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Coal Market


Noted added 2012 by Michael Purcell: Coal Market was renamed Kennedy Street on 3rd December 1963 in memory of President John. F. Kennedy who, a week earlier, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

This scene was photographed in 1963 by Sean Swan, it shows flooding in my home street Coal Market. Later that year following the assassination of President John R Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, Coal Market resident and neighbour John Swan promoted the idea to rename the street Kennedy Street and so it has remained to this day. On our left we see 'Johnny Nails' pub with O'Neill over the door. Up the street with the cafe sign on the wall is 'The Market Cafe'. It was owned by the Shanaghy family. The larger house adjoining is 'The Elite Salon' run by hairdressers Hannah Corcoran and Josie Slater. Carlow County Council along with other groups have taken precautions to ensure that there will be no more flooding in this area.

Coal Market

Coal Market. Carlow c1953.  On the right is Michael Murphy standing outside the public house owned by his father Frank Murphy.  Next Door is Broughans hardware store.  On the left is Walshe's the stonecutters with tombstones on display behind the railings
As published in Carlow in old postcards Vol. 2 by Michael Purcell. (1999)

Coal Market
As published in Carlow in old postcards Vol. 2 by Michael Purcell. (1999)
Coal Market. Carlow c1953. (larger image).

Coal Market c.1957 with Paddy (or possibly his brother Tom?) Munnelly, Michael Purcell, Ned Purcell. Castle street is in the background Source: Miceal O Braonain

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