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 Memorial Inscriptions

Hacketstown Cemetery

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Bennett,  Bridget,  d. 20 Dec 1952, age: 84yr,  Wife of Patrick
Bennett,  Bridget,  d. 20 Sep 1988,  Hacketstown
Bennett,  Edward, d. 16 Jul 1958, age: 59yr,  Son of Bridget and Patrick
Bennett,  Patrick,  d. 27 Dec 1961, age: 93yr,  Husband of Bridget
Bennett,  Patrick,  d. 27 Jan 1975,  Hacketstown
Blake, Timothy 'Teddy',  b. 17 Mar 1963, d. 26 May 1984,  Brother of Joe
Boland,  Thomas,  d. 7 May 1989, age: 74yr,  Husband of Kathleen, Hacketstown
Bolger,  James,  d. 3 Sep 1996, age: 95yr,  Husband of Rose, Hacketstown
Bolger,  Rose,  d. 17 Nov 1982, age: 78yr,  Wife of James, Hacketstown
Bolland,  Kathleen,  d. 17 Sep 1989, age: 74yr,  Husband of Thomas, Hacketstown
Boylan,  Gretta M.,  d. 16 Jan 1980,  Sister of Very Rev. Patrick J
Boylan, Very Rev. Patrick J., d. 14 May 1982,  Brother of Gretta M, P.P. of Hacketstown from 1963 --1981-
Byrne,  Laurence B.,  d. 21 Aug 1950, age: 14yr,  Son of Bridget and Michael, Borklemore
Cartland,  Annie,  d. 14 Jul 1969, age: 78yr,  Wife of Matthew J., Ballybrack
Cartland,  Matthew J.,  d. 15 Jul 1951,  Husband of Annie, Ballybrack
Coleman,  James,  d. ?  Hacketstown
Connolly,  Thomas F.,  d. 20 Aug 1962,  Hacketstown
Copeland, Christopher,  d. 3 Nov 1970, age: 59yr,  Son in law of Bridget and Patrick Bennett
Copeland,  Julia,  d. 6 Mar 1984,  Wife of Christopher
Deering,  Daniel P.,  b. 4 Jul 1905, d. 8 Jun 1982,  Father of John Gerard, Hacketstown
Deering,  John Gerard,  b. 18 Feb 1960, d. 1 Dec 1987,  Son of John Gerard, Hacketstown
Doran, Julia,  d. 22 Jan 1963,  Wife of Martin, Bortlebeg
Doran, Martin,  d. 29 Nov 1961,  Husband of Julia, Bortlebeg
Dowling, Elizabeth,  d. 5 May 1989, age: 67yr,  Wife of James, Constable Hill, Hacketstown
Dowling,  James, d. 5 Mar 1996, age: 82yr,  Husband of Elizabeth, Constable Hill, Hacketstown
Dowling,  Noel,  d. 22 Feb 1957, age: 3yr,  Son of Elizabeth and James, Constable Hill, Hacketstown
Doyle,  Ellie,  d. 11 Dec 1992,  Daughter in law of Mary and James, Hacketstown
Doyle,  James,  d. 15 Aug 1958, age: 84yr,  Husband of Mary,Hacketstown
Doyle,  James,  d. 6 May 1997,  Son of Mary and James,Hacketstown
Doyle,  Mary,  d. 24 Jul 1956, age: 77yr,  Wife of James, Water St, Hacketstown
Doyle,  Patrick,  d. 29 Aug 1975, age: 83yr,  Uncle of Michael Kenny, Hacketstown
Duffy,  Bridget,  d. 1 Jan 1964, age: 35yr,  Daughter of Patrick and Marcella, Dundrum
Duffy,  John,  d. 15 Feb 1962, age: 67yr,  Husband of Nora, Hacketstown
Duffy,  Marcella,  d. 4 Sep 1979, age: 85yr,  Wife of Patrick, Dundrum
Duffy,  Martin,  d. 1 Jul 1993,  Son of John and Nora
Duffy,  Nora,  d. 24 Sep 1984, age: 83yr,  Wife of John, Hacketstown
Duffy,  Patrick,  d. 20 Aug 1965, age: 78yr,  Husband of Marcella, Dundrum
Finnegan,  Marge (Howard),  d. 2 May 1995,  Daughter of Margaret and Michael, Hacketstown
Fitzgerald,  John,  d. 14 Jun 1987, age: 58yr, Hacketstown
Gartland,  Nicholas,  d. 31 Dec. 2000,  Husband of Maura
Harmon,  John,  d. 2 Mar 1970,  Porchavadda
Hill,  Bridget,  d 19 Jul 1973, age: 79yr,  Wife of James, Hacketstown
Hill,  James Agustine,  d. 1942, age: 19yr,  Son of James and Bridget, Hacketstown., Interred in Limerick. Cemetery
Hill,  James,  d. 10 Mar 1968,  Husband of Bridget, Hacketstown
Hill,  Michael,  d. 22 Nov 1993, age: 66yr,  Son of James and Bridget, Hacketstown
Hill,  Patrick,  d 1935, age: 13 Mths. yr,  Son of James and Bridget, Hacketstown
Howard,  Annie,  d. 13 Mar 1964,  Died in Dublin, age: 67yr, Daughter of Margaret and Michael, Slate Row, Hacketstown
Howard,  Margaret,  d. 20 Nov 1957, age: 64yr,  Wife of Michael, Slate Row, Hacketstown
Howard,  Michael,  d. 25 Nov 1941, age: 61yr,  Husband of Margaret, Slate Row, Hacketstown., Interred in Kilavaney.
Howard,  Patrick,  d. 13 Sep 1976, Died in England, age: 50yr,  Son of Margaret and Michael, Slate Row, Hacketstown
