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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Place Names of County Carlow c1937

by the late Edward O'Toole of Rathvilly
English Name Name in Irish Translation Civil Parish Barony O.S. Sheet Notes
Glenoge Glinneog A Small Valley Grangeforth Carlow viii Standing Stone
Gormona Gorm Eanach Blue Marsh Dunleckney Idrone East xvi and xix  
Gorteengrone Goirtín Crón Dark Little Garden Urglin Carlow ii  
Gowlin Gabhailín A Little Fork St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxiv and xxv  
Graigue Gráig A Village Carlow Carlow vii  
Graigueleg Gráig a Luig Graigue or Village of the Hollow Tullowmagimma Carlow xii Three Castles formerly here
Graiguenaspiddoge Gráig na Spideóg Graigue or Village of the Robins Tullowmagimma Carlow xii St. Brigid's Well. Castle
Grangeford (new and old) Gransha na Fotharta Grange of the Fotharta Grangeforth Carlow viii Grange — A Farmhouse
Grangewat Grainseach Baiteir Watt's or Walter's Grange Killerig Carlow viii  
Greenane Gríanán Sunny, a Fort, a Prospect, a Bower Killerig Carlow iii  
Hacketstown (Lower and Upper) Baile Haicéid A Family Name Hacketstown Rathvilly iv and v Anciently Ballydrohid
Haroldstown   Harold is a family name of Danish origin Haroldstown Rathvilly iv and ix Dolmen. Holy Well. Church Ruins
Harristown     St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxiv  
Heath Fraoch Heath Lorum Idrone East xix  
Huntington     Moyacomb St. Mullins Upper xviii Castle
Inch or Inchaphuca Inse an Phuca The Goblin's Inch or Hollow St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxii and xxiv  
Inchisland or Motalusha Inse or Moat Eilise A Holm, Inch or Strath, or Eliza's Moat Grangeford Carlow viii  
Island     Clonmore Rathvilly ix Sub-donomination of Ballyduff
Janeville or Kilgarron Coill Garrain Underwood Fennagh Idrone East xii and xvi  
Johnduffswood     Old Leighlin Idrone West xi  
Johnstown     Urglin Carlow vii and viii  
Kellistown East and West Cell Osnadha, or, sometimes Ceann Losnadha St. Osnadh's Church Kellistown Carlow and Forth vii, viii, xii and xiii Three Battles. Round Tower untill 1807 A.D. St. Patrick's Well
Kernanstown   Kernan's Town Carlow Carlow vii Cromlec
Kilballyhue Cill Baile Aodha Church of Hugh's Town Tullowmagimma Carlow vii and viii Church here formerly
Kilbrannish North and South Cill Breathnais Welsh Church Barragh Forth xxii and xxiii  
Kilbricken Cill Breacain Bracken's Church Templepeter Forth xiii  
Kilbride Cill Brighde St. Bridget's Church Ahade Forth xvii and viii Church mentioned by Keating
Kilcarrig Coill Carraighe Wood of the Rock Dunleckney Idrone East xvi  
Kilcarry Coill Carraighe Wood of the Rock Moyacomb St. Mullins Upper xviii  
Kilcloney Cill Cluaine Church of the Lawn or Meadow Clonygoose Idrone East xix and xxii  
Kilcoltrim Coill Cala Truim Wood of the Holm of the Elm Trees Kiltennell Idrone East xxii  
Kilconnaught Cill Connacht Connaught Church Hacketstown Rathvilly iv  
Kilconnor Cill Conor Conor's Church Fennagh Idrone East xvii  
Kilcoole Cill Chomhghaill St. Comgall's Church Gilbertstown  Forth xii and xiii  
Kilcruit Coill Cruit Wood of the Hump Lorum Idrone East xix  
Kilcumney Cill Cuimne St. Cuimne's Church Cloneygoose Idrone East xix Battle here in 1798
Kildavin Cill Daimhin St. Devin's Church Barragh Forth xxi and xvii Ancient graveyard
Kildreenagh Cill Draoighneach Church of the Blackthorns Dunleckney Idrone East xvi Church mentioned in Irish Calendars
Kilgraney Cill Gráine Grania's Church Barragh and Ahade Forth xvii and xviii Grian fothart of Book of Armagh?
Kilgraney Coill Gréine Sunny Wood Lorum Idrone East xix Cloghavrona Dolmen
Kilkey Cill Cae St. Kea's or Gea's Church Fennagh Idrone East xiii  
Kilnock Cill Cnuic Church of the Hill Kellistown Forth xiii and xvii  
Killalongford Coill a Longphoirt Wood of the Camp Clonmore Rathvilly ix Killahookaun Stone
Killamaster Coill a Maighistir The Master's Wood Killerig Carlow iii Master of Knights Templars?
