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1901 Census

Hacketstown Co. Carlow

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The 1901 Census film references for Hacketstown Civil Parish

National Library of Ireland : DED 1-2 ; Public Records Office Northern Ireland : MFGS 3/1 
Latter Day Saints Library : 812107

Source: Terry Curran

Head of Household :
Surname & Name
Head of Household :
Surname & Name
Byrne Bridget Ballysallagh, Lower   Jordan Andrew Water lane, Hacketstown
Ellis Thomas Ballysallagh, Lower   Jordan John Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Kealy Anne Ballysallagh, Lower   Kavanagh Andrew Slate Rowe, Hacketstown
Kealy Michael Ballysallagh, Lower   Kavanagh James Rathnagrew, Upper
Kenny Eliza Ballysallagh, Lower   Kavanagh John Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Martin James Ballysallagh, Lower   Kavanagh John Rathnagrew, Lower
Murphy Peter Ballysallagh, Lower   Kavanagh Simon Rathnagrew, Upper
Pollard James Ballysallagh, Lower   Kealy Edward Ballysallagh, Upper
Russell James Ballysallagh, Lower   Kealy Eliza Bridge Lane, Hacketstown
Toole Anne Ballysallagh, Lower   Kealy James P. Main street, Hacketstown
Bank John W. Hacketstown, Lower   Kealy Patrick Mill lane, Hacketstown
Barrett James Mill lane, Hacketstown   Kearney John Ballyedmond
Barry Anne Tombeagh   Keating James Porchavodda
Barry Julia Tombeagh   Keefe John Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Barry Mary Tombeagh   Kehoe Bridget Water lane, Hacketstown
Barry Michael Tombeagh   Kehoe John Water lane, Hacketstown
Bennett Patrick Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Kehoe Michael Rathnafishogue
Black John Main street, Hacketstown   Kelly Edward Tombeagh
Boyle John Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Kelly James Rathnafishogue
Bradish John H. Hacketstown, Lower   Kelly John Mill lane, Hacketstown
Brennan James Tombeagh   Kelly Julia Ballysallagh, Upper
Brennan John Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Kelly Mary Ballyedmond
Brennan Laurence Constablehill   Kelly Michael Ballyedmond
Brennan Michael Eaglehill lane   Kelly Richard Main street, Hacketstown
Brennan Michael Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Kempson John Eaglehill lane
Brennan Michael Tombeagh   Kennedy Matthew Rathnagrew, Upper
Brien James Constablehill   Kennedy Patrick Ballysallagh, Upper
Brien John Hacketstown, Lower   Kenny Elizabeth Kilmacart
Brien Margaret Pennyhill, Hacketstown   Kenny James Kilmacart
Brien Patrick Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Kenny John Slate Rowe, Hacketstown
Bulmer Thomas Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Kenny Thomas Slate Rowe, Hacketstown
Byrne Anne Eaglehill lane   King Matthew Eaglehill
Byrne Anne Slate Rowe, Hacketstown   Kirvan Jane Bridge Lane, Hacketstown
Byrne Anne Water lane, Hacketstown   Lalor Catherine Mill lane, Hacketstown
Byrne Bridget Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Lalor Elizabeth Eaglehill lane
Byrne Charles Constablehill   Lalor John Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Byrne Cornelius Borough   Lambe Lydia Main street, Hacketstown
Byrne Henry Ballyedmond   Lennon Hugh Ballyedmond
Byrne Hugh Blindownes   Lowe Michael Slate Rowe, Hacketstown
Byrne James Blindownes   Lyons Bridget Kilmacart
Byrne James Pound lane, Hacketstown   Lyons John Balykillane
Byrne John Water lane, Hacketstown   Lyons Laurence Brownbog
Byrne Kate Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Maher Margaret Bridge Lane, Hacketstown
Byrne Laurence Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   McArdle John Tombeagh
Byrne Laurence Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   McCabe John Scotland lane, Hacketstown
Byrne Margaret Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   McDonnell Edward Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Byrne Margaret Main street, Hacketstown   McDonnell Michcael Rathnagrew, Upper
Byrne Martin Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   McDonnell Patrick Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Byrne Michael Kilmacart   McGrath Patrick Brownbog
Byrne Peter Rathnafishogue   Mernagh James Rathnagrew, Lower
Byrne Sarah Constablehill   Merner Anne Ballysallagh, Upper
Byrne Sarah Slate Rowe, Hacketstown   Mitchell Robert Tombeagh
Byrne Thomas Blindownes   Monahan Thomas, Rev. Main street, Hacketstown
Byrne William Water lane, Hacketstown   Moran David Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Callaghan Christopher Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Murphy James Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Cardif Margaret Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Murphy Margaret Rathnagrew, Lower
Carty Michael Monastill   Murphy Mary Main street, Hacketstown
Codd John Ballysallagh, Upper   Murphy Maryanne Rathnagrew, Upper
Codd William Rathnagrew, Lower   Murphy Patrick Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Coleman Edward Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Murphy William Ballykillane
Connors Daniel Rathnagrew, Upper   Murray Patrick Ballysallagh, Upper
