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Carlow Olympians

Sean Drea A Carlow Olympian

1972 Munich & 1976 Montreal Single Sculler (Rowing)

Sean Drea 1987 in the USA

Born in Bagnalstown, Educated St. Joseph's Academy Muine-Bheag (Bagenalstown) Represent Ireland in the 1972 Munich Olympics in the Single sculls rowing , he gave a strong performance ending 7th. In 1973 won 1st place at the Henley Regatta, he topped this with winning the same event in 1974 and 1975, his record speed at Henley was not broken until the 1990ís. He gave Ireland a high standing in rowing by winning Silver in the world Championships. During this period he also suffered near kidney failure, but regained heath and competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympic. In the first semi final in Canada Drea crossed the finish line just eight seconds short of seven minutes, shattering the record over 2,000 metres. But the final was less rewarding as Drea was beaten out of the medal positions when he cracked in the third quarter of the race and was pushed into fourth position, the greatest disappointment of his career.

He later became a Coach for the Fairmount Rowing Association in Philadelphia, Coaching John Riley of the US at the World Championships in 1989 and 1991.

Sean Drea is third from the left, photo taken at Fairmount Rowing Association 1993

Thomas J. Kearns A Carlow Olympian

1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona & 1996 Atlanta 110m Hurdles

Thomas J. Kearns, was born in Rathvilly Co County Carlow 2 June 1966 to James (Jim) Kearns and his wife Pauline (nee Bolger), Thomas is known more by his just T.J. Kearns, made his mark on 110m Hurdles, he won many an event at County level and then with National events, gaining enough points to compete internationally at the Olympics, and world & European Championships. Sports played a bit part in his family as his brother Linus played football for both the local Rathvilly and County teams His first games at Olympic in Seoul of 1988 failed to bring top marks, but this changed at the Barcelona Olympic, in 110m Hurdles 1st round he came in at 13.63secs, 2nd round 13.78secs with 7th place in the quarter finales, he improved his scores at Atlanta 1996 coming 3rd in the 1st round with 13.67, but dropped to 5th in the 2nd round with 13.55 secs. He also was the Irish contender in the European Championship coming 7th in the semi final of 1990 games, the 7th position became to dominate Kearns scores as with the Europeans the World Championships at Tokyo in 1991 gave Kearns a 7th position in the semi finals. He held the Irish Record of 13.55 sec until Peter Coghlan took the record by shaving over 8 second off the record. He improved his score in the Europeans championships of 1994 coming in 3rd in qualifying heats, but dropping to 6th in heat two.

Kearns Nationally dominated the 110m hurdles at the Irish Republic indoor Championships, (The all Irish event) for most of the 1990ís, today he is a part time TV presenter for Athletics.

Source: Terry Curran

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