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 Memorial Inscriptions

Haroldstown Cemetery

Inscriptions From Haroldstown Cemetery

These records were transcribed by Emma McGrath which appear as an appendix in a book called 'One Hundred Years Too Soon - Hacketstown & 1798' by Robert Duffy  (Hacketstown Area Community Council, 1998).

On the Carlow road, not far from Haroldstown Dolmen, there is a little cemetery hidden behind an overgrown wall. Coming from Hacketstown, it is on the right hand side, about two hundred yards after a junction signposted for Clonmore and about three hundred yards before the dolmen. The following inscriptions taken from Haroldstown Cemetery were compiled by Emma McGrath:

Abbey: Catherine Abbey, Haroldstown died 27th January 1958 aged 78 years. Michael Abbey died 6th February 1924 aged 54 years. Their daughter Nan Morrissey died 19th September 1944 aged 27 years.

Abbey: Patrick Abbey, Tobinstown died 3rd November 1972 aged 53 years.

Byrne: Erected by daughter Anastatia and son-in-law Thomas Keane Statia Byrne, Milltown died 17th March 1951 aged 39 years. Her husband James Byrne died 21st April 1976 aged 80 years.

Curran: Michael Curran, Ballykilduff died 10th January 1960 aged 79 years His wife Mary Curran died 5th March 1966 aged 74 years. Their daughter Mary Kehoe died 7th June 1956 aged 27 years. Their son Peter died 18th April 1972, aged SO years, Their son Michael died 30th January 1965 aged 50 years.

Doyle: William Doyle, Ballykilduff died 2nd March 1935 aged 60 years. His son Michael Doyle died 27th June 1950 aged 62 years. His son PatricK Doyle died 27th May 1959 aged 63 years. His daughter Mary Doyte died 21sl Feb 1972 aged 79 years. His daughter Margaret Doyte died 29th November 1964 aged 85 years,

Doyle: Erected by John Doyle Ballykilduff, in memory of his son Bill Doyle who died 29th March 1861 aged 35 years,

Hickey. Erected by Joseph Hickey, the Duffrey. His wife Catherine Hickey died 7th September 1949 aged 51 years. The above Joseph Hickey died 9th March 1972 aged 77 years.

Kearney: Erecied by Michael Kearney.

His father John Kearney died 12th March 1862 aged 65 years. His grandmother Margaret Kearney died 1640 aged 66 years. His sister Margaret Kearney died 1842 aged 16 years.

Kissanne: Erected by Anne Kissanne, Monastill. Her husband Timothy Kissanne died 1st June 1912 aged 72 years. The above Anne Kissanne died 29lh October 1923 aged 80 years.

Murphy: Erected by Patrick Murphy for his father, Patrick Murphy who died 3rd February 1885 aged 63 years.

Neil: Erected by Michael Neil, Coolmanagh.

His son Patrick Neil died 14th March 1852 aged 21 years.

Scott: Brigid Scott, Ballysallagh died 30th Nov 1918 aged 45 years. Her brother-in-law Thomas Scott died 25th March 1929 aged 55 years. Her husband Francis Scott died 25th March 1946 aged 80 years, Mary Scott died 6th June 1990 aged 81 years.

Scott: Erected by Mary Scott, Ballysallagh in the memory of her husband Thomas Scott who died 10th July 1916 aged 87 years. Their son Michael Scott, 105 Marlborough Street, Dublin died 7th July 1920 aged 35 years. The above Mary Scott died 10th February 1925. Her daughter Anne Scott died 28th May 1937 aged 57 years. Her other daughter Margaret Scott died 28th August 1953 aged 78 years.

Scott: Catherine Scott, Hacketstown, died 3rd August 1907 aged 62 years. William Scott died 16th January 1927 aged 87 years. Their daughter Margaret Scott died 13th November 1952 aged 77 years.

Source: Turtle Bunbury 2012

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