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Memorial Inscriptions

  • Catholic Churchyard, Grange, Tullow, Co. Carlow, IRL.

  • [worn and faded slate stone difficult to read.]
    This monument has been erected by Mrs. Green of Tullow
    in memory of her dearly beloved husband
    Mathew Green who depd this life July 11, 18[45 or 65] aged 57 years.
    Also of her dear child [Maria? or Martin?]
    who died March 1, 18[45?] in the eleventh year of [his/her] age.
    Also the above Mrs. Green depd this life May 30, 1871, aged 62 years
    Erected by Patrick Bolger of Dowings
    in memory of his beloved wife Mary Bolger
    who departed this life in the 5th of July 1855 aged 65 years
    Also his beloved son Thomas Bolger
    Died on the 22th day of July 1857 aged 41 years
    Also his son Patrick Bolger
    Who departed this life February 18th 1863 aged 31
    Erected by Edward Boulger, Tullow
    In memory of his wife Margaret Boulger
    Who depd this life Decbr the 20th 1869 aged 57 years
    Also his father Patrick Boulger
    who depd this life Decbr the 15th 1870 aged 90 yrs
    and his 2 children James and Fanny who died young
    Edward Boulger died Febry 6th 1886 aged 72 years
    His Daughters Mary Annie and Margaret Lucy
    Also Mary Anne Boulger, Tullow
    and Marcella Margaret Boulger aged 18 years
    Kate Boulger, Tullow, died 1934
    Dr. Oliver Henry Bolger died 5th of May 2001 aged 91 years
    (next stone)
    Elizabeth Boulger, Tullow
    In memory of her husband John Boulger
    Who departed this life July the 8th, 1870 aged __ years
    Thomas Bolger [_____?] died 1938
    Also his wife Marcella, died 1934
    Erected by James Bolger of Downings
    In Memory of his father James Bolger
    Who died 11 Jan 1864 aged 96 years
    Also his mother Mary Bolger
    Who died 10 jan 1860 aged 82 years
    And his brother Thomas who died young
    Erected by Mr. M___ Bolger
    In the memory of Mrs. Mary Boulger
    Who depd this life May 9, 1868 aged 78 years
    Erected by Mary Fenlon
    In memory of her husband James Fenlon
    Who died 18th Jan [_?__] aged [__?] years
    Erected to the Memory of John Bolger, Rathbrawn
    Who died 26th July 1916
    Aged 61 years
    Also his wife Elizabeth Bolger
    Who died 13th February 1937
    Aged 83 years
    Also their son Thomas Bolger
    Who Died 11th March 1953
    Aged 63 years
    And his wife Elizabeth
    Died 22nd Nov 1963 aged 81 years
    In Loving Memory of Joseph Aughney
    Barrack St. Tullow
    Died Jan 29, 1985, aged 69 years
    His parents
    James, Bridge St., Died June 22, 1929 aged 77 years
    And Mary, died June 26, 1947 aged 77 years
    Also his wife Eilish Aughney
    Died Sept 19, 1988, aged 86 years
    Erected by Joseph Bolger, Tullow
    In Loving Memory of his Father Joseph Bolger
    Who died 5 May 1871 aged 81 years
    Also his mother Mary Bolger
    Who Died 20 May 1872 aged 82 years
    And also his brother Michael
    Who died 12 Sept. 1872 aged 48 years

    Source: Sue Clement

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