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The Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c.1851/52.
Carlow in The Parish of Carlow (Index only)
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
Name Location Comment
Lacy, Patrick Pollerton Little  
Lacy, Patrick  Pollerton-Road  
Lacy, Thomas  Athy St.  
Lacy, Thomas  Dublin St.  
Lacy, Thomas  Newmarket  
Lahee, Benjamin  Potato- Market  
Lahee, Harriet  Montgomery St.  
Lalor, John Pollerton Big.  
Lalor, John Pollerton Little  
Lalor, Lucy Pollerton Big.  
Lalor, Mary Carlow  
Lalor, Michael Strawhall  
Lalor, Peter Pollerton Little  
Lalor, Robert Carlow  
Lalor, William Carlow  
Lalor, William Rathnapish  
Lamb, James  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Lambert, John  Centaur St.  
Lambert, John  Montgomery St.  
Largan, John Carlow  
Largan, John  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Larkin, Michael  Montgomery St.  
Lawler, Catherine  Charlotte-Street  
Lawler, Edward  Church-Street  
Lawler, James  Pollerton-Road  
Lawler, John  Mill-Lane  
Lawler, Martin  Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Lawler, Mary  Pollerton-Road  
Lawler, Michael  Pollerton-Road  
Lawler, Murtagh  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Lawler, Patrick  Burrin-Street  
Lawler, Patrick  Castle-Street  
Lawler, Patrick  Green-Lane  
Lawler, Patrick  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Lawler, Robert  Dublin St.  
Lawler, Robert  Tullow St.  
Lawler, Thomas  Barrack St.  
Lawler, Timothy  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Lawler, William Mortarstown Lower  
Lawler, William  Pollerton-Road  
Lawless, Edward Carlow  
Lawrence, John Carlow  
Lawyler, Maurice  Burrin-Street  
Lebaux, Simon  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Ledon, Patrick  Barrack St.  
Lenihan, John  Burrin-Street  
Lennon, John  Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Lennon, Margaret Mortarstown Upper  
Lennon, Mary Mortarstown Lower  
Lennon, Patrick  Tullow St.  
Lennon, Richard  Barrack St.  
Leonard, John  Green-Lane  
Libbon, Simon Carlow  
Lloyd, John  Pollerton-Road  
Loughlin, John Rathnapish  
Loughlin, Thomas  Lowry's-Lane  
Loughman, Mary  Charlotte-Street  
Lowry, Patrick  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Lowry, Patrick  Tullow St.  
Lowther, John H.  Bridewell-Lane  
Lucas, Rose  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Lusk, John  Burrin-Street  
Lusk, William  Brewery-Lane  
Lynam, Daniel  Mill-Lane  
Lynch, Anne  Dublin Rd.  
Lynch, James  Mill-Lane  
Lynch, Joseph  Dublin Rd.  
Lynch, Judith  Athy St.  
Lynch, Michael  Dublin Rd.  
Lynch, Philip  Bernard's Lane  
Lyng, William  Brown St.  
Lyons, John  Gallipot-Row  
Lyons, Mary Carlow  
Lyons, William  Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Macdarby, John  Green-Lane  
Macdarby, John  Pollerton-Road  
Mack, John  Dublin Rd.  
Macwee, Murt  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Macwee, Murtagh  Pollerton-Road  
Madden, Anne  Chapel-Lane  
Madden, John  Athy St.  
Madden, Michael  Athy St.  
Madden, Michael  Montgomery St.  
Maher, Catherine  Tullow St.  
Maher, Daniel  Coal-Market  
Maher, Denis  Tullow St.  
Maher, Edw.  Burrin-Street  
Maher, Edward  Water-Lane John and Edward Maher
Maher, James  Bridewell-Lane  
Maher, John  Burrin-Street  
Maher, John  Water-Lane John and Edward Maher
Maher, Maria Carlow  
Maher, Mary  Bridewell-Lane  
Maher, Mary C.  Dublin Rd.  
Maher, Michael  Bridewell-Lane  
Maher, Patrick  Lowry's-Lane  
Maher, Peter  Chapel-Lane  
Maher, Thomas  Centaur St.  
Maher, Thomas  Coal-Market  
Maher, Thos.  Tullow St.  
Maher, William  Centaur St.  
Maher, Wm.  Tullow St.  
Mahon, John  Pollerton-Road  
Mahon, Mary Carlow  
Mahon, Michael Mortarstown Upper  
Mahon, William Carlow  
Mahony, Simon  Cockpit-Lane  
Mahony, William Carlow  
Mailey, James  Pollerton-Road  
Malcomson, Mary Mortarstown Upper  
Malcomson, Robert  Burrin-Street  
Malcomson, Robert  Dublin St.  
Malone, Edward  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Malone, James  Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Malone, Jeremiah  Bridewell-Lane  
Malone, Robert  Castle-Hill  
Mangan, Martin Carlow  
Mangan, Martin  Coal-Market  
Mangan, Martin  Cornwall-Quay  
Manning, Nicholas  Potato- Market  
Manning, Patrick  Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Mara, Micheal Ridge  
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
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