Connors Lawrence Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Neill Denis Mill lane, Hacketstown
Connors Thomas P. Rathnagrew, Lower   Neill Jane Rathnagrew, Lower
Conors Laurence Mill lane, Hacketstown   Neill Margaret Ballyedmond
Cooper John Main street, Hacketstown   Neill Patrick Pound lane, Hacketstown
Costelloe Anne Pennyhill, Hacketstown   Neill Susan Ballysallagh, Upper
Cullen Margaret Ballyedmond   Neill Timothy Ballyedmond
Cullen Patrick Main street, Hacketstown   Neill William Kilmacart
Cummins Catherine Tombeagh   Neill William Mill lane, Hacketstown
Currie Mary Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Nolan Mary Drumguin
Cusack Edward Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   O'Gorman Patrick Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Dalton James : Sergt. R.I.C. Eaglehill lane   O'Neill James Kilconnaught
Dalton John Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   O'Neill Johanna Porchavodda
Dalton John Mill lane, Hacketstown   O'Neill Sarah Main street, Hacketstown
Dalton John Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   O'Reilly Garrett Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Dalton Thomas Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   O'Toole Nicholas Scotland
Darcy Edward Main street, Hacketstown   O'Toole Peter Rathnagrew, Lower
Darcy Margaret Borough   Pigot Eliza Slate Rowe, Hacketstown
Delaney Patrick Main street, Hacketstown   Plummer William Kilmacart
Dempsey James Mill lane, Hacketstown   Pollard Anne Tombeagh
Dempsey Patrick Eaglehill lane   Pollard Henry Tombeagh
Dempsey Thomas Main street, Hacketstown   Pollard John Drumguin
Doran Daniel Water lane, Hacketstown   Pollard John Tombeagh
Doran Myles Mill lane, Hacketstown   Pollard Michael Borough
Dowling James Drumguin   Pollard Thomas Constablehill
Downes Eliza Water lane, Hacketstown   Pryce John Monastill
Downes Eliza Water lane, Hacketstown   Quigley James Curragh
Doyle Bridget Scotland lane, Hacketstown   Reilly Anne Bridge Lane, Hacketstown
Doyle Daniel Main street, Hacketstown   Reilly Elizabeth Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Doyle Eliza Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Reilly James Hacketstown, Lower
Doyle James Ballysallagh, Upper   Reilly Thomas Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Doyle James Mill lane, Hacketstown   Roach Matthew Bridge Lane, Hacketstown
Doyle Patrick Constablehill   Rooney Mary Constablehill
Doyle Patrick Rathnagrew, Lower   Rooney Patrick Constablehill
Doyle Simon Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Ryan Michael Main street, Hacketstown
Doyle Thomas Brownbog   Scott Margaret Constablehill
Doyle Thomas Monastill   Scott Thomas Ballysallagh, Upper
Dunne Edward Porchavodda   Scott William Water lane, Hacketstown
Dyland Catherine Pound lane, Hacketstown   Shannon James Scotland
Dyland William Main street, Hacketstown   Shannon Mary Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Ellis Robert Hacketstown, Lower   Shannon Thomas Water lane, Hacketstown
Fallon Anne Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Sinnot Lucy Ballysallagh, Upper
Fallon John Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Smith William Mill lane, Hacketstown
Fenlon Kate Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Smithers Patrick Bridge Lane, Hacketstown
Flynn George Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Sunderland Margaret Rathnafishogue
Flynn Thomas Slate Rowe, Hacketstown   Tallon John Rathnagrew, Lower
Gartland Bernart Joe Mill lane, Hacketstown   Thorpe Benjamin Tombeagh
Gibbon Edward Rathnagrew, Upper   Tierney Eliza Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Gilchriest Jane Rathnagrew, Lower   Toole Anne Borough
Goss James Rathnagrew, Upper   Toole Luke Ballysallagh, Upper
Goss John Tombeagh   Toole Silvester Hacketstown, Lower
Goucher William Rathnagrew, Lower   Walsh Margaret Constablehill
Goulden James Main street, Hacketstown   Ward James Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Hannon John Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Whelan Bridget Rathnagrew, Upper
Hannon Joseph Pennyhill, Hacketstown   Whelan Denis Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Harmon Thomas Porchavodda   Whelan Edward Constablehill
Harris Thomas Ballykillane   Whelan James Rathnagrew, Upper
Hatton John Main street, Hacketstown   Whelan John Ballysallagh, Upper
Hayden charles Kilconaught   Whelan John Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Hill James Scotland   Whelan John Rathnagrew, Upper
Hinch Jane Water lane, Hacketstown   Whelan Patrick Rathnafishogue
Hodgins Richard Hacketstown, Lower   Whelan William Moffetts lane, Hacketstown
Hore John Balykillane   White William Porchavodda
Howard John Bridge Lane, Hacketstown   Williams Peter Main street, Hacketstown
Howard Laurence Slate Rowe, Hacketstown   Willoughby John Eaglehill lane
Hughes Mary Moffetts lane, Hacketstown   Willoughby Richard Scotland lane, Hacketstown
Humphreys John Ballysallagh, Upper   Willoughby Samuel Pennyhill, Hacketstown
Jones William Empson Woodside   Willoughby William Mill lane, Hacketstown
      Wilson Jane Rathnafishogue

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