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The Curran Families



Source:  Mr Terence Curran c.2009

William Shannon c.1920's

Notes from Terry Curran: - William Shannon and his wife Anne McEvoy (above) are my Great Great Grandparents. William was born 1836, died 16 Nov 1926. Anne was born 1839 and died in 1909 apart from the two girls listed, Ann and Teresa, there were 5 more: Bridget b. 14th March1864 Bridget b. 25th March 1867 Ellen b. 17th July 1871 Elizabeth b. 10th July 1874 William b. 3rd Oct 1875.

Staplestown Road

No. 95: Michael Curran from Potato Market married Mary Connolly from Barrack St. Michael was in the British Army during the 1914-18 War, on returning he joined the Irish Free State Army, he commenced work in the Sugar Factory in 1926. Michael and Mary had three sons.  Tony married Maisie Carroll from Clifdon. Tony worked on The Docks in London for many years, he later returned to live in Carlow. Michael (Jnr.) was a reporter for the Nationalist before going to England where he worked for the Daily Telegraph; he is married to Marline Genner. Richard (Dick) worked in Stathams before going to England. He is married and living in America where he works for an engineering company.

Little Barrack Street

No. 5 & 6 - were occupied by the Curran brothers, Michael (b.1878 - d.1950) (at No. 5) and James (at No. 6). Michael worked as Tailor in Michael Molloy’s for many years. Molloy’s which will be remembered by many readers, was a fashionable department store in Tullow Street where Tullow Street House now stands. James was also a Tailor in his later years. The Brothers carried on a Tailoring business from their homes.

Birth Certificate for William Curran 10th April 1900 at New Street, Carlow.
Father: William Curran of New Street. Mother: Margaret Curran (nee Lynch). Fathers Profession listed as Tailor. Mary Moore of Pollerton Road present at Birth, This branch of the Curran’s lived on Granby Row from 1912 to 1940

Certificate (Copy) was issued from the Workhouse on 4th day of August 1916

Family note added by Terence Curran James Great Grandson: - James had in fact been a Tailor all of his working life, as was another brother William who lived in Burrin Street. The three brothers were carrying on a family tradition within the trade as their father who was also called William and was a Tailor as was his Father Patt Curran. Their Mother Frances Curran (nee Kenna) also came from a long line of Tailors. Her father James Kenna worked from a shop in Barrack Street Tullow in the 1860,s.

No. 11 - The three Curran sisters, Margaret, Fran and Mary lived here with their brother James. James "Rookie" as he was known was a bachelor. He worked with Paddy Kelly (No. 1) in the Sugar Company for a while, but most of his working life was spent as a boiler man in the Sacred Heart Home. Margaret married James Nolan.

Family note by Terence Curran - their Great Nephew - Their parents lived at No. 6 and an uncle at No5. See above. Frances Curran who married Paddy Naish, have two daughters one still living in the street, this gives them over 120 years of a family connection to the street.).

James Curran and his wife and children taken about 1915. Note they are all well dressed expected from a Tailor, maybe no food but a good suit was always at hand.
From far left is Joe Curran sitting in the foreground directly behind him John (Jack) Curran (my Granddad). Mother Margaret Curran (nee) Treacy on her lap is Frances Curran. Next to mother semi standing is William Curran. Fully standing is James Curran (son). Father James Curran on Lap is Mary Curran little boy is Thomas Curran. The two boys far right are Patrick Curran and Michael (Rookie) Curran front.
James Curran, Terry Curran's Great grandfather one of the famous Tailors of Little Barrack Street, died in 1948 after a fall and hitting his head on a kerb stone. James Curran was the son of William Curran and Frances Kenna
Julia Curran Standing with her mother Frances Curran (nee Kenna) Frances is Terry Curran Great Grandmother.

Mary Flemming, was married to James Treacy and they lived in Little Barrack Street from about 1880 until the 1920s. Their Daughter Margaret married James Curran (a tailor of Little Barrack Street). Her parents were Thomas Fleming and Margaret Butler from Tomard, Leighlinbridge. Co Carlow.

Family note by Terence Curran their Great Nephew: - Their parents lived at No. 6 and an uncle at No 5. See above. Margaret Frances Curran who married Paddy Naish have two daughters one still living in the street, this gives them over 120 years of a family connection to the street.)