Killane Cill Áine Anne's Church Kellistown Forth xiii and xvii  
Killedmond Coill Eamoinn Edmond's Wood Kiltennell Idrone East xx, xxii and xxiii  
Killeeshal Coill Íosail Low Wood Cloydagh Carlow vii and xii Fort
Killenora Cill Onorach Venerable Church of Cell Kellistown Carlow viii Church and Castle Sites
Killerig Cill Eirc St. Erk's Church Killerig Carlow and Rathvilly iii and viii Ruins of Church and Preceptory of Knights Templars
Killinane Cill Fionáin St. Finnan's Church Killinane Idrone West xvi Ruins of Church
Killoughternane Cill Fortchern St. Fortchern's Church Sliguff Idrone East xix and xx Ancient Church and Holy Well
Killyshane Cille Seain John's Church Urglin Carlow ii  
Kilmacart Cill Mic Art Church of the Son of Art Hacketstown Rathvilly iv and v  
Kilmagarvogue Cill Mogharbhog Mogarvog's Church Tullophelim Rathvilly iii and viii No trace of Church or Graveyard
Kilmaglin Coill Mic Floinn Wood of the Son of Flann Fennagh Idrone East xii, xiii, xvi and svii  
Kilmaglush Cill Maige Glaise Church of the Green Plain Myshall Forth xxiii Location of Carmen Games (?)
Kilmeany Coill Meadhonach Middle Wood Ballinacarrig Carlow vii  
Kilmissin Coill Maosain Messian's Wood St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxii and xxiii  
Kilmurry Cill Muire Mary's Church Ballon Forth xiii and xvii Ruined Church and Graveyard
Kilree Cill Ríogh Church of the King Sliguff Idrone East xvi  
Kneestown   Knee is a Family Name Killerig Carlow iii  
Knocknagarry Cnoc a Garraidh Hill of the Garden Old Leighlin Idrone West xi  
Knockarda Cnuic Arda High Hills Urglin Carlow and Rathvilly ii  
Knockballystine Cnoc Baile Steill Hill of Stripe Town Clonmore Rathvilly ix  
Knockbarragh Cnoc Barrach Top Hill Barragh Forth xvii  
Knockbower Cnoc Bodhar Deaf Hill Tullowmagimma Carlow xii  
sKnockboy Cnoc buidhe Yellow Hill Rathvilly Rathvilly iv  
Knockbrack Cnoc Breac Speckled Hill Myshall Forth xvii Holy Well
Knockclonegad Cnoc Cluana Gad Hill of the Lawn of Gads or Withes Sliguff Idrone East xix  
Knockdoorish Cnoc Dubrois Hill of the Black Wood Barragh Forth xvii  
Knockdramagh Cnoc Druimeach Hill of the Ridges or Backs Myshall Forth xvii and xx  
Knockeen Cnoicín A Hillock or very small Hill St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxiv  
Knockendrane Cnocán Draoighin Hill of the Blackthorns or Sloe bushes Fennagh Idrone East xix and xx  
Knockevagh Cnoc Aoife Eva's Hill Rathvilly Rathvilly iv  
Knocklishen Beg Cnoc Lisín Beag Hill of the Lisheen or Small Fort Rathvilly Rathvilly iv  
Knocklishen More Cnoc Lisín Mór Hill of the Lisheen or Big Fort Rathvilly Rathvilly iv  
Knockmanus Cnoc Maghnuis Manus's Hill Ballyellin (1) Idrone East xix  
Knockmore Cnoc Mór Great Hill Ballyellin Idrone East xxii and xxiii  
Knocknabranagh Cnoc a Bhreathnaigh Walshe's Hill Old Leighlin Idrone West xi  
Knockbaun Cnoc Bán White Hill Old Leighlin Idrone West xi  
Knocknagundarragh or Scorteen Cnoc na gCundanach or Scairtín Hill of the Condons or A Small Copse Clonegoose Idrone East xxii  
Knocknatubrid Cnoc na Tubrid Hill of the Spring Well Ardoyne Rathvilly xiii Bronze Age skeleton found here
Knockroe Cnoc Ruaidh Red Hill Kiltennell Idrone East xxiii  
Knockroe Cnoc Ruaidh Red Hill Rathvilly Rathvilly iv  
Knocksquire or Knockscur Cnoc Scuir Hill of the Tent Kiltennell Idrone East xix, xx and xxii  
Knockullard Cnoc Abhail-gort Hill of the Orchard Sliguff Idrone East xix  
Knockymulgurry Cnoc Uí Maolgaraidh O'Mulgarry's Hill St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxiv and xxv  
Kyle Cill A Church Ballyellin (1) St. Mullins Lower xxii  
Labanasigh Leaba na Saighe The Greyhound's Bed Dunleckney Idrone East xvi  
Lackabeg Leaca Beag Little Hillside Barragh Forth xviii  
Lackan Leacain Hillside Old Leighlin Idrone West xv  
Lacken Leacain Hillside Kiltennell Idrone East xxii  
Lacken Leacain Hillside St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxii and xxiv  
Ladystown     Rathvilly Rathvilly iv Formerly in Baltinglass Parish
Larah Laithreach A Site (of anything) Ballon Forth xiii and xvii Mentioned in Book of Armagh (?)
