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Carlow County - Ireland Genealogical Projects (IGP TM)

Pat Purcell Papers


RC Parish of Graiguecullen & Killeshin

These records were transcribed in 21-Oct-2002

With kind permission of Michael Purcell

Date Husband Surname Husband Name Wife Surname Wife Name Wife Address
1873-06-24 Abbin John Brennan Julia Derrymoile
1886-08-04 Alcock Thomas Comerford Elizabeth Slety St. Graig
1833-02-12 Alcock Thomas Gemerday Catherine Nr
1883-01-30 Alyward Andrew Earl Jane Ardnataggle
1830-02-18 Amstrong James Kelly Bridget Nr
1822-12-10 Austin Thomas Murphy Mary Nr
1832-06-11 Bambric John Seymour Bridget Nr
1830-02-23 Bambrick Henry Staplton Ellen Nr
1825-06-29 Bambrick Hugh Kavanagh Mary Nr
1830-08-31 Bambrick John Walan Anne Nr
1857-02-04 Bambrick Patrick Neal Mary Keelogue
1855-11-29 Banon James Day Mary Graigue
1860-11-30 Barington William Hanlon Anne Graigue
1835-06-20 Barrington Francis Norton Mary Nr
1825-01-06 Barrington William Mulhall Mary Nr
1884-10-20 Barron John Kelly Elizabeth Sletty Rd
1824-09-06 Barron Pierce Coffey Mary Nr
1869-10-07 Barry Thomas Miller Ellen Graigue
1827-09-17 Beacon John Moore Mary Nr
1828-06-30 Beahon James Dunne Rose Nr
1845-02-04 Behan Denis Gary Judith Springhill
1882-05-28 Benson Joseph Hogan Catherine Church St. Grai
1831-11-22 Bergan James White Bridget Nr
1826-04-27 Bergin Bartholomew Kenedy Judith Nr
1842-08-22 Bergin John Fleming Anne Nr
1842-08-22 Bergin John Fleming Anne Nr
1837-05-28 Bergin John Madon Margaret Nr
1842-02-04 Bergin John Whelan Mary Nr
1910-11-23 Bermingham Patrick Nolan Josephine Sleaty
1841-02-09 Berney Darby MacDarby Ellen Nr
1841-02-09 Berry Darby MacDarby Ellen Nr
1873-06-23 Bigley Henry Doyle Margaret Graigue
1842-01-11 Bigley Patrick Hennessy Jane Nr
1883-10-07 Bigley Patrick Tobin Mary Kingst
1867-06-21 Bigly John Miller Bridget Graigue
1842-01-11 Bigly Patrick Henessy Jane Nr
1874-08-19 Bigly Patrick Kenna Mary Graigue
1853-11-26 Bolger Edward Dunne Mary Rossmore
1861-07-02 Bolger John Brennan Marian Ballyharmon
1837-06-26 Bolger John Duffey Mary Nr
1866-04-15 Bolger John Hayden Margaret Ballyharmon
1870-02-09 Bolten John Doye Bridget Ardategle
1878-06-20 Bolten Stephen Moran Anne Keelogue
1883-05-21 Bolten William Malone Catherine Coorlane
1894-09-20 Bolton Henry Fender Bridget Springhill
1902-08-06 Bolton Thomas Cahil L Aughuie
1840-10-08 Brien Patrick Murphy Sarah Nr
1840-10-08 Brien Patrick Murphy Sarah Nr
1909-07-05 Br1en Peter Hoison Margaret 98 St Carlow Gr
1859-10-18 Brophy Henry Moore Mary Graigue
1881-05-30 Brophy John Sheehan Margaret Graigue
1845-09-24 Brophy Martin Murphy Mary Graigue
1829-02-23 Brophy Patrick Il Catherine Nr
1880-05-17 Brophy William Bolger Catherine Graigue
1849-05-05 Brotherick Nr Brennan Catherine Graigue
1843-08-05 Brown James Kavanagh Ellen Nr
1843-08-06 Brown James Kavanagh Ellen Nr
1845-05-08 Bryan John MacDonnell Bridget Nr
1882-01-15 Bryan Patrick Crowe Bridget Church St, Graig
1832-02-12 Bulger Martin Cummins Anne Nr
1832-10-28 Bulger Mathew Bench Bridget Nr
1820-09-20 Burke John Callehan Margaret Nr
1907-07-30 Burke John Farrell Bridget Carlow, Graigue
1901-10-14 Burke Richard Helehan Mary Carlow Graigue
