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1901 Census

Clonmore Co. Carlow

The 1901 Census film references for Clonmore Civil Parish

National Library of Ireland : DED 1-2 ; Public Records Office Northern Ireland : MFGS 3/1 
Latter Day Saints Library : 812107

Source: Terry Curran

Head of Household :
Surname & Name
Head of Household :
Surname & Name
Archer Christopher Redbog   Hannon Mary Redbog
Barker Morris Croneshagh, Upper   Healy Margaret Coolalaw
Bradley Mary Vermount   Healy Mary Minvaud, Lower
Breen Anne Menvaud, Upper   Hopkins Michael Eaglehill
Breen James Coolalaw   Hopkins Thomas Eaglehill
Brennan John Knockballystine   Hughes Patrick Ballynakill
Breslin John Redbog   Hughes Thomas Knockballystine
Breslin Mary Coolalaw   Hunt Bridget Menvaud, Upper
Brien James Oldtown   Jackson Jane Eaglehill
Brien Peter Minvaud, Lower   Jones Eliza Croneshagh, Upper
Brien Thomas Menvaud, Upper   Jones Michael Ballyduff
Brophy John Ballinagilky   Jordan James Vermount
Brophy Julia Ballinagilky   Kavanagh Michael Ballinagilky
Brunty Patrick Minvaud, Lower   Kealy James Redbog
Byrne Abrahan Bellshill   Kealy Thomas Redbog
Byrne Anne Ballinagilky   Keane Mary Killalongford
Byrne James Ballaghaclay   Keane Thomas Oldtown
Byrne James Bellmount   Keeffe James Ballyduff
Byrne James Killalongford   Kehoe Charles Minvaud, Lower
Byrne James Oldtown   Kehoe James Redbog
Byrne John Killalongford   Kehoe Martin Coolalaw
Byrne John Menvaud, Upper   Kehoe Michael Bellmount
Byrne Joseph Davisshill   Kelly James Eaglehill Newton
Byrne Mary Ballaghaclay   Kelly John Clonmore
Byrne Mary Ballaghaclay   Kelly John Raheen
Byrne Mary Ballynakill   Kelly Mary Coolalaw
Byrne MAry Oldtown   Kennedy Martin Eaglehill
Byrne Matthew Davisshill   Kenny Simon Raheen
Byrne Michael Bellmount   Kiernan Matthew Patrick Clonmore
Byrne Michael Bellshill   King Ellen Carrare
Byrne Michael Killalongford   King John Eaglehill
Byrne Patrick Raheen   Kinsella Margaret Ballynakill
Byrne Richard Davisshill   Leary Anne Ballinagilky
Byrne William Knockballystine   Lennon John, jun Knockballystine
Carthy Jeremiah Ballaghaclay   Lennon John, sen Knockballystine
Carthy Mary A Ballyduff   Loughlin Daniel Ballynakill
Carthy Mary A Knockballystine   Lynch Edward Oldtown
Carthy Patrick Minvaud, Lower   Maher JAmes Redbog
Cecil Margaret Menvaud, Upper   Maher Martin Bellmount
Coady Val Killalongford   Maher Richard Redbog
Condron Edward Croneshagh, Upper   Mathers Simon Blackhill
Connors Ellen Redbog   McCall James Killalongford
Conran Denis Minvaud, Lower   McCall Mary Killalongford
Cooper Anne Croneshagh, Lower   McCall Patrick Killalongford
Cosgrove Thomas Knockballystine   McCall Patrick Killalongford
Curran Martin Carrare   McDonald Edward Oldtown
Dalton Patrick Redbog   Mernagh Peter Ballaghaclay
Daly Peter Croneshagh, Upper   Moody William Bellmount
Darcy Joseph Ballyduff   Morris Francis Croneshagh, Lower
Darcy Patrick Ballynakill   Murphy Anne Killalongford
Delaney John Carrare   Murphy Anne Redbog
Dempsey Charles Knockballystine   Murphy Mary Redbog
Dolan Daniel Minvaud, Lower   Murphy Patrick Redbog
Dolan James Oldtown   Murphy William Eaglehill
Dolan Michael Oldtown   Noble Annie M. Menvaud, Upper
Dolan Michl Ballaghaclay   Nolan John Raheen
Dolan Phelim Bellshill   Nolan Patrick Bellmount
Donohoe Henry Redbog   Norris John Eaglehill
Donohoe Michael Bellshill   O'Brien James Nicholas Knockballystine
Donohoe Michael Minvaud, Lower   O'Byrne Laurence Ballinagilky
Donohoe Thomas Killalongford   O'Hara Ellen Bellmount
Dowling Mary Ballaghaclay   Pollard Elizabeth Raheen
Dowling Thomas Minvaud, Lower   Pollard John Menvaud, Upper
Doyle Bridget Vermount   Procter Edward Croneshagh, Upper
Doyle Patrick Ballaghaclay   Reilly Michael Davisshill
Doyle Patrick Knockballystine   Reilly Michael Minvaud, Lower
Doyle Patrick Oldtown   Robinson Samuel Ballinagilky
Doyle Patrick Redbog   Roche James Eaglehill
Doyle Peter Menvaud, Upper   Ryan Essie Redbog
Doyle Richard Ballaghaclay   Ryan James Redbog
Doyle Timothy Ballyduff   Ryan John Oldtown
Duke John Redbog   Ryan John Redbog
Dunn Margaret Ballinagilky   Ryan Magaret Redbog
Dyas John Redbog   Ryan Richard Minvaud, Lower
Dyas Kate Redbog   Ryan Thos Glebe
Fallon or Tallon Thomas Redbog   Scott William Carrare
Faris Robert W. Ballynakill   Shannon Patrick Eaglehill
Farrell John Redbog   Smyth Mary Oldtown
Farrell Lizzie Redbog   Smyth Michael Croneshagh, Upper
Farrell Mary Minvaud, Lower   Strahan James Bellshill
Farrell Thomas Minvaud, Lower   Tallon or Fallon Patrick Redbog
Ferris Edward J. Ballynakill   Timmons John Davisshill
Ferris Michael Ballynakill   Tomkins John Ballaghaclay
Fitzharris William Bellshill   Tomkins Peter Redbog
Fitzharris Winifred Minvaud, Lower   Tompkin Martin Redbog
Foley Patrick Ballaghaclay   Tompkins Mary Menvaud, Upper
Furlong John H. Ballynakill   Walsh Edward Ballyduff
Furlong Michl Coolalaw   Whelan William Oldtown
Hanly Mary Knockballystine   Wybrant Thomas Clonmore
Hannan Thomas Clonmore   Young Martha Island

1901 Hacketstown

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