Margaret Curran Nee Treacy in her garden of Little Barrack St with her daughter Margaret. c.1944
Great Aunt Frances Curran c.1938 Married Paddy Naish
Great Aunt Frances Curran c.1938
Margaret Curran (left) with Mary Curran (right) with her husband Gerry Byrne c.1937
Michael Curran known as 'Rookie' in his Garden in Little Barrack St c.1942
Joe Curran and his wife Dolly, and Olive Joe was one of the Little Barrack Street Gang. c.1944
33 Bridewell lane a photo of John (Jakes) Curran aged 18 photo taken 1923. Married Anne Shannon Grange.
3 Curran sisters from left Frances, Margaret & Mary plus Edward and James Nolan sons of Margaret and Lars Nolan 1940/42.
Ellen Curran, the last person to leave Bridge Street
Ellen Curran (the elder) the last person to leave Bridge Street. Ellen was the daughter  of Richard Curran and Elizabeth Connors, she married Bernard Deere.
Michael Curran in the uniform of the Irish Army c.1924, he had served the British Army during WWI. Michael was the son of Richard Curran and Elizabeth Connors.
Richard Curran playing the Banjo in Brooklyn, NY. c.1929.
He played with the Shamrocks while in Carlow he also spent a few years in New York. He is mention on the Bridge Street Page along with other members of his family
Ellen Curran (the younger) mothers wedding day. Also At Bridge St. Ellen Curran is mentioned. She is an aunt of these Curran's as two generations lived on the street. There is another Ellen sister of Michael Richard and Paddy (photo above on her wedding day with her mother Margaret Curran (nee Butler).

Oliver Curran became a priest and is now one rank below Cardinal based in the US.

Family note by Terence Curran their Great Nephew: - James died in 1948 aged 75 his wife Margaret Curran Nee Treacy out lived him by 10 years, Margaret was no stranger to Little Barrack Street as her parents James Treacy and his wife Mary live at number 7 in 1901. Margaret’s marriage produced 10 children with James Curran, boy’s William born in 1900 died 1937, James (known as Rookie) Pat, (Worked at Thompsons) John who married Annie Shannon moved to Bridewell lane and then on to JKL Avenue. , Michael Joseph and Thomas born 1912 died 1934. Girls were Margaret Frances and Mary, the three girl’s live at No 11 Little Barrack Street. (See below)

Family note added by Terence Curran James Treacy Gr Great Grandson: - From 1895 to 1920 Nº 7 was occupied by James Treacy and his wife Mary (nee Fleming) With Children Margaret Rosanna and Patrick. Margaret married James Curran of Burrin Street a Tailor and first moved into number 2, then 12 and finally number 6 Little barrack Street.

Aunt (Peg) Margaret Curran 1957
Uncle Jim (James) 1957.
William (Liam) Curran (my Dad) 1954
Jim and Liam (Dad ) Curran with Pat Kavanagh 1956 .
Maureen c.1950's

Bridewell Lane

No. 33. - John Curran, Little Barrack Street, married Annie Shannon from Grange, Tullow. They had nine children, the family moved to J.K.L. Avenue in 1954. Children are - Margaret, who is married and living in Switzerland. James worked in the Sugar Factory, he married Betty Haughney and they live in England. Liam who worked in the Texaco Oil Company. Michael in the Cannery and Thomas in the Oil Company are all in England. Maureen is married and living in America. Francis worked in both the Boot Factory and Thompson's. She married Tom Donegan and is living in Navan. Ann, who married Paddy Brennan now resides at St. Fiacc's Terrace and John (J.C. Video) married Catherine Kelly from Sligo.

Family note by Terence Curran: - John and Annie Grandson via their son Liam) Liam married Catherine O’Sullivan from Waterford and moved to England, along with his brother Michael and Thomas and live within miles of each other.

Martin Curran, born 1950, working in the Coliseum Cinema c.1993

My dad’s cousin, Martin Curran, was the Projectionist for a number of years in the Coliseum Cinema. Martin is an Identical Twin, one of a few sets in my family, his brother is called Patrick. Their other brother Oliver is a Priest based in Arizona US. They are the sons of Paddy Curran (my granddads brother).

These pictures which are extremely rare were sent in by Terry Curran 2009.

Note from Michael Purcell:

They are very good pictures...the picture of the seated interior area was taken after the Cinema had been refurbished. The long wooden seats have been removed from "The Pit". It began at the point where the steps stop. There was a low wooden barrier to separate it from the "posh-seats". The projection room picture is another good shot. A similar shot of the exterior was reproduced on the Nationalist when the Cinema closed.

Fr. Oliver Curran.

The Nationalist.

15th October 1976.


The parishioners of Graiguecullen and Killeshin are holding a farewell social in Killeshin hall this Friday for Fr. Oliver Curran of Ballymanus Terrace, Carlow.

Fr. Curran who was ordained recently, is leaving next week for the diocese of Gallup, New Mexico.

[Note added Oct. 2011 by M. Purcell].

Fr. Oliver was on holiday in Carlow this week, he has now returned as Pastor to his new parish in the United States, Our Lady of Tahoe Church, Zephyr Cove, Nevada.

His parents were the late Paddy and Margaret Curran (nee Fennell), his grandfather's sister, Minnie Fennell, was married to Frank Slater (Carlow People, IGP Obit.).

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