1888-02-02 Burke Thomas Wade Mary Ardatagle
1886-08-01 Butler David Goodbody Jane Leighlin St Gra
1847-11-25 Butler James Byrne Elizabeth Graigue
1847-11-25 Butler James Byrne Elizabeth Nr
1832-10-29 Butler John Curran Mary Nr
1847-02-04 Butler Michael Hughes Mary Graigue
1848-02-04 Butler Michael Hughes Mary Nr
1824-07-10 Butler Patrick Quin Anne Nr
1831-11-01 Butler Peter Walan Elizabeth Nr
1830-02-19 Butter Patrick Smyth Ellen Nr
1876-06-15 Byrne Brian Brennan Bridget Derrymoyle
1872-08-11 Byrne Edward Kelly Bridget Graigue
1898-08-17 Byrne Edward MacDonald Margaret Clonmore
1863-11-05 Byrne Edward Murphy Ellen Sletty
1881-01-10 Byrne Edward Rourke Anne Springhill
1859-03-02 Byrne Frances Kealy Mary Graigue
1838-02-16 Byrne Gerald Farrell Bridget Nr
1857-08-19 Byrne Hugh Nowlan Mary Slaty
1867-11-01 Byrne James Brennan Catherine Ardategle
1883-11-04 Byrne James Doolan Anne The Numbers
1857-06-24 Byrne James Dunne Catherine Graigue
1866-02-03 Byrne James Haughney Elizabeth Graigue
1896-10-26 Byrne James Helehan Margaret Chapel St, Grai
1830-06-27 Byrne James Kenna Mary Nr
1842-07-19 Byrne James Muldowny Elizabeth Nr
1900-11-28 Byrne James Nolan Anne Leighlin St, Gr
1905-09-25 Byrne James Scully Mary Chapel Street
1892-02-26 Byrne John Farrell Marian Malborough St
1852-07-21 Byrne John Herons Catherine Killeshin
1874-10-08 Byrne John Kelly Anne Rossmore
1839-11-28 Byrne John MacGrath Anne Nr
1875-09-30 Byrne Laurence Byrne Catherine Rossmore
1845-11-09 Byrne Luke Murphy Joanne Aonmore
1867-11-12 Byrne Michael Casey Margaret Clonmore
1894-11-26 Byrne Michael Far R Ell Joanne Henry St Graigu
1836-11-24 Byrne Michael Kehoe Anne Nr
1861-11-30 Byrne Michael Nolan Bridget Sprsnghill
1875-02-09 Byrne Michael Nolan Catherine Old Derrig
1842-02-08 Byrne Moses MacDonald Bridget Nr
1831-02-02 Byrne Patrick Coper Ellen Nr
1869-08-01 Byrne Patrick Flood Margaret Sletty St
1853-05-25 Byrne Patrick Kehoe Anne Laugh
1884-07-20 Byrne Patrick King Mary Sletty St
1837-10-29 Byrne Patrick Lowry Catherine Nr
1833-09-22 Byrne Patrick Muldony Bridget Nr
1901-01-28 Byrne Patrick Nolan Ellen Carlow.Graigue
1895-02-25 Byrne Patrick Sixmith Joanne Henry St Carlow
1865-11-15 Byrne Peter Carroll Mary Fruithill
1851-05-19 Byrne Peter Doyle Mary Graigue
1832-09-24 Byrne Robert Delany Ellen Nr
1843-11-19 Byrne Thomas Bambrick Mary Nr
1843-11-19 Byrne Thomas Bambrick Mary Nr
1885-11-22 Byrne Thomas Cum Mans Mary Ballyharmon
1834-11-28 Byrne Thomas Doolen Rose Nr
1834-02-06 Byrne Thomas Nolan Catherine Nr
1905-06-05 Byrne Thomas Talbot Elizabeth Coolane
1863-08-08 Byrne Thomas Whelan Catherine Graigue
1855-10-16 Byrne William Doyle Catherine Graigue
1854-11-28 Byrne William Kelly Julia Knockbeg
1873-09-22 Byrne William Mullery Mary Graigue
1846-08-05 Byrne William Rooney Anne Hamitorda
1825-05-09 Cahil Daniel Currin Mary Nr
1879-07-28 Cahil Hugh Brophy Elizabeth Graigue
1850-02-13 Cahil John Hume Anne Clogrennan
1838-02-20 Cahil Patrick Corkeran Margaret Nr
1825-06-04 Cahil Patrick Rourke Catherine Nr
1837-11-16 Callahan Martin Quin Bridget Nr
1883-04-29 Callan Mat Hew Comerford Julia Derrymoile
1842-02-03 Callanan John Connor Mary Nr
1842-02-03 Callanan John Connor Mary Nr
