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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Pat Purcell Papers

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Carlow

(Cathedral of Assumption)

Extracts from Registers

With kind permission of Michael Purcell

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Carlow Cathedral Register.

January 12th, 1827. - Received Matilda Fitzmaurice into the Catholic Church , daughter of Harmon Fitzmaurice, Esq. (signed) T. O'Donnell.

17th May, 1833. - Received William Kells into the Catholic Church and gave him condition Baptism in the presence of James Knox and James Kirwan. (signed) W. Hackett.

18th January 1827. - Received James Kealy into the Church. (signed) T. O' Donnell.

18th January 1827. -Received Winnifrid Monica Bennet into the Church, born at Red Mills, (Wells?) Baltinglass now resides at Pollerton Road.

Received Julia Clarke daughter of George Clarke into the Catholic Church. (signed) T. O' Donnell.

18th January 1827. -Baptised Anne daughter of William Sackville and Margaret Ryan alias Sackville, Sponsors; Patt Farrell and Mary Sackville.

Patrick Scully married Judith Murphy, Feb. 1827. Witnesses; William Bowles and Mary Kelly.

3rd November 1827, Received Elizabeth Monaghan into the R.C.C. and Baptized her in the presence of Bernard Masterson, John Carroll, Christopher Ratighan and Bernard Monaghan. (signed) T. O.Donnell.

2nd March 1828. Jane Jeffries Nobles, into the R.C. Church March 2nd, by receiving the Sacrament of Baptism at the age of 24 years.

4th December 1826. Received into the Catholic Church on the 13th of last. Jane Hamilton daughter of James Hamilton, and Nanagh Gall--formerly of town of Carlow.

5th October, 1833. I this day received Elizabeth Holmes into the Catholic Church, administered to her conditionally Baptism and absolved her from censures in presence of Patrick and --?-- Bany.
(signed) ?-- Hackett. C.C.

September 25th 1832. Baptism Register. John son of Edward Calaher and Cathleen Monahan. Quarries, Sponsors; Mathew Cahill and Sarah Drury.----Entered in "Residence" section: ---- "Not Paid-- -he has 18 / 4 shillings per year, had 3 children baptised and never paid".

[Note added 2010. most of the entries in this register has entered "Paid" for a Baptism recorded at 2 shillings and 6 pence, -- increase of only 4 pence in 58 years! (1774 register, recorded "Paid" at 2 shillings and 2 pence for a Baptism].

11th October 1830. I have received Harrit Cahill into the Catholic church and absolved her from all censures that she may heretofore contracted. Witness, Joseph Cahill. ( signed) P.W. C.C.

12th November 1832. I Received widow Cath. Mc Donald residing at the Dublin Road, into the Catholic Church in the presence of Edward Curren and Bridget McDonald. (signed) Wm. Hackett, C.C.

October 26th 1832. I have administered the Sact. of Baptism Conditionally to Thomas Thompson and received him into the H.C.Church and absolved him from his Censures. Present J. Nolan. (signed) T. O' Donnell.

6th July 1833. Received Margaret Kells aged 70 years into the Church and gave conditional Baptism in presence of Ann Cosslett and Anastasia Kinsella.

Received Henry Adair aged 9 years into the Church and gave him Conditional Baptism in presence of Ann Cosslett and Anastasia Kinsella.

20th December 1833. Eliza Milly Baptized and received into the church absolved from Censures --aged 17.

1833. Hanna Gearson baptized and received into the church on her last illness.

22nd December 1826.
The Following have been received into the R.C. Church in the presence of John Deighan,
George Kirby the 2nd December.
John Williams 41 years.
Daniel Hackett 34 years.
William Hackett 9 years.
Esther Hackett ~~~~~
John Hackett

(signed) T.O'Donnell.

"a strolling black"

Extract from Carlow Cathedral Baptism Register 1866:

Seaconemow John. Convert. A strolling black from Calcutta here on this day baptised having been under instruction for a month or more.
Patt Murphy of Dublin Road answered for him at the font.
He thinks he is about 35 years of age.
Received by Father O' Neill.

Transcribed by Jean Casey

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