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Carlow Militia

Kinsale, March 1794.

Source: CARLOVIANA 1983 No. 30 - This edition kindly provided by Mr M Purcell

Dublin, March 14th, 1794.

Accounts were said to have been received yesterday at the Castle, of a dangerous rising of the lower orders of the people a few days ago, near Kinsale, in the County of Cork. The magistrates and a party of the Carlow Militia quartered there attended for the purpose of dispersing them, but notwithstanding the riot act had been read, and that orders and entreaties for their immediate dispersion had been employed on the part of the magistrates, the rioters continued obstinate, and orders being given to fire, four of the deluded wretches were killed on the spot, and several others wounded and taken prisoners.

Anthologia Hibernica 1794.

Commissions signed by the Commandant of the County of Carlow Militia.

To be Major Water Kavanagh, dated 26th April, 1793.

To be Captains Thomas Whelan, dated 26th April, 1793. Philip Newton, dated 27th April, 1793. John Newton, dated 28th April, 1793.

To be Lieutenants John Wolseley, dated 26th April, 1793. John Bennett, dated 27th April, 1793. John Leckey, dated 28th April, 1793. William Astle, dated 29th April, 1793. Abraham Jones, dated 30th April, 1793. Constantine Brough, dated 1st May, 1793.

To be Ensigns William Carter, dated 26th April, 1793. Ashley Crofton, dated 27th April, 1793. Joseph Malone, dated 28th April, 1793 ?.. Haggerty, dated 29th April, 1793.

To be Adjutant John Wolseley, dated 26th April, 1793. Anthologia Hibernica, 1793.

Henry Bruen had been appointed Colonel of Carlow Militia.

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