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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

The Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c.1851/52.
Carlow in The Parish of Carlow (Index only)
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
Name Location Comment
No Entries    
Valentine, John Kernanstown  
Vass, William Castle-Hill  
Vaux'S, Henry Tullow St.  
Vigors, John Burrin-Street  
Wade, James Carlow  
Wade, Rep. Patrick John-Street  
Walker, Francis Chapel-Lane  
Walker, Henry Hanover-Bridge  
Wall, Margaret Northcot Lane/Cox's-Lane  
Wall, Margaret Tullow St.  
Wall, Martin Carlow  
Wall, Michael Grave Lane  
Wall, Patrick Centaur St.  
Wall, Patrick Mill-Street  
Wallace, Mary Brewery-Lane  
Wallace, William Dublin St.  
Wallace, William Northcot Lane/Cox's-Lane  
Walsh, Anne Barrack St.  
Walsh, Eliza Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Walsh, Eliza Green-Lane  
Walsh, Frances L. Rathnapish Comment : Matron
Walsh, Rev. James Rathnapish  
Walsh, Rev. James Chapel-Lane  
Walsh, John Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Walsh, John Tullow St.  
Walsh, Margaret Barrack St.  
Walsh, Mary Burrin-Street  
Walsh, Michael John-Street  
Walsh, Michael Tullow St.  
Walsh, Patrick Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Walsh, Rachel Tullow St.  
Ward, John Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Warren, Edward Strawhall  
Warren, James Wellington-Square  
Watson, James Tullow St.  
Welwood, Joseph Athy St.  
Whelan, Anne Mill-Street  
Whelan, Bartholomew Carlow  
Whelan, Eliza Tullow St.  
Whelan, James Coal-Market  
Whelan, Mary Tullow St.  
Whelan, Thomas Rathnapish  
Whelan, Thomas Athy St.  
Whelan, Thomas Tullow St.  
Whelan, Thos. Athy St.  
White, Denis Barrack St.  
White, John Tullow St.  
White, Matthew E. Strawhall  
White, Richard Bridewell-Lane  
Whitmore, John Chapel-Lane  
Whitmore, Samuel Dublin St.  
Whitmore, William Strawhall  
Whitmore, William Athy St.  
Whitmore, William Montgomery St.  
Whittaker, Ellen Brewery-Lane  
Whittaker, Mary Carlow  
Williams, Mrs. Eleanor Burrin-Street  
Williams, James Carlow  
Williams, John Brown St.  
Williams, John Tullow St.  
Williams, Joseph Charlotte-Street  
Williams, Michael Rathnapish  
Williams, Michael Castle-Street  
Woods, George Tullow St.  
Woods, John Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Woods, William Mill-Lane  
No Entries    
Young, James Carlow  
Young, James Montgomery St.  
Young, James Tullow St.  
No Entries    
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
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