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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Griffith's Valuation of Ireland
The Primary Valuation of Tenements Poor Law Union of Carlow.
The Valuation for County Carlow was taken c1851/52.

Parish of Killeshin, Co Carlow


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Abbott, Luke Graigue  
Abbott, Luke Graigue (Maryborough St.)  
Agar, James Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Alcock, Catherine Graigue  
Alcock, William Graigue  
Allen, James Graigue (Chapel St.)  
Anderson, William Killeshin  
Bambrick, Anne Graigue (Church St.)  
Barrington, Francis Graigue  
Barrington, William Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Behan, Denis Springhill  
Behan, James Ballyhide  
Behan, Mary Springhill  
Behan, Michael Springhill  
Bergin, John Crossneen  
Bigley, James, Jr. Graigue (Maryborough St.)  
Bigley, John, Sr. Graigue (King St.)  
Bigley, Patrick Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Bigley, Richard Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Bolger, James Graigue (Killeshin St.)  
Bolger, James Rossmore  
Bolger, John Graigue (Leighlin St.)  
Bolger, Martin Ardateggle  
Bolger, Matthew Graigue (Church St.)  
Bolton, Thomas Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Bolton, Thomas Rossmore  
Bolton, William Coorlaghan  
Bolton, William Rossmore  
Booth, Thomas Graigue (Maryborough St.)  
Borris, Elizabeth Rossmore  
Bourke, John Ardateggle  
Brennan, Anastasia Graigue (King St.)  
Brennan, Andrew Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Brennan, Anne Ardateggle  
Brennan, Bridget Clonmore  
Brennan, Bridget Graigue (Morrin's Lane)  
Brennan, Catherine Graigue (The Numbers)  
Brennan, Catherine Keeloge  
Brennan, Daniel Ardateggle  
Brennan, Daniel Cooranriska  
Brennan, Edward Ballyharmon  
Brennan, Edward Bohernasear  
Brennan, Edward Coorlaghan  
Brennan, Elizabeth Clonmore  
Brennan, Ellen Springhill  
Brennan, James Ardateggle  
Brennan, James Ballyhide  
Brennan, James Cooranriska  
Brennan, James Graigue  
Brennan, James, Jr. Cooranriska  
Brennan, John Ardateggle  
Brennan, John Ballyhide  
Brennan, John Bohernasear  
Brennan, John Clonmore  
Brennan, John Cooranriska  
Brennan, John Derrymoyle  
Brennan, John Graigue  
Brennan, John Oldderrig  
Brennan, Letitia Killeshin  
Brennan, Martin Ardateggle  
Brennan, Martin Graigue  
Brennan, Martin Graigue (King St.)  
Brennan, Martin Rossmore  
Brennan, Michael Ballykillen  
Brennan, Michael Killeshin  
Brennan, Michael Oldderrig  
Brennan, Patrick Ballykillen  
Brennan, Patrick Oldderrig  
Brennan, Patrick Springhill  
Brennan, Patrick, Jr. Rossmore  
Brennan, Patrick, Sr. Rossmore  
Brennan, Thomas Ardateggle  
Brennan, Thomas Clonmore  
Brennan, Thomas Graigue (Church St.)  
Brennan, Thomas Graigue (Maryborough St.)  
Brennan, Thomas Keeloge  
Brien, Matthew Coorlaghan  
Brophy, Martin Graigue (King St.)  
Brophy, Mary Graigue (Morrin's Lane)  
Brophy, Michael Graigue (Chapel St.)  
Brophy, Patrick Graigue (King St.)  
Bryan, John Graigue (Maryborough St.)  
Butler, James Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Butler, John Graigue (Mill St.)  
Butler, Michael Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Butler, Patrick Coorlaghan  
Byrne, Catherine Leagh  
Byrne, Charles Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Byrne, Edward Ballyhide  
Byrne, Edward Ballykillen  
Byrne, Edward Rossmore  
Byrne, James Ballykillen  
Byrne, John Killeshin  
Byrne, John Rossmore  
Byrne, Judith Monure  
Byrne, Martin Rossmore  
Byrne, Matthew Clonmore  
Byrne, Matthew Graigue (The Numbers)  
Byrne, Matthew Leagh  
Byrne, Michael Crossneen  
Byrne, Michael Graigue (Killeshin St.)  
Byrne, Moses Graigue (Mill St.)  
Byrne, Patrick Graigue (High St.)  
Byrne, Peter Crossneen  
Byrne, Robert Ballyhide  
Byrne, Thomas Bohernasear  
Byrne, Thomas Graigue  
Byrne, Thomas Graigue (Sleaty St.)  
Byrne, Timothy Crossneen  
Byrne, Timothy Graigue (Chapel St.)  


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