1907-06-24 Callanan Michael Hoyson Mary 98 St, Graigue
1906-06-25 Callanan Michael Logan Mary The Numbers Caf
1877-10-15 Callanan Peter Maher Mary King St, Graigu
1833-06-19 Callehan William Walsh Ellen Nr
1845-10-27 Callenan Michael Smyth Bridget Graigue
1893-01-29 Callinan Michael Mo Ran Catherine Leaugh
1822-07-19 Campbel Thomas Dermidly Mary Nr
1844-05-19 Campbell James Fitzpatrick Ellen Nr
1886-07-05 Carey Joseph Cosby Mary Castleview Gral
1844-02-09 Carey Timothy Hearns Mary Nr
1837-01-17 Carey William Kavanagh Rose Nr
1893-08-13 Carey William Scully Anne Sleaty St
1859-11-22 Carpenter Charles Hay Den Catherine Ballyharmon
1824-02-23 Carpenter James Gask Rose Nr
1905-02-27 Carroll Owen Grant Anne 98th Street
1845-01-20 Carroll Thomas Philips Elizabeth Ballyharmon
1824-10-14 Carter John Doyle Anne Nr
1839-06-24 Carter John Leonard Mary Nr
1845-11-26 Carty Moses Murphy Elizabeth Graigue
1864-06-30 Cary Timothy Nolan Anne Graigue
1844-02-09 Casey Timothy Herns Mary Nr
1842-04-19 Casy Michael Behan Anne Nr
1830-05-03 Casy Patrick Bulger Mary Nr
1824-07-17 Cerew Nicholas Cljrran Anne Nr
1840-07-15 Clare Peter Farrell Catherine Nr
1910-07-04 Clarke Joseph Whelan Catherine Chapel St
1840-11-19 Clear Denis Brenan Anne Nr
1862-01-24 Cleer Patrick Bolton Elizabeth Rossmore
1856-04-26 Coates Michael Flood Margaret Carlow From Na
1830-10-31 Cockeran Edward MacDonald Margaret Nr
1832-03-06 Cody John Donnelly Anne Nr
1827-11-31 Coffey Thomas Crumbly Bridget Nr
1831-09-22 Cogan James Byrne Margaret Nr
1839-02-11 Coleman Michael Foley Mary Nr
1826-01-26 Collens James Malone Mary Nr
1827-05-09 Collens John Neil Bridget Nr
1848-07-18 Collins Andrew Melson Elizabeth Lambstown
1848-07-18 Collins Andrew Nelson Elizabeth Nr
1857-05-11 Collins John Barrington Anne Graigue
1829-03-02 Collins John Connelly Mary Nr
1843-06-29 Collins Martin Brenan Bridget Nr
1843-06-29 Collins Martin Brennan Bridget Nr
1866-11-29 Collins Martin Timons Alice Graigue
1864-11-25 Collins Michael Neill Anne Sletty
1837-02-06 Collins Patrick Hickey Bridget Nr
1866-10-15 Collins Thomas Aughney Catherine Graigue
1827-04-23 Collure John Brenan Honor Nr
1862-09-21 Comeford William Keatingue Elizabeth Graigue
1896-08-17 Comerford Michael Mo Ran Mary Leaugh
1866-10-22 Comerford Timothy Fenelon Margaret Springhill
1824-10-08 Comford James Roony Catherine Nr
1902-06-09 Condren Owen Hutchinson Ellen Coorlane
1865-02-25 Condron Martin Putlock Catherine Ardategle
1850-11-22 Conelly John Kelly Bridget Coolnariska
1859-11-08 Conelly Michael Lowry Elizabeth 8alahide
1856-04-01 Conelly William Cox Mary Il
1848-10-21 Connelly James Brennan Agnes Nr
1835-08-12 Connelly John Neil Catherine Nr
1845-09-22 Connelly Michael Brennan Mary Coolnaiske
1852-01-19 Connelly Michael English Mary Nr
1886-02-28 Connelly Peter Brennan Elizabeth Coolnariska
1857-09-01 Conners Thomas Downs Maragret Graigue
1848-10-21 Connolly James Brennan Agnes Ballyhide
1882-01-25 Connolly John Houghey Sarah Keelogue
1882-01-25 Connolly John Houghey Sarah Kelouge
1882-09-10 Connolly John Kavanagh Marian Coorlane
1904-06-27 Connolly Michael Il Margaret The Numbers
1853-08-18 Connolly Patrick Bruder Catherine Old Derrig
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