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First Car in Carlow


Source: The Nationalist February 22nd 1985

This photo, showing one of the first cars in Ireland in Dublin Street, Carlow c.1907. This was presented to the Carlow Museum by Mr. Tony Little, formerly of Carlow. In the background are Coleman's Garage and Dillon's Commercial Hotel and Tea Rooms. Get a load of the two gents in bowler hats on the right.
The registration IK 52 would indicate it was first registered in Dublin.

We can also identify most of the people in the picture which was taken by Bride Mangan of Coalmarket House. The two men on the right (in Bowler hats) are Martin Mangan and Benny Coleman (wearing goggles), the boy with the bicycle is Pat Murray. Among those named standing around the car are Ned Byrne, John Hutton, Lewis the cobbler (3rd from left), Mr. Little, Jim Dillon, Pat Brennan the Blacksmith , Jim Rice, Ned Walsh the cart man..

Picture source: The Nationalist Feb 22nd 1985
Information supplied by Michael Purcell and Bill Gawne

7. Pictured here we see a bearded Sam Hunt with pipe in hand standing to the left of the car. It is said that this was the first motor vehicle to drive through the streets of Carlow. The building behind the car is Ogle's Hotel, formerly the Victoria Hotel.

In 1697 Thomas Spaight built an inn on this site, known as 'Ye signe of ye Tea Kettle', 'Paul's New Bookshop' used to occupy the premises. At the gable end we see a timber-frame with electric cables attached. The electricity was generated by a dynamo situated two hundred yards away at Burrin Bridge. In 1891 Carlow was the first inland town in Ireland or Great Britain to have lighting generated by hydro-electricity.

The car is a 1897 Daimler Stirling, one of the first "production" cars built in Britain.

Source: Image No. 7 from "Carlow in old picture postcards" 1994 by Michael Purcell.


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