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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

The Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c.1851/52.
Carlow in The Parish of Carlow (Index only)
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
Name Location Comment
Saunders, James Tullow St.  
Scott, David Henry Fairy-Lane  
Scully, John Brewery-Lane  
Scully, Patrick Dublin Rd.  
Seale, John Hanover-Bridge  
Sharpe, William Bridewell-Lane  
Shaughnessy, Mary Carlow  
Sheahan, Cornelius Tullow St.  
Shedson, Mary Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Sheehan, Margaret Pollerton-Road  
Shelly, Thomas Dublin Rd.  
Shepperd, Michael Tullow St.  
Short, Bryan Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Shortall, Thomas Dublin Rd.  
Silk, John Rathnapish Comment : John and Pat
Silk, Pat Rathnapish Comment : John and Pat
Silk, Patrick Carlow  
Silk, Patrick Rathnapish  
Silk, Patrick Staplestown-Road  
Silk, Patrick Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Smith, Mary Brown St.  
Smith, Patrick Wellington-Square  
Smyth, Geo. Tullow St.  
Smyth, Richard Pollerton-Road  
Somers, Robert Mill-Street  
Spearing, George Brown St.  
Spears, Arthur Barrack St.  
Spellane, Timothy Mill-Lane  
Spong, Frederick Cornwall-Quay  
Spong, Frederick Dublin St.  
Star, William Centaur St.  
Stewart, Catherine Bernard's Lane  
Stewart, Percival Burrin-Street  
Stewart, Richard Pollerton-Road  
Stokes, John Burrin-Street  
Storey, William Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Story, Patrick Carlow  
Stoyte, Thomas Dublin Rd.  
Styles, Edward Tullow St.  
Sullivan, Martin Pollerton-Road  
Sullivan, Patrick Lowry's-Lane  
Summers, John Castle-Hill  
Sunderland, Henry Pollerton-Road  
Sunderland, John Carlow  
Sutton, John Barrack St.  
Sutton, Michael Pollerton Little  
Swift, Patrick Pollerton-Road  
Vaux'S, Henry Tullow St.  
Taylor, John Burrin-Street  
Taylor, William Brown St.  
Tennant, Richard Burrin-Street  
Thomas, Jocelyn Mortarstown Upper  
Thompson, Abigail Tullow St.  
Thompson, Jno. Brown St.  
Thompson, Martin Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Thompson, Patrick Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Thomson, John Centaur St.  
Thomson, John John-Street  
Thorpe, Gabriel Bridewell-Lane  
Thorpe, Ulyses Burrin-Street  
Timmins, Bridget Barrack St.  
Timmins, Catherine Athy St.  
Timmins, Charles Castle-Street  
Timmins, James Athy St.  
Timmins, John Carlow  
Timmins, John Burrin-Street  
Timmins, Mary Mortarstown Upper  
Timmins, Michael Carlow  
Timmins, Michael Chapel-Lane  
Timmins, William Carlow  
Timmons, Charles Carlow  
Tobin, Moses Mill-Street  
Tobin, William Dublin St.  
Todd, James Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Toole, Luke Carlow  
Toole, Thomas Castle-Hill  
Tracey, Edward Tullow St.  
Tracey, Honoria Scragg's-Alley  
Tracey, Patrick Tullow St.  
Travers, Thomas Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Traynor, Michael Pollerton-Road  
Trench, Rev. Frederick Carlow  
Tritten, Robert Athy St.  
Tuckey, Chas. H. Carlow  
Tuite, Thomas Bridewell-Lane  
Tummins, Edward Barrack St.  
Tunstead, Thomas Brown St.  
Twomy, Charles Rathnapish  
Tynan, Christopher Castle-Street  
Tynan, Joseph Scragg's-Alley  
Tynan, Joseph Tullow St.  
Tynan, Patrick Castle-Street  
Tynan, Patrick Green-Lane  
Tynan, Thoma Burrin-Street  
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
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