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Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland


Report of the Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland Printed 1827 Transcribers note, I have only extract list that show people of Carlow, however the link below will direct you the book where all Irish County can be researched for the year 1827 (Google Books)

County School  Teacher
1170 Carlow,  Lorum, for 1827  George Murphy, 
1171 Carlow,  Kilbride, for 1827  Robert Wheatley, 
1172 Carlow,  Kilbride. Working,  Ellen Wheatley, 
1173 Carlow,  Aghade, Working  Anne Leslie, 
1174 Carlow,  Carlow, female, do Anne M'Quade, 
1175 Carlow,  Killochternane, do Michael Barron, 
1170 Carlow,  Ballymartin, male, do Thomas Cody, 
1177 Carlow,  Carlow Gaol  James Young, 
1178 Carlow,  Carlow female, Sarah Patterson, 
1179 Carlow,  Bagnalstown,  Michael Brophy, 
1180 Carlow,  Bagnalstown. female,  Eliza Brophy, 
1181 Carlow,  Killochternane, female Michael Barron, 
1182 Carlow,  Ballymartin, male,  Thomas Cody, 
1183 Carlow,  Ballymartin female  Harriet Murphy, 
1184 Carlow,  Carlow, female,  Anne McQuade, 
1185 Carlow,  Fenagh,  Margaret Nuzum, 
1186 Callow,  Lorum,  George Murphy, 
1187 Carlow,  Kilbride,  Robert Wheatley, 
1188 Carlow,  Aghade, female,  Anne Leslie, 
1189 Carlow,  Borris, male.  George Browne, 
1190 Carlow,  Borris female,  Margaret Day, 
1191 Carlow,  Rathvilly, male,  Thomas Kennedy , 
1192 Carlow,  Rathvilly female,  Anne Kennedy, 
1193 Carlow,  Cloydah,  James Connor,

List of Teachers to whom Gratuities have been paid during the past year, such Teachers appearing, from the Inspectors' Reports of their Schools, to be deserving of encouragement.

County School  Teacher
499 Carlow,  Ballinakillen, for 1825,  Hannah Judd, 
490 Carlow Cloydah  or Clogrennan,  James Connor,  
491 Carlow,  Bagnalstown  Michael Bropby
492 Carlow,  Bagnalstown female,  Eliza Brophy, 
493 Carlow,  Gaol, James Young,
495 Carlow,  Ballymartin,  Michael Barren, 
498 Carlow,  Ballymartin female,  H. Murphy, 
497 Carlow,  Newtown,  Moses Walsh, 
498 Carlow,  Ballinkillen,  John Brennan, 
499 Carlow,  Ballinkillen  female,  Hannah Judd, 
500 Carlow,  Borris,  Michael McDonald, 
501 Carlow,  Borris female,  Honora McDonald, 
502 Carlow,  Seskin Ryan,  Pat Byrne, 
503 Carlow,  Ballykeenan,  Patrick Murphy,

A List of the several Schools connected with the Society on the 5th of January, 1827


Number of Scholars on role

804 Kilbride 33 Henry C. Keogh, Esq.
805 Seskin Ryan 10 W. O'Neill, Esq.
806 Aghade female 25 Rev. Henry St. George,
807 Ballykeenan 45 J. Bonbum, Esq.
      T. Boake, Esq.
808 Ballymartin Male and Female 183 Gilbert Fitzgerald, Esq.
809 Borris Male and Female 171 Thomas Kavanagh, Esq.
      M. P. Charles Doyne, Esq.
810 Carlow Gaol 32 Rev. J. Jameson, Rev.
811 Tullow  66 Rev. Charles Doyne
812 Bagnalstown  92 Walter Newton, Esq. 
813 Barragh 32 Rev Edward Pepper
814 Killochternane,  169 Gilbert Fitzgerald, Esq
815 Ballinkillen,  Male and Female 67 Gilbert Fitzgerald, Esq
816 Fenagh, Female 47 Miss Downing
      Miss Watson,
817 Cloydagh, or Clogrenan,  34 S J. S. Rochfort, Esq
      Rev. Robert Fishbourne,
818 Newtown 117 W. Evans Fitz-henry, Esq
819 Ballincarrig and Thoma-guinna, 77 Colonel Bruen, M. P.
      W. R. Lecky, Esq.
820 Rathvilly, Male and Female 120 Hugh Gumming, Esq..
821 Tullow,    Charles Doyne, Esq.

Report Published in 1826, By order of the Kildare-place Society.

Designation of School Number of Scholars on role Real state of the Schools
Kilbride 10 There are at present in this School 20 scholars, of whom 13 are Catholics, who will shortly be provided with a convenient School-house
Seskin Ryan 100 Supposed not to be in connexion. The average number of scholars from nine to twelve
Aghade  19 Average number 17, of whom 5 are Catholics, whose attendance is only temporary.
Rathvilly 104 Not in connexion
Ballykeenan 223 The average number at this School is not ascertained, but is below forty, of whom seven are Catholics, whose attendance is only temporary.
Newtown 123 Average number at this School is forty, who are all Catholics, and who may, if necessary, be withdrawn.
Ballymartin 189 The average number in this School is thirty, of whom the great majority are Catholics, who may be shortly removed, if the Kildare-place Society's rules be enforced.
Bagnalstown 1 187 Not in connexion
Bagnalstown 2 125 Average number 42, of whom 5 are Catholics. 
Barragh 13 Average number 26, of whom 7 are Catholics, for whom a School-house will be shortly prepared.
Borris 236 The average number here is 95, of whom 13 are Protestants. The temporary attendance of the Catholic children at this School is exempt from all undue interference with their principles, and their religious instruction attended to.
Carlow Jail 30 In this School no rule seems to be permanently observable.
Tullow 51 This School attended only by perhaps twenty Protestants, of whom probably fifteen are foundlings.
Killochternane,  163 Average number in attendance 34. Their religion is not mentioned.
Ballinkillen,  89 Not in connexion.
Ballincarrig   No Catholic attends.
Fenagh 92 Average number 25, of whom 4 are Catholics.

List of Teachers to whom Gratuities have been paid during the past year, such Teachers appearing, from the Inspectors' Reports of their Schools, to be deserving of encouragement 1827

County School  Teacher
431 Carlow,  Aghade, female, for 1826, Anne Leslie, 
432 Carlow,  Kilbride, for 1826 Robert Wheatly, 
433 Carlow,  Tullow, for 1826.  Stephen Mathews, 
434 Carlow,  Fenagh, for 1826.  Anne Downing, 
435 Carlow,  Carlow Gaol,  James Young, 
436 Carlow,  Carlow. female,  S. Patterson, 
437 Carlow,  Rathvilly , male,  Thomas Kennedy, 
438 Carlow, Rathvilly  female,  Anne Kennedy, 
439 Carlow, Fenagh,  Anne Downing, 
440 Carlow,  Ballynacarrig,  Jane Murphy, 
441 Carlow, Bagnalstown,  Michael Brophy, 
442 Carlow,  Bagnalstown  female,  Eliza Brophy, 
443 Carlow,  Ballymartin, female,  Hariet Murphy, 
444 Carlow,  Cloydah James Connor, 
445 Carlow,  Ballykeenan,  Patrick Murphy, 
446 Carlow,  Borris,  Michael McDonald, 
447 Carlow,  Borris Female, Honoria McDonald,

Transcribed by Terry Curran

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