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The Finn Family


Finnís Leinster Journal 1806


The Finn Family

Edmund Finn produced "Finns Leinster Journal" (later known as the "Leinster Journal") on 24th January, 1767 from an address in St Mary's Graveyard, Kilkenny. He died in 1777. His widow Catherine (nee Butler) continued publishing the paper.

William Finn (Brother of Edmund). A prosperous Merchant and Tanner who lived at Coalmarket, Carlow helped to finance the paper. He was frequently referred to as the Proprietor of "Finns Leinster Journal". He had four sons, Thomas, William Francis, Pat and Michael.

Thomas Finn Burrin Street (1772 - 1842) was an able Journalist and accurate historian (Eccentric) who wrote many pieces about Carlow of 1798. In the Irish Magazine 1811 Vol. 4 there are articles on Slaughter in Carlow by a Carlow Friend, (an eye witness of the scenes described). The Author has been suggested by Historians as certainly Thomas Finn of Carlow. He had private differences with J. K. L. and attacked Dr Doyle through Public Journals. He died 11th March, 1842 at Beilfield, Clontarf.

William Francis Finn (1782 - 1862). Had a distinguished career at Trinity and studied for the Bar. He married Alicia O'Connell (sister of Daniel O'Connell). He was Secretary of the Catholic Association, formed by Daniel O'Connell, which obtained Catholic Emancipation in 1829. He was invited to be the Parliamentary Candidate for the County of Carlow in the 1832 Election, was interested in representing the Borough, but instead opted to stand for County Kilkenny. He was twice elected to parliament as M. P. for County Kilkenny.

Pat Finn, Brown St/Cox's Lane was deeply involved in politics - when William Francis opted to represent County Kilkenny differences arose between supporters of the Finn's and the Liberal Party. Pat Finn seconded Francis Bruen's (Conservative) nomination for Carlow Town. The Local Candidate N. A. Vigors was elected. When Pat and Tom again supported Francis Bruen in the 1835 Election, in which Bruen was successful. O'Connell was outraged with the Finn Family.

Finns Leinster Journal.

 Game Certificates

From the front page dated Saturday August 16 to Wednesday 20th 1806

A List of Game Certificates issued by the Distributor of Stamps for the County of Carlow; from the 25th March to the 1st August, 1806.


Beft Arundel, Carlow.
Byrne, James do.
Bayly, Robert do.
Beyly, George, do.
Burton, Charles, Pollarton.
Brufh, Abraham,  Carlow.
Bunbry, Geoge,  Bunbry Lode.
Bernard, Thomas,  Gayvilld.
Byrne, William,  L/Bridge.
O'Brien, John,  Carrahill.
Box, Edward.  Carlow
Blackney, Walter,  Ballycormick.
Butler, William Paul, Broomviile.
Blanchfield, John, Larksford
Butler, William,  Sheerwood.
Budds, Richard, jun, Carlow.
Butler. Captain, Broomville.
Coughlan, Sylvefter, Rathrufh
Carter, Paul, Powerftown
Colclough, Agmond, Clonegal.
Ducket, Jonas, Duckets Grove.
Ducket, William, do.
Ducket, John, Phillpftown.
Fifhburn, Robert, Carlow.
Farrel, Robert, jun, Carlow.
Fifhburn, Jofeph, Carlow.
Faulkner, Henry, Carlow.
Gurley, Thomas, Carlow.
Groom, Edward, Killanane.
Green, William, Carlow.
Johnfton, Alexander, do.
Kavanagh, Walter, Borris.
Knott, William, Myfhal
Murray, John, Carlow.
Newton, John, Bedscery.
Rochford, Robert, Clogrenan.
Roach, Nicholas, Fonthill
Rudkin,Henry, Carlow.
Sennott, John, Killedmond.
Thomas, Jofslyn, Everton.
Thomas, James, L. Bridge.
Vigors, Captain, Bellmount.
Watfon, John, Ballydarton.

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