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The Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c.1851/52.
Carlow in The Parish of Carlow (Index only)
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
Name Location Comment
Neill, Catherine Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Neill, Hugh Pollerton-Road  
Neill, James Charlotte-Street  
Neill, James Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Neill, John Pollerton Little  
Neill, John Brewery-Lane  
Neill, John Bridewell-Lane  
Neill, John Dublin Rd.  
Neill, John Tullow St.  
Neill, Margaret Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Neill, Mary Barrack St.  
Neill, Michael Chapel-Lane  
Neill, Michael Gallipot-Row  
Neill, Patrick Athy St.  
Neill, Patrick Potato- Market  
Neill, Patrick Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Neill, Peter Grave Lane  
Neill, Richard Kernanstown  
Neill, Thomas Barrack St.  
Neill, Thomas Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Newsrooms, ??? Dublin St.  
Nixon, Thomas Barrack St.  
Nolan, Andrew Carlow  
Nolan, Bridget School-Lane  
Nolan, Catherine Pollerton Little  
Nolan, Edward Athy St.  
Nolan, Edward Potato- Market  
Nolan, Henry Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Nolan, James Rathnapish  
Nolan, James Dublin Rd.  
Nolan, James Granby-Row/Beggar's-Row  
Nolan, James Tullow St.  
Nolan, John Athy St.  
Nolan, John Castle-Hill  
Nolan, John Green-Lane  
Nolan, John Mill-Lane  
Nolan, Laurence Wellington-Square  
Nolan, Margaret Dublin Rd.  
Nolan, Martin Bernard's Lane  
Nolan, Michael Bridewell-Lane  
Nolan, Michael Dublin Rd.  
Nolan, Patrick Burrin-Street  
Nolan, Patrick Dublin Rd.  
Nolan, Peter Dublin St.  
Nolan, Peter Potato- Market  
Nolan, Philip Carlow  
Nolan, Philip Cockpit-Lane  
Nolan, Philip Tullow St.  
Nolan, Terence Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Nolan, Thomas Barrack St.  
Nolan, Thomas Dublin Rd.  
Nolan, Thomas Dublin St.  
Noonan, Michael Dublin Rd.  
Norris, Elizabeth Pollerton-Road  
Nowlan, Anne Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Nowlan, Mary Pollerton-Road  
Nowlan, Thomas Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Nurse, George Bridewell-Lane  
O'Brien, William Tullow St.  
O'Farrell, Barbara Tullow St.  
Oigginson, Mary Scragg's-Alley  
Oliveer, Thomas Cockpit-Lane  
Oliver, Patrick Bridewell-Lane  
Oliver, Patrick Dublin St.  
Oliver, Thomas Dublin St.  
Oliver, William Bridewell-Lane  
O'Meara, Daniel Carlow  
O'Meara, Daniel Centaur St.  
O'Meara, Michael Pollerton-Road  
O'Meara, Thomas Carlow  
O'Meara, Thomas Dublin St.  
O'Meara, Thomas Northcot Lane/Cox's-Lane  
O'Meara, Thomas Seven Spring's-Lane  
O'Meara, Thomas Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
O'Meara, Wiliam Fairy-Lane  
O'Neill, Bridget Montgomery St.  
O'Neill, Cornelius Bridewell-Lane  
O'Neill, Edith Coal-Market  
O'Neill, Elizabeth Scragg's-Alley  
O'Neill, James Brown St.  
O'Shea, Thaddeus Burrin-Street  
Owens, Mich. Rathnapish Comment : Mich. and Pat
Owens, Pat Rathnapish Comment : Mich. and Pat
Owens, Patrick Dublin Rd.  
Quin, Thomas School-Lane  
Quinlan, James Barrack St.  
Quinlan, Maria Barrack St.  
Quinlan, Thomas Barrack St.  
Quinn, Bridget Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Quinn, Patrick Castle-Hill  
Rafter, Thomas Dublin St.  
Rawson, Thomas Carlow  
Rawson, Thomas Strawhall  
Reddicks, James Tullow St.  
Reddix, Anne Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Reddy, Anne Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Reddy, James Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Reddy, Robert Tullow St.  
Redmond, Anne Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Redmond, Mary Potato- Market  
Redmond, Patrick Green-Lane  
Reeves, Charles Barrack St.  
Regan, George Pollerton-Road  
Reilly, John Brewery-Lane  
Reilly, Michael Dublin Rd.  
Reilly, Teresa Potato- Market  
Reilly, Rev. William Brown St.  
Rice, Patrick Seven Spring's-Lane  
Rice, Thomas Dublin Rd.  
Rice, William Pollerton Little  
Richardson, John Centaur St.  
Richardson, Thomas Montgomery St.  
Riche, John Dublin St.  
Robinson, Michael Pollerton-Road  
Roche, Margaret Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Rogan, James Burrin-Street  
Rogers, Eames Dublin St.  
Rogers, Edward Centaur St.  
Rogers, James Tullow St.  
Rogers, John Bridewell-Lane  
Rogers, Richard Bridewell-Lane  
Rogers, Thomas Coal-Market  
Rooney, Esther Bernard's Lane  
Rooney, Michael Burrin-Street  
Rooney, Michael Tullow St.  
Rose, John Carlow  
Rourke, Edward Rathnapish  
Rourke, Edward Dublin Rd.  
Rowe, Matthew W. Dublin St.  
Royse, Abraham Carlow  
Russell, Jonathan Brown St.  
Ryan, Anne Gallipot-Row  
Ryan, Bridget School-Lane  
Ryan, Catherine Castle-Hill  
Ryan, Catherine Staplestown-Road/The Clash  
Ryan, Frederick Cockpit-Lane  
Ryan, John Northcot Lane/Cox's-Lane  
Ryan, John Pembroke-Road  
Ryan, Margaret Charlotte-Street  
Ryan, Mary Green-Lane  
Ryan, Patrick Castle-Hill  
Ryan, Patrick Coal-Market  
Ryan, Richard Brewery-Lane  
Ryan, Simon Carlow  
Ryan, William Carlow  
Abb-Bru Bry-Car Car-Cro Cul-Don Doo-Eva Fai-Kir Lac-Mar Mas-Mye NEI-Rya SAU-Ty U-You
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