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High Sheriffs of County Carlow

1583 - 1920

High Sheriffs of County Carlow

The High Sheriff of Carlow was the British Crown's judicial representative in County Carlow, Ireland from the 16th century until 1922, when the office was abolished in the new Free State and replaced by the office of Carlow County Sheriff. The sheriff had judicial, electoral, ceremonial and administrative functions and executed High Court Writs. In 1908, an Order in Council made the Lord-Lieutenant the Sovereign's prime representative in a county and reduced the High Sheriff's precedence. However the sheriff retained his responsibilities for the preservation of law and order in the county.
The usual procedure for appointing the sheriff from 1660 onwards was that three persons were nominated at the beginning of each year from the county and the Lord Lieutenant then appointed his choice as High Sheriff for the remainder of the year. Often the other nominees were appointed as under-sheriffs. Sometimes a sheriff did not fulfil his entire term through death or other event and another sheriff was then appointed for the remainder of the year. The dates given hereunder are the dates of appointment.
Elizabeth I (1558-1603 AD) 
1583: George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes
James I 1603 - 1625 
1612: Sir Thomas Butler, 1st Baronet of Cloughgrenan
1622: Sir Thomas Butler, 1st Baronet of Cloughgrenan
Charles I 1625 - 1649 
1650: Henry Prittie
Charles II 1660 - 1685 
1662: Thomas Burdett of Dunmore
1670: Sir Thomas Butler, 3rd Baronet
James II 1685 - 1688 
1686: William Brereton
William III 1688 - 1702 and Queen Mary II 1688 - 1694 
1691: Sir Thomas Butler, 3rd Baronet
1701: Sir Thomas Burdett, 1st Baronet of Garryhill
Queen Anne 1702 - 1714 
1706: George Brereton
King George I 1714 - 1727 
1724: Samuel Burton
King George II 1727 - 1760 
1730: Robert Burton
1737: William Brereton
1751: George Brereton
1754: Ralph Howard, 1st Viscount Wicklow
1760: Benjamin Burton
George III, 17601820
1770: Clement Wolseley
1775: Benjamin Burton Doyne
1794: William Browne
1800: Edward Eustace of Castlemore
1802: John Bennett
1803: Henry Colclough
1810: Benjamin Disraeli of Bettyville House, Carlow (uncle of British PM)
1813: James Eustace of Castlemore
1813: Beauchamp Colclough
1816: Benjamin Burton
1818: Sir Thomas Butler, 8th Baronet
1819: John Dawson Duckett
George IV, 18201830
1820: Sir Charles Burton, 3rd Baronet
1821: William Richard Steuart
1822: William Fitzwilliam Burton
1824: John Alexander, jnr. of Milford
1825: William Duckett
William IV, 18301837
1835: James Hardy Eustace of Hardymount and Castlemore
1836: Sir Richard Pierce Butler, 9th Baronet
Victoria, 18371901
1838: John George Brabazon Ponsonby, 5th Earl of Bessborough
1840: Horace William Noel Rochfort, of Clogrenane
1842: Hon. Somerset Richard Maxwell of Mountnugent
1844: Sir Robert Joshua Paul, 3rd Baronet of Paulville, Ballyglan
1845: Robert Stephen Doyne
1849: William Fitzwilliam Burton
1850: Beauchamp Bartholomew Newton
1851: Charles William Cuffe Burton, 5th Baronet
1852: Sir Clement Wolseley, 5th Baronet of Mount Wolseley
1853: Henry Bruen
1854: William Duckett
1856: John Newton
1857: Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh, The MacMorrough
1859: William Clayton Browne-Clayton
1861: Sir John Richard Wolseley, 6th Baronet, of Castletown
1862: Hardy Eustace of Castlemore and Hardymount
1866: Sir Thomas Pierce Butler, 10th Baronet
1868: Robert Westley Hall-Dare
1869: Philip Charles Newton
1873: Steuart James Charles Duckett
1874: James Eustace of Newstown
1875: Charles Mervyn Doyne
1875: Peter George FitzGerald, 1st Baronet
1876: Thomas Kane McClintock-Bunbury, 2nd Baron Rathdonnell
1878: James Walter Milles Stopford, 6th Earl of Courtown
1879: Charles Edward Henry Duckett-Steuart
1880: John William McClintock-Bunbury
1886: Henry Bruen
1891: John Alexander of Milford House
1895: John James Hardy Rowland Eustace-Duckett of Castlemore and Hardymount
1896: Robert Westley Hall-Dare
1898: Edward Ponsonby, 8th Earl of Bessborough
1899: Thomas Herbert Robertson
1900: John Bonham
Edward VII, 19011910
1902: Dermot Henry Doyne
1904: Henry Philip Newton
1905: Sir Richard Pierce Butler, 11th Baronet
1909: Thomas Leopold McClintock-Bunbury, 3rd Baron Rathdonnell
1910: William Fitzwilliam Burton
George V 19101936
1911: Walter Henry Mountiford Westropp-Dawson
1920: Charles Richard Butler

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