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The Carlow Post

Thursday, January 2, 1823

Connaught Journal
Galway, Ireland
Thursday, January 2, 1823
Volume 69 Price 5Pe


On Sunday (22d instant) the first mass was celebrated by the Rev. Mr. CLANCY, in New Chapel of Upper Grange, on the extremity of the Parish of Tullow. It stands on that part of the Earl of Besborough's estate usually termed Slaney quarter, adjoining Killerig; that Nobleman having granted; by free gift, with that generosity and beneficence, which has always distinguished him, an acre of ground free for the site of the building, and a School-house; this is intended as a Chapel of Ease for the accommodation of the extreme Districts of the Parishes of Tullow, Rathvilly, and Bennekerry, which, from their remote situation, being very distant from their respective Parish Chapels, laboured under very great inconveniences with respect to the hearing of Mass on Sundays and Holydays.

It was to remedy this inconvenience that the Right Rev. Dr. DOYLE granted his special license and approval to the erection of the present building.--Carlow Post.

Dec. 30.- We are sorry to hear that there has been a very serious affray, between the Police stationed at Borris and some of the country people.óWe have not yet heard the particulars.

We are, however, sorry to observe, that the common people have lately assumed a degree of insolence, which is by no means warrantable; and carriers, returning from market, are, we understand, in the habit of drawing their cars across the road, for the purpose of impeding gigs and jaunting-cars. --Carlow Post


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