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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Carlow Men in the Australian Imperial Forces

(World War One)

Transcribed by Terry Curran c2007

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Source of information comes direct from the Australian National Archives by following the link you can open the record file on any of the individuals in the WWI list, the records hold a host of information about the Soldier it a free to view site:  &

Cap Badge Australian Imperial Forces

Surname Given name/s Serial Number Rank Trade before Joining Age at Joining Date Joined Year of Birth End of War Place of Birth Place of Enlistment Next of Kin Relationship Next of Kin Address Notes points    
Atkinson William 2552 Pte Farm Guard 23y 8m 14-Jun-15 1891 Kill in Action France  27/04/1918 Claydar Carlow Liverpool NSW Samual Atkinson Father Bilboa Carlow Mother called Mary Jane
Alexander David Gibson 1509 Pte Barman 24y  21 Dec 1914 1890 Died from Wound Received in Action 15/08/1915 Borris, Carlow Liverpool NSW A.S Alexander Mother Borris, Carlow Died at Gallipoli
Breslin Thomas 1914 Pte Labourer 25y 6m 14 Jan 1915 1879 Kill in Action France  19/07/1916 Clanmore Carlow Melbourne Mary Breslin Wife Clanmore Carlow
Burgess Rupert William 1635 Pte Labourer 20y 5m 10 Jan 1916 1895 Kill in Action Belgium 07/06/1917 Tullow Carlow Warick Queensland Lucy Burgess Mother Tobinstown Tullow Carlow
Byrne James 116 Pte Labourer 32y 22-Sep-14 1882 Kill in Action at Gallipoli 27/04/1915 ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Townsland Queensland Michael Byrne Father Pollerton Carlow Served 8 years 10 Royal Garrison Artillery plus 4 more in Reserve before join the Australians, his father died soon afterwards
Fraser Peter  880 Pte Mechanic 21 1m 23-Mar-15 1894 Kill in Action France  19/11/1916 India Victoria Peter Fraser Father Bagelstown Carlow Father served in India at time of young Peter's birth
Meaney Edward 2646 Sgt Baker 28y 8m 06-Jun-15 1887 Kill in Action Belgium 04/10/1917 Sidney Austraila Liverpool NSW Edward Meany Father Leighlin Bridge Carlow Church Street and mothers name was Anne  
O'Donnell Thomas Henry 6183 Pte Bank Clerk 25y 9m 29-Sep-16 1891 Kill in Action Belgium 28/09/1917 Tullow Carlow Adelaide Elizabeth Mary O'Donnell Mother Co/ National Bank Carlow Brother listed below No other link
O'Mara Matthew 6542 GNR Storekeeper 39y 5m 12 July 1916 1877 Kill in Action Belgium  15/10/1917 Lockland Carlow Emerald Patrick O'Mara Brother Blackhall Queensland Parents both dead at time of enlistment
Ryan Peter Joseph 3775 Pte Labourer 25y 2m 28 Dec 1917 02/01/1898 Died of Wounds (Gas Attack) 01/10/18 Ballymore Carlow Rochester Victoria Kate McCarthy Mother Ballymore Carlow  
Ryan Michael 1983 Pte Salesman 19y 25 Jan 1915 1896 Kill in Action France  27/03/1918 St Mullins Carlow Broadmedow Victoria Elizabeth Ryan Mother Upper Drana Carlow  
Wheatley Anthony 4205   Labourer 29y 11m 7 Jan 1915 1885 Died of Wounds (Gallipoli ) 18/7/15 Hacketstown Carlow Liverpool NSW Anthony Wheatley Father Hacketstown Carlow  
Bagnal Beauchamp Walter 3243 Sapper Engineer 43y 9m 01-Aug-15 1871 Wounded in Action Returned Home Stapletown  Carlow Melbourne Marion Cecile Bagenal Wife Victoria Australia Lost left Leg in an explosion    
Boake Samuel Capt Capt Doctor 52y 15 Aug 1915 1863 Returned to Australia Demobbed ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow N/A Mary Grace Boake Wife Chatterham England Served 8 years in RAMC    
Brady William Depot Pte Tailor 42 11m 13-Nov-15 1872 Never left Australia Carlow Town, Carlow Brisbane Queensland Winifred Nolan Niece Sydney NSW      
Byrne Edward William 4297   Gardener 30y 22-Mar-15 1885 Medical Discharged Trench Foot Tullow Carlow Victoria A.G. Byrne Brother Queens County Father was AG Byrne died just after he enlisted    
Clince George Joseph 3059 Pte Butcher 31y 8m 16-Aug-15 1883 Never left Australia ...Carlow Melbourne James Clince Father Victoria Australia      
Coffey Martin Depot Pte Miner 44y 2m 02-Feb-16 1871 Never left Australia Borris, Carlow Rockhampton Queensland Martin Coffey Father Rockhampton      
Colman George 1271 Trooper Horseman 49y 28-Sep-15 1866 Returned to Australia Demobbed Carlow Town, Carlow Holworthy NSW Mary Colman Wife NSW served in Palestine    
Cummins Thomas Patrick 2848 Pte Prospector 45y 24-Apr-15 1870 Returned to Australia Demobbed Carlow Town, Carlow Blackboy Hill WA John Cummins Brother Sandstone      
Cummins Thomas Gregory 3040 Pte Labourer 39y 10m 08-Aug-15 1875 Returned to Australia Demobbed Leighbridge, Carlow Warick Farm NSW James Cummins Father Brisbane Queensland      
Devine William 9804 Navy Groom 36y 12-Jan-1920 01/01/1884 Invalided sick returned home ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Devonport Elenor Laverty Sister Not Stated Australian Royal Navy    