Lasmaconly Leas Níc Conghaile McConly's Fort Myshall Forth xvii  
Leagh or Ballybeg Leath or Baile Beag Half Town or Little Town Tullowmagimma Carlow xii  
Leany Lení A Wet Meadow (Joyce) Ardoyne Rathvilly xiv  
Leighlinbridge Leitglinn a Driochit Half Glen or Grey Glen of the Bridge Agha Idrone East xii and xvi Castles, Monastery, Dinn Ree
Linkardstown   Linkard is a Family Name Tullowmagimma Carlow xii  
Lisgarvan Lios Garbhain Garwan's Fort Gilbertstown (Det.) Forth xvii  
Lisnevagh Lios na Aoife Eva's Fort Rathvilly Rathvilly iii, iv and ix  
Lissalican Lios Ailleacan Halligan's Fort Ballyellen St. Mullins Lower xxii  
Lorum Leamh Druim Ridge or Long Hill of the Mallows Lorum Idrone East xix  
Lumcloon Lom Clúain Bare Lawn or Meadow Fennagh Idrone East xvi and xvii  
Maplestown   Maple is a Family Name Rahill Rathvilly i and iii  
Marley or Knockduff Marlach or Cnoc Dubh Abounding in Marl or Black Hill  St. Mullins St. Mullins Lower xxiv  
Milltown     Barragh Forth xvii There was a Burial Ground called Knockeile in this Townland
Milltown Baile a Muilinn Town of the Mill Fennagh Idrone East xviii, xix and xx  
Minvaud Lower and Upper Mín Mhaid Maud's Level Plain Clonmore Rathvilly ix and x  
Moanacurragh Móin a Curraigh Bog of the Moor Ballinacarrig Carlow vii  
Moanalow Móin na Loich Bog of the Loughs Grangeforth Carlow viii  
Moanamanagh Móin na Manach Bog of the Monks Grangeforth Carlow viii  
Moanavoth Móin a Bhoid Bog of the Fire Rathvilly Rathvilly iv  
Moanduff Móin Dubh Black Bog Old Leighlin Idrone West xi, xv and xvi  
Moanmore Móin Mór Great Bog Fennagh Forth xiii and xvii  
Moanmore Móin Mór Great Bog  Old Leighlin and Wells Idrone West xv  
Mohuller Mag Chuilin Plain of the Bog Ballyellin (1) St. Mullins Lower xxii  
Monastill Móin a Still Bog of the Still Hacketstown Rathvilly v  
Monaughrim Móin Eathdhroma Bog of Aughrim or Horse Hill Moyacomb St. Mullins Upper xix and xxvii  
Moneybeg Muine Beag Small Shrubbery Dunleckney Idrone East xvi  
Moneygrogh or Monagrogh Móin na gCurrach or Móin na gCruach Bog of the Moors or Ricks Barragh Forth xvii  
Moorestown     Killerig Carlow iii  
Mortarstown Lower and Upper   Mortar or Mortel is a Family name Carlow Carlow vii  
Mount Kelly or Mount Neil     Rathvilly Rathvilly ia and iv In Speed's Map of 1610 A.D. these two townlands are included in "Walterstowne" now Waterstown
Mount Melican or Mount Pleasant     Fennagh Idrone East xii, xvi and xvii Mount Melican, i.e., Melican's Mount. Melican is the Irish Caolacan (J. O'D.)
Mount Wolsely or Crosslow Crois Loga Lughaidh's or Lewis's Church Tullowphelim Rathvilly viii and xiii  
Moyle (Big and Little) Moathail Soft or Spongy Land Kellistown Carlow vii and viii  
Transcribed by JJ Woods c2008
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