ontario Patrick Hutton
Caroline  Ida Keppel 10 Mar 1883 Co Carlow   Mrs Caroline Keppel
William  John Bourne 25 Apr 1885 Hacketstown Netherhill, Saskatchewan Mary Bourne
Francis  John Riordan 2 Sep 1888 Co Carlow Kansas City, MO, USA Mary Riordan
Eric  Johnston Brown 12 May 1886 Bagnalstown Carlow   Mrs M W Brown
Patrick  Joseph Carey 3 Nov 1882 Co Carlow Dana, Saskatchewan, Canada Mrs P Kelly
Micheal  Joseph Dunne 28 Feb 1887 Ballrazzan Carlow ??   Mrs Annie Dunne
Patrick  Joseph O'Neil 17 Mar 1892 Co Carlow Palmerston, Ontario Annie O'Neil
William  Joseph Sanderson Connor 21 Feb 1885 Co Carlow   Abner Connor
Gordon  Joy 2 Feb 1884 Co Carlow   Mrs Joy
Bernard  Kane Smith 28 Jan 1897 Co Carlow   Kane J Smith
Patrick  Kenney 10 Mar 1892 Co Carlow Mayerthorpe, Alk Bessie Kenney
Patrick  Kinsella 25 Nov 1890 Rathallen Co Carlow South River, Ontario, Canada Margaret Kinsella
John  Malcolm Phelan 30 Oct 1889 Co Carlow Carlow, Ireland Joseph Phelan
James  McAssey 21 Apr 1885 Co Carlow Central Falls, RI, USA Mrs Minnie McAssey
Patrick  Michael McKenna 7 Jan 1874 Co Carlow   Mary Tina
Patrick  Moffatt 21 Jul 1873 Co Carlow Toronto, Canada Selena Moffatt
Thomas  Murphy 3 Apr 1873 Co Carlow Victoria, British Columbia  
Arthur  Myles Young 16 Sep 1895 Co Carlow Toronto, Ontario Susan Frances Young
Thomas  Neville 26 Apr 1888 Co Carlow Winnipeg, Manitoba Rose Ann Neville
Michael  Nolan 29 Apr 1887 Co Carlow   Mrs Susan Nolan
John  O Doyle 20 Sep 1884 Co Carlow   Mrs T Thompson
Andrew  O'Brien 23 Nov 1879 Co Carlow   Mrs M O'Brien
Thomas  O'Brien 26 May 1889 Co Carlow   Elizabeth O'Brien
O'Callaghan 1887 Bagnalstown Carlow   Mrs M O'Callaghan
Arthur  Oliver Slocock 5 Jan 1874 Co Carlow East Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Mabel Louise Slocock
Thomas  O'Rielly 23 Jan 1883 Co Carlow Chicago, Illinois Patrick O'Rielly
Edward  P Conlan 16 Oct 1890 Co Carlow   Mrs A F Conlan
Edward  Patrick Conlan 16 Oct 1888 Co Carlow   Mrs A Conlan
James  Patrick Wynne 25 Nov 1883 Co Carlow New York City, New York, USA Mary Wynne
William Rappelle 13 April 1882 Accommodation Road Winnipeg from 1905 to death on 24 September 1949 in Winnipeg, Canada John Rappelle, of Leighlin Street, Graiguecullen
Charles  Samuel Langran 24 Mar 1881 Co Carlow   George Langran
William  Scott 8 Feb 1887 Co Carlow Winnipeg Thomas Scott
William  Simon Cameron 2 Mar 1877 Tullow Co Carlow   Anne Cameron
Glascott  Symes 5 Nov 1885 Ballyaghmoon Carlow Lucan Ontario Mrs Sarah Symes
Peter  Thomas Byrne 29 Jun 1888 Rathvilly Carlow West End, Boston, Massachusetts Mrs Mary McLaughlin
Edmund  Whelan 7 Feb 1872 Carlow Town Carlow   Prisoner of War William Whelan
Patrick  Whelan 10 Mar 1871 Carlow Town Carlow Lazo, Quebec, British Columbia Mary Whelan
Whelan Jan 1872 Pollarto Co Carlow    Mrs Catherine Whelan
Frank  William Gallagher 19 Apr 188 Borris Carlow   Anthony Gallagher
Matthew  William Gallagher 20 Jun 1882 Borris Carlow Calgary, Alberta, Canada Anthony Gallagher
Joseph  William McDonald 22 May 1887 Co Carlow   J S McDonald
John  Wynne 20 Apr 1879 Co Carlow   George Wynne
Frederick  Yeates 31 Aug 1879 Co Carlow Shellmouth Mountion Mrs R Yeates

Source Information: Canadian Soldiers of World War I, 1914-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. Original data: Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918). Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada. About Canadian Soldiers of World War I, 1914-1918 This database contains an index to the Attestation papers of men enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) of World War I. Information contained in the database includes: name of enlistee, address, birthplace, birth date, age, name and relationship of next of kin, and regimental number.

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Terry Curran c 2007

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