Doyle John Joseph 349 L/Sgt Chemist 21y 28-Aug-14 1892 Medical Discharge Viral Disease Carlow Town, Carlow Randwick NSW Peter Doyle Father Tullow St Carlow Town List on the 1911 Census at 27 Doyle Street Carlow Town  
Fraser Peter Joseph 377 Pte Labourer 21y 9m 08-Nov-14 1893 Dishonourable Discharged 08/08/1915 Bagelstown Carlow Victoria Peter Fraser Father Bagelstown Carlow Discharged for stealing    
Gawthorn William Ernest 562 WO1 Wireless Telegraphist 29y 3m 30-Sep-15 1886 Medical Discharge ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Melbourne William H Gawthorn Father California USA Also Served in the Boar War,  Died Mar 18th 1944    
James Thomas  W13411 Pte Orchardist 51y 6m 12-Apr-17 1865 Never left Australia Rathovill, Carlow Perth WA Sarah Jane James Wife Armsdale WA Lied about age said 45 when he was 51    
Joyce Daniel John 742 Pte N/A 26y 3 m 30-Oct-14 1888 Wounded in Action at Gallipoli Aug 1915 Bagelstown Carlow Rosehill NSW Margaret Joyce Wife Bagelstown Carlow      
Kavanagh Hanslow 6504 Pte Commercial Traveller 44y 11m 13-Nov-15 1870 Returned to Australia Demobbed ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Casula NSW Mable Bentley Daughter   Served R.I.C    
Keating Michael 1355 Pte Bushman 39y 11m 10-Nov-14 1874 Wounded in Action Returned Home Carlow Town, Carlow Liverpool NSW William Keating Father Carlow Town Co Carlow Father died soon after he enlisted    
Kelly Paul 16061 Pte Chemist 29y 3m 12-Dec-15 1886 Medical Discharge ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Liverpool NSW Annie Kelly Mother Ardnehue Co Carlow      
Leonard James Patrick 5721 Eng Labourer 43y 9m 23-Mar-16 1872 Returned to Australia Demobbed ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Brokenhill NSW William Leonard Brother Liverpool England      
Maher Martin 2557 Pte Labourer 44y 9m 22 Aug 1917 1872 Court Martial for Deserting Marley Carlow Rochester Victoria Laurence Maher Brother Marley Co Carlow Joined in Aug and Deserted in Dec same year 1917    
McDonnald James 2611 Pte Labourer 37y 4m 09-Oct-16 1879 Wounded in Action Returned Home Clonemore Carlow Brisbane Queensland Maria McDonnald Mother Hackettstown Carlow Died 17 October 1962    
McGee William 5128 Pte Labourer 32y 7m 18-Nov-15 1883 Medical Discharge Heart Disease ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Toowomba Queensland Mary McGee Wife Toowomba Queensland      
Minnion William James 610 Pte Dairyman 38y 8m 24-Oct-14 1876 Medical Discharge Hearing Damaged by Bombing Tullow Carlow Morgans Mount Queensland Elizabeth Minnion Mother Newcastle England      
Mulvihill Thomas Patrick 4327 Sgt Iron-worker 38y 4m 17 Aug 1915 1885 Returned to Australia Demobbed Carlow Town, Carlow Newcastle NSW Winifred Mulvihill Mother Kepple st      
Murphy Patrick Joseph 3297 Pte Dairyhand 21y 03-Mar-17 1896 Returned to Australia Demobbed Leighbridge, Carlow Sydney NSW Michael Murphy Father Leighbridge, Carlow Died  22 May 1954    
Murphy Andrew 4861 Pte Labourer 27y 11m 10-Apr-17 1889 Returned to Australia Demobbed Borris, Carlow Mildura Victoria James Murphy Father Ballymurphy  Carlow      
Murphy Thomas Patrick 2729 GNR Farm worker 18y 4m 3-Aug-15 1897 Court Martial for Deserting Borris, Carlow Melbourne Thomas Patrick Murphy Father 14 Upper St Borris Carlow Sentence for 2 years    
Murphy William 5408 Pte Labourer 24y 6m 3 Jan 1916 1891 Wounded in Action Returned Home Borris, Carlow Liverpool NSW E.L. Murphy Wife Dorset Englang Father name John died soon after he enlisted    
Nolan James Patrick 24831 Pte Police officer 30y 04-Nov-18 01/11/1888 Never left Australia Borris, Carlow Brisbane Queensland Michael Nolan Brother Borris, Carlow      
O'Brien James Depot Pte Labourer 35y 19 Jan 1916 1881 Discharged Unfit for Service  May 1916 ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Brisbane Queensland Larry O'Brien Brother Brisbane Queensland      
O'Donnell John Patrick 581 Corporal Bank Clerk 23y 8m 26 Aug 1914 1890 Returned to Australia Demobbed Tullow Carlow Morphvill Southren Australia Elizabeth Mary O'Donnell Mother Co/ National Bank Carlow Was wounded in Action in 1915  
Ryan James Joseph 2434 Pte Tinsmith 25y 2m 23 Aug 1915 1890 Returned to Australia Demobbed Carlow Town, Carlow Sea Transport A69 John Ryan Father Brooks place Dublin      
Traynor Bernard Partick T 2913 Pte Commission Agent 25y 5m 7 Aug 1916 1891 Deserted Dec 1916 Never Found Tullow Carlow Brisbane Queensland Mary Traynor Mother 18 Crow St Dublin Records show still sort into the 1920s    
Whyte Martin 15269 Pte Farmer 33y 2m 30 Dec 1915 1882 Returned to Australia Demobbed ,,,,,,,,,,,,Carlow Blackboy Hill WA Mary Whyte Sister Victoria Australia      

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