Felons, Vagabonds, Dissidents

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County Carlow Felons

Involuntary Transportation,
Felons, Vagabonds, Dissidents

Source: Contributed by  Susie Warren

Surnames mentioned: Donald, Brennan, Bourk, Corran, Synnott, Reddy, McCabe, Farrell, Brack, Clark, Toole, Martin, Doyle, Purcell, King, Hoey, Nowlan, Doran, Doyle, Walsh, Kealy, Lynchy, McEvary, Fitzpatrick, Reilly, Fleming, Foley, Toole, Byrne, Cavanagh, Cavenagh, Wright (see full names below)

Per genealogy library reference book, during the 17th and 18th centuries over 60,000 men, women and children were involuntarily transported from the British Isles to the American colonies. The vast majority of these people were felons and paupers, but there were a number of political and religious dissidents such as the Cromwellian transportees of the 1650s.

The English courts were far more likely to order the transportation of prisoners than were the Scottish or Irish courts, banishing about 50,000 prisoners to the colonies to work as indentured servants. The Scottish authorities ordered fewer than 3,000 prisoners to be transported and the Irish courts approximately 4,000.

In 1719, an Act was introduced into the Irish House of Commons for "the better and more effectual apprehending and transporting of felons and others," and given Royal assent on March 8, 1725. However, the kidnapping and shipment of children to America and their sale as indentured servants began to cause concern, and in January, 1743, the Irish Government established a committee to examine the whole system of transportation in detail.

Information presented to the committee contains valuable data pertaining to 2,000 Irish men and women transported to the American colonies during the mid-18th century. As a result of this committee's investigations, further legislation was introduced in the Irish House of Commons in January, 1752, tightening up the rules governing the transportation of prisoners.

Below is a list of persons ordered for transportation from Co. Carlow for the "crime" of being a vagabond. As with any record, these names as they appeared on the record may be spelled incorrectly or with slight variations from document to document - the latter seen in the case of Edmond Cavanagh/Cavenagh, convicted of the crime of grand larceny. One date seems to be out of order but listed as found.

Co. Carlow Assize Dates, Persons ordered for transportation, Crimes

Posted by Jean Rice

April 4, 1737 . .
Aug 2, 1737 Bryan Donald Vagabond
. Dennis Brennan Like
March 23, 1737 Daniel Bourk Like
July 27, 1738 . .
March 29, 1739 . .
Aug 9, 1739 Michael Corran Like
. James Corran Like
. Patrick Synnott Like
. Thomas Reddy Like
. Edm. Reddy Like
March 29, 1740 Edm. McCabe Like
July 30, 1740 Roger Farrell Like
. John Brack Like
. Thomas Brack Like
March 23, 1740 Thady Clark Like
Aug 11, 1740 Charles Toole Like
. Mich. Martin Like
. James Doyle Like
. Matth. Purcell Like
. Miles King Like
April 10, 1742 Anne Hoey Like
. John Nowlan Like
. Bryan Doran Like
. Dennis Doyle Like
. James Walsh Like
. John Kealy Like
. Will. Lynchy Like
. Edm. McEvary Like
April 26, 1742 Peter Fitzpatrick Vagabond
. Terence Reilly Like
. Tho. Fleming Like
Aug 28, 1742 Darby Foley Like
. Charles Toole Like
. Mary Byrne Like
March 26, 1743 . .
Aug 8, 1743 Edmond Cavanagh Grand Larceny

Note, a second Co. Carlow record on Edmond "Cavenagh" dated September of 1743 stated the felon was to be shipped on board the "Revolution," John Wright, commander, bound from Dublin to Delaware Bay in America.

A total of 192 pounds was presented during the time period above (1737-1743) for the purpose of transportation.

Source: Contributed by  Susie Warren

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