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Carlow Quakers

Carlow Quakers

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Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004

There have been some posts here on Irish Quakers. I came across a little tidbit while doing Quaker research for a client, that may be useful to some.

When people of the Quaker faith moved to another locality, they sometimes used the name of a Quaker meeting they left behind, to also name a new Quaker meeting they formed. There is a book, which I have not looked for nor researched, called "Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania." It was written by Dr. Albert Cook Meyers. For example, the name "New Garden Monthly Meeting" is repeated in various states in the US. There was one in Pennsylvania. It was supposedly named for the New Garden MM in Carlow, Ireland. So if you are looking for Irish ancestors who were Quakers, you might want to check for Quaker meetings in the US, that had or still have the name of the Quaker meeting in Ireland of which your ancestors were members.

I do not know how many Irish Quakers emigrated to the US, but by looking at both Irish and US Quaker records, if you know or think that your ancestors were of this faith, you just might be able to make a connection that has previously eluded you.

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