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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Griffith's Valuation of Ireland
The Primary Valuation of Tenements Poor Law Union of Carlow.
The Valuation for County Carlow was taken c1851/52.

Parish of Myshall, Co Carlow

Name Parish Location Comment
Nowlan, James Myshall Rossacurra  
Nowlan, James Myshall Rosslee  
Nowlan, James Myshall Shangarry  
Nowlan, James Myshall Straduff  
Nowlan, John Myshall Aclare  
Nowlan, John Myshall Sheean  
Nowlan, Lawerence Myshall Myshall
Nowlan, Margaret Myshall Clonee, East  
Nowlan, Mary Myshall Ballaghmore  
Nowlan, Mary Myshall Ballinrush  
Nowlan, Mary Myshall Myshall  
Nowlan, Matthew Myshall Ballaghmore  
Nowlan, Michael Myshall Ballinrush  
Nowlan, Patrick Myshall Ballinrush  
Nowlan, Peter Myshall Knockbrack  
Nowlan, Thomas Myshall Shangarry  
Nowlan, William Myshall Myshall  
Nowlan, Willian Myshall Myshall  
O'Brien, William Myshall Shangarry  
Parker, William Myshall Shangarry  
Prandy, John Myshall Straduff  
Reddy, Patrick Myshall Knockbrack  
Reddy, Terence Myshall Ullardbeg  
Roche, Joesph Myshall Raheenliegh  
Rourke, Hugh Myshall Knockbrack  
Rourke, James Myshall Knockbrack  
Rowe, Anne Myshall Straduff  
Ryan, Luke Myshall Straduff  
Scully, Peter Myshall Knockbrack  
Shiel, Patrick Myshall Ballaghmore  
Shiply, Robert Myshall Sheean  
Smith, George Myshall Sheean  
Smith, Joseph Myshall Myshall  
Smith, Mary Myshall Sheean  
Smith, Robert Myshall T/Myshall  
Stannard, Margaret Myshall Ballinrush  
Timmins, Moses Myshall Raheenliegh  
Tobin, John Myshall Myshall  
Toole, Mary Myshall Raheenliegh  
Tracey, John Myshall Raheenwood  
Tracy, Patrick Myshall Knockbrack  
Troy, James Myshall Knockdramagh  
Tumpkin, Patrick Myshall Shangarry  
Walsh, James Myshall Coolnasheegan  
Walsh, Micheal Myshall Knockdramagh  
Watson, Joseph Myshall Ballaghmore  
Whelan, Michael Myshall Raheenliegh  
Whelan, Rep. John Myshall Ballinacrea  
Williams, Robert Myshall Rosslee  
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