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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Carlow Soldiers

1st World War 1914-1918


Neale, W.A. Corp. 26848 Wilt. Reg. 21-Mar-18
Neill, T. Gnr. 22974 R.G. Art. 13-May-17
Neill, W. Pte. 18188 R.Mun. F. 21-Mar-18
Nevin, M. Pte. 18093 R.Mun. F. 02-Sep-18
Nicholson, W. Pte. 28033 R.Dub. F. 11-Apr-18
Noblette, E.W. Pte. 51255 Chesh. Rcg. 14-Apr-18
Nolan, C. Pte. 26105 R. Dub. F. 24-Apr-17
Nolan, E. Pte. 12311 R.Dub. F. 18-Oct-18
Nolan, E.W. Pte. 14858 R.Dub. F. 02-Mar-17
Nolan, J. Pte. 11110 R.Ir. Reg. 21-Mar-18
Nolan, J. Pte. 19448 R. Dub. F. 04-Oct-17
Nolan, J.J. Surg. R.N. Vol. Res. 18-Nov-17
Nolan, J.J. MP 3047480 U.S M Dept 10-Feb-67
Nolan, L. Pte. 28106 R.Innis. F. 31-Dec-16
Nolan, M. Pte. 3275 H.L.Inf. 01-Jul-16
Nolan, P Pte. 9778 R. Ir. Reg. 24-Apr-15
Nolan, P. Pte. 8541 I. Guards 03-Jul-16
Nolan, P. Pte. 10504 R. Mun. F. 21-Aug-15
Nolan, P. Pte. 22296 R. Dub. F. 26-Dec-16
Nolan, P. Pte. 21565 R. Dub. F. 07-Mar-17
Nolan, S. Pte. 10155 Leins. Reg. 14-Feb-15
Nolan, T. Pte. 22297 R. Dub. F. 23-Mar-18
O’Brien, A. Rfmn. 1988 S.A. Mnt. Rif. 05-Apr-15
O’Brien, T. Pte. 3713 Leinst. Reg. 28-Apr-15
O’Brien, W. Rfmn 371350 Lond. Reg. 30-Oct-17
O’Connell, R. Serg. 9908 R. Dub. F. 25-Apr-15
O’Donnell, J.P Corp.   Aus. Inf. -/-58
O’Donnell, T. Pte. 5343 Leinst. Reg. 26-Oct-17
O’Donnell, T.H. Pte. 6183 Aus. Inf. 28-Sep-17
O’Farrell, P. Pte. 7716 Ir. Guards 16-Jan-18
O’Keefe, R. Rfrnn 371325 Lond. Reg. 20-Sep-17
O’Keefe, T.P. L/Corp 11022 R. Dub. F. 05-Jul-15
O’Leary, E. Pte. 14728 R. Dub. F. 29-Nov-17
O’Mara, M. Pte. 6542 Aus. lnf. 15-Oct-17
O’Neill, T. Pte. 7081 Leinst. Reg. 18-Oct-14
O’Neill, T. Pte. 11429 R. Dub. F. 01-Mar-17
O’Reilly, M.J. L/ Bom 374474 R. G. Art. 15-Aug-18
O’Rourke, W. Pte. 5354 R. Dub. F. 01-Mar-17
O’Shea, L. Pte. 5622 R. Dub. F. 09-Jun-15
O’Sullivan, F. Pte. 11260 Chesh. Reg. 16-Apr-16


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