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Carlow Soldiers

1st World War 1914-1918


NAME RANK S/No. Unit Date of death
Abie, George Pte. 18135 R. Mun.F. 22-Mar-18
Alborough, George Serg. 1774 K. R.R.C 03-Feb-15
Alexander, W.L. Lt. Col. Yorks Reg. 14-May-15
Ashrnore, Luke Pte. 8815 Ir Guards. 03-Sep-15
Aspel, Michael Pte. 80321 R. lnnis. F. 15-Mar-17
Atkinson, Will Pte 2552 A.I.F. 27-Apr-18
Aylward, Ed. Pte. 2255 Ir Guards. 28-Oct-18
Bailey, Alex L/Corp. 1570 Can. Inf. 07-May-15
Bailey, Pat L/Corp 11641 R. Dub. F. 22-May-15
Baird, D.E. C.S.M. 7516 Bord. Reg. 06-Jul-16
Barnes, J. Sapper 267176 R.Eng. 16-Aug-17
Barron, Will Gnr. 38573 R. Gar. Art. 17-Jul-17
Becker, J. L/ Corp 7731 R. Ir. Reg. 01-Jun-17
Benson, M.V.F. Pte 19043 Chesh. Reg. 19-Jul-16
Bolger, J. Pte. G/385 D.L.I. 12-Sep-18
Bolger, Katie S. Nurse 2/ RESB/ 1257 Q.A.N.S. 05-Mar-16
Bolger, P. Pte. 11479 R. Dub. F. 24-May-15
Bolger, T. Pte. 3407 Leinst. Reg. 18-May-15
Bolton, H. Pte. 12336 R. Ir. Reg. 13-Nov-18
Bowler, E. S. Pte. 27747 M.G.C 12-Aug-16
Brady, J. Rfmn 592946 Lond. Reg. 07-Nov-17
Bray, E. Pte. 2751 R. Ir. Reg. 09-Sep-16
Brennan John aka John McCartan * Rfmn 975 R.I.R 14 October 1918
Brennan, J. Pte. 5814 Conn. Rang 19-Aug-17
Brennan, J. B/Smith TS/5025 R.A.S.C. 10-Nov-18
Brennan, J. Pte. 36397 M.G.C. 09-Apr-17
Brennan, P. Pte. 48259 K. Liv. Reg. 29-Apr-18
Brennan, P. Pte. 48467 North. F. 16-May-17
Brestlaun, O. Pte. 10053 R. Dub. F. 29-Jun-15
Brookes, J. Serg. 5008 R. Dub. F. 04-Sep-18
Brophy, J. Pte 19737 R. Dub. F. 30-Jul-15
Brophy, J. Pte. 19737 R. Dub. F. 30-Jul-15
Brophy, M. GNR  46212 R. Gar. Art. 27-Sep-16
Brophy, M. GNR  46212 R. Gar. Art. 27-Sep-16
Brophy, M. Pte. 8113 R. Ir. Reg. 19-Sep-14
Brown, B.S. Rfmn B/201487 R. Brig. 05-Apr-18
Buchanan, G. L/Corp 7211 K.R.R.C 14-Sep-14
Burke, F.C. Pte.  3704 Lein. Reg. 04-Apr-18
Burke, J. Pte. 6039 Ir Guards. 30-Sep-15
Burke, R.J. Rfmn  8856 K.R.R.C 31-Oct-14
Burns, T. Pte. 1/370041 R.A.S.C. 12-Apr-18
Butler, J. Pte. 13367 R. Dub. F. 25-Feb-16
Butler, W. GNR  30302 R. G. Art 25-Jun-17
Byrne, B. Corp. 5040 A.C.C. 19-Feb-17
Byrne, C. Pte. 24662 R. Dub. F. 17-Oct-18
Byrne, E. Pte. 8364 E. Lanc. Reg  01-Jul-16
Byrne, E. L/Corp 27194 R. Dub. F. 28-Aug-18
Byrne, J. Pte.  870 R. Mun. F .9/9/16
Byrne, J. Ftc. 21390 R. Ir. F. 26-Apr-16
Byrne, J. Pte. 8474 R. Mun. F 06-Nov-14
Byrne, J.J. Pte 4772 R. Mun. F. 04-Oct-16
Byrne, M. Pte. 10945 R. Dub. F. 24-Feb-17
Byrne, M. Pte. 16392 R. Dub. F 23-Oct-16
Byrne, M. Pte. 17369 R. Dub. F. 16-Jan-15
Byrne, P. Pte. 27193 R. Dub. F. 01-Mar-17
Byrne, P Pte. 5227 R. Ir. Reg. 21-Mar-18
Byrne, P. Corp. 18212 R. Dub. F. 01-Jul-16
Byrne, R. Pte. 4599 R. Dub. F 25-Apr-15
Byrne, S. Pte G/1052 R. Ir. F. 30-Oct-17
Byrne, T. Pte. 23174 R. Dub. F. 13-Mar-16
Byrne, T. Pte.  5334 R. Dub. F. 01-Jan-15
Byrne, T. Ftc. 25007 R. Dub. F. 30-Nov-17
Byrne, T. Pte. 8941 R. Dub. F. 26-Apr-15
Byrne, W. L/Corp 11265 R. Dub. F. 30-Apr-15
Byrne, W. Pte 275868 R. Ir. Reg. 01-Apr-19
* John Brennan changed his name to John McCartan        


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