Kelly,  Charles,  d. 22 Oct 1969,  Brother of Ellen,John and Michael, Eaglehill
Kelly,  Ellen,  d. 20 Dec 1958,  Sister of John,Michael and Charles, Eaglehill
Kelly,  John,  d. 17 Jul 1965,  Brother of Ellen, Michael and Charles, Eaglehill
Kelly,  Michael,  d. 29 Jun 1968,  Brother of Ellen, John and Charles, Eaglehill
Kennedy,  James,  d. 7 Jun 1994,  Ballasalla
Kenny,  Henry,  d. 24 Feb 1974, age: 51yr,  Son of Julia and Henry, Hacketstown
Kenny,  Henry,  d. 7 Jul 1962, age: 75yr,  Husband of Julia, Hacketstown
Kenny,  Janet,  d. 11 Apr 1994, age: 21yr,  Daughter of Maureen, Rathnafishogue
Kenny,  John,  d. 16 Jan 1995, age: 77yr,  Son of Julia and Henry, Hacketstown
Kenny,  Julia,  d. 23 Jul 1960, age: 65yr,  Wife of Henry, Hacketstown
Kenny,  Maureen,  d. 5 May 1966, age: 50yr,  Mother of Janet., Rathnafishogue
Kenny,  Michael,  d. 7 Jun 1952, age: 17yr,  Son of Julia and Henry, Hacketstown
Lyons,  Edward,  d. 30 Jun 1986,  Husband of Mary Bridget, Ballykillane
Lyons,  Mary Bridget,  d. 13 Mar 1978,  Wife of Edward, Ballykillane
Murphy,  Eileen,  d. 30 Oct 1998, age: 75yr,  Wife of Patrick, Ballasalla
Murphy,  Patrick,  d. 5 Jan 1983, age: 71yr,  Husband of Eileen, Ballasalla
Nolan,  Bridget,  d. 15 Dec 1976, age: 60yr,  Sister of Len and John, Hacketstown
Nolan,  Bridget,  d. 20 Jan 1992,  Wife of Patrick., Coolmanagh
Nolan,  Christina,  d. 5 Feb 1982, age: 35yr,  Daughter of Patrick and Bridget, Coolmanagh
Nolan,  John,  d. 13 Oct 1988, age: 80yr,  Brother of Bridget and Len., Hacketstown
Nolan,  Len,  d. 30 Apr 1979, age: 70yr,  Brother of Bridget and John, Hacketstown
Nolan,  Patrick,  d. 9 May 1979, age: 75yr,  Husband of Bridget, Coolmanagh
O'Brien,  Catherine,  d. 27 Apr 1955, age: 80yr,  Wife of Charles, Borkle
O'Brien,  Charles Anthony.,  d. 1 Jul 1945,  Son of Julia and James, Borkle
O'Brien,  Charles,  d. 18 May 1913, age: 52yr,  Husband of Catherine, Borkle
O'Brien,  James,  d 19 May 1992, age: 82yr,  Husband of Julia, Borkle
O'Brien,  Julia,  d. 15 May 1967, age: 57yr,  Daughter in law of Charles and Catherine, Borkle
O'Brien,  Rose,  d. 25 Feb 1918, age: 12yr,  Daughter of Charles and Rose, Borkle
O'Reilly,  Daniel,  d. 15 Feb 1984, age: 87yr,  Husband of Elizabeth, Kiltegan
O'Reilly,  Elizabeth,  d 19 Apr 1974, age: 84yr,  Wife of Donal, Kiltegan
O'Toole,  Ellen,  d. 23 Mar 1992,  Wife of John, Penny Hill
O'Toole,  John,  d. 29 Sep 1976,  Husband of Ellen, Penny Hill
O'Toole,  John d. 8 Apr 1981, age: 74yr,  Hacketstown
Pollard,  Annie,  d. 13 Nov 1984, age: 83yr,  Sister of Edward, Ballasalla
Pollard,  Edward,  d. 30 Sep 1952, age: 64yr,  Brother of Annie, Ballasalla
Roach,  Elizabeth,  d. 3 May 1990, age: 77yr,  Wife of John, Ballyedmond
Roach,  John,  d. 15 Jun 1969, age: 69yr,  Husband of Elizabeth, Ballyedmond
Roach,  Mary,  d 19 Feb 1996, age: 38yr,  Daughter in law of John and Mary, Ballyedmond
Rooney,  Kathleen,  d. 7 Apr 1986, age: 66yr,  Wife of Luke, Eaglehill
Rooney,  Luke,  d. 22 Jul 1943, age: 70yr,  Husband of Kathleen, Eaglehill
Scully,  Bridget,  d. 7 Mar 1995, age: 94yr,  Hacketstown
Scully,  James,  d. 13 Apr 1959, age: 65yr,  Hacketstown,
Shannon,  Annie,  d. 25 Aug 1963, age: 65yr,  Wife of John, Rathnafishogue
Shannon,  James J.,  d. 2 Oct 1957, age: 65yr,  Husband of Margaret M., Scotland, Hacketstown
Shannon,  John Joseph.,  d. 9 Sep 1996, age: 45yr,  Son of James J., Scotland, Hacketstown
Shannon,  John,  d. 29 Apr 1967, age: 70 yr, Husband of Annie
Shannon,  Julia Frances,  d 19 Sep 1963, age: 75yr,  Sister of James J., Scotland, Hacketstown
Shannon,  Margaret M.,  d 19 Feb 1998, age: 88yr,  Wife of James J., Scotland, Hacketstown
Shannon,  Marianne J.,  d. 23 Oct 1976, age: 86yr,  Sister of James J., Scotland, Hacketstown
Walsh,  Margaret,  d. 21 Jun 1919, Age 83,  Wife of Jack, 16 The Green, Hacketstown

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