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Killeshin Headstones

Holy Cross Graveyard, Killeshin

(Older Section)

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The Holy Cross Graveyard, Killeshin

Holy Cross Graveyard showing headstone numbers.

1. Brennan.   In loving memory of Owen Brennan, Ballickmoyler Rd., died 22nd. Sept. 1957, aged 70 years. Also his wife Annie Brennan died 25th June 1973, aged 86 years. Also their nephew Francis Nolan died 2nd Dec. 1992 aged 68 years. R.I.P.

47(B). Kehoe. Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  In memory of James Kehoe who departed this life 13th April 1846 aged 86 years. His wife Margaret died 16th April 1847 aged 89 years. His son Patrick who died 29th March 1847 aged 51 years and his son John who died 20th Nov. aged 47 years. James Kehoe died 28th Sept. 1878. Laurence Kehoe died 18th June 1888 aged 85 years.

48. Farrell.   Erected by James Farrell of Keelogue in memory of his mother Margaret Farrell who dept. this life 20th. March 1830 aged 70 years.

49(A). Brennan. Erected by John Brennan of Coolnariska in memory of his beloved father Darby Brennan who died Jan. 24th. 1835 aged 72. Also his mother Margaret Brennan,  alias Dolan died Sept. 10th 1818 aged 40 yrs. Also two of his children, Mary & John who died young, his wife Elizabeth Brennan who died 13th. June 1886 aged 84 years and his son Patrick Brennan died 21st. October 1897 aged 53 yrs.

49{B). Brennan   Erected by Liam Brennan, Coolnariska in memory of his mother, Annie Brennan died 3rd. May 1962 aged 61 years. Also his father William died 7th. Jan. 1963 aged 78 yrs.

50. Brennan.   Beneath this tomb lieth the remains of Mrs Annie Brennan of Ballyharmon who dept. this life on the 2nd day of February 1842 aged 74 years. Also of her beloved husband Denis Brennan who dept. this life Dec. 1846 aged 72 years. Also their son John Brennan who dept. this life on the 15th Oct. 1871 aged 71 years.

2. Proctor. In loving memory of Patrick Proctor who died 31st January 1969 aged 78 years. Also his wife Ellen Proctor who died 9th October 1972 aged 86 years. R.I.P.

3. Proctor.   In loving memory of Patrick Proctor, Raheendoran, died 31st July 1975 aged 65 yrs. Also his wife Bridget, died 8th October 1980 aged 71 yrs. R.I.P.

4. Culleton.   In loving memory of Patrick Culleton, died 22nd April 1939 aged 73 years. Also his niece Mrs. Annie Scully, died 19th March 1950 aged 49 years, and her husband Patrick Scully, died 23rd Nov. 1961 aged 85 years.

5. Fender.   "Thy Will Be Done." Erected by Thomas Fender, Springhill in memory of his wife Margaret, who died 30th January 1933 aged 55 years. The above Thomas Fender died October 1944 aged 81 years.  R.I.P.

6. Conway.   In memory of Bridget Conway of Coolnariska, died 27th Feb. 1933 aged 68 years. Her husband Patrick died 14th Dec. 1933 aged 79 years. Also their son James died 16th May 1970 aged 70 years. Their son Tom died Aug. 8th 1986 aged 79 yrs.  R.I.P. Their daughter-in-law Sarah died 5th May 1991 aged 89 yrs.

7. Kelly.   Erected by Mollie and Martin Kelly in memory of Mrs. Bridget Doyle, Rossmore, died 6th Nov. 1960 aged 84 yrs and her sister Lizzie Brennan died 12th April 1935 aged 55. Also the above Martin died Dec. 1992 aged 72.

8. Whelan.   In loving memory of Michael Whelan, Coolane died 13th Jan. 1929 aged 84 years. His wife Catherine, died 27th October 1939 aged 95 years. Their son Michael Whelan, died 6th Jan. 1969 aged 80 yrs. His wife Dora died 8th April 1958 aged 66 years. Their daughter Mary died 2nd Aug. 1948 aged 33 yrs. And two of their children John and Josephine who died young. My Jesus Mercy.

9. Doyle.   In loving memory of James Doyle, Springhill died 3rd Nov. 1949 aged 82 years, and his wife Sarah died 2nd October 1966 aged 84 years.

10. Kelly.   In memory of Patrick Kelly, Brownshill Road, Carlow, died Mar. 20th 1932. His wife Bridget died October 24th 1938. R.I.P

11(A). Slater. (1) In loving memory of Elizabeth Slater, 11 St. Fiac's Tee., died 24th Dec. 1989. R.I.P.

11(B). O'Hanrahan   In loving memory of Mary O'Hanrahan (nee Doyle) 16 Montgomery Street, died 15th Dec. 1973 aged 57 years. R.I.P.

12. Purcell.   Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Michael Purcell, Kennedy Street, Carlow died Feb. 4th 1982 aged 76 years, also his wife Esther died October 8th 1987 aged 82 years.  R.I.P. Jesus Mary I love you. Save souls.

14. O'Regan.   My Jesus mercy. In loving memory of James O'Regan, Keelogue died 2nd Jan. 1981 aged 92 years. Also his wife Mary O'Regan, died 13th April 1984 aged 88 yrs.

15.  McWey.   In loving memory of Mathias McWey, Grange, Mageney, died 11th March 1926 aged 76 years. And his wife Aileen McWey, died 7th Aug. 1935 aged 68 years. Their son Thomas died 23rd Dec. 1991 aged 82 yrs. R.I.P.

16.  Purcell.   I.H.S. In loving memory of Margaret Purcell, Quinagh, died 16th October 1975 aged 75 years. Also her husband Patrick Purcell, died 3rd Nov. 1994 aged 98 years. R.I.P.  Erected by her husband Patrick

17. Proctor.   In loving memory of Annie Proctor died 11th Dec 1937 aged 21 years.  Her brother Patrick Proctor died aged 5 years.  R.I.P. Erected by their brother Ted.

18. Kinsella. In loving memory of Mary Agnes Kinsella who died llth December 1911 aged 83 years. R.I.P.  TOMB Pray for the soul of Edward Kinsella of Graig, died April 4th 1844 aged 35 years. His faithful discharge of each social duty his unblemished integrity and edifying fervent piety won for him during life, universal respect and in death it is fondly hoped by many a sorrowing friend have secured to him higher reward reserved in brighter spheres for the affectionate parent the sincere friend and a true Christian. Also his son Joseph Kinsella died August 17th 1844 aged 18 years. And of for his daughter Agnes Clarke alias Kinsella, died Nov 10th 1849 aged 28 years. Also Mr. Pat. Kinsella who died Oct. 26th 1856 aged 42 years. Also Patrick Kinsella who departed this life Oct. 3rd 1862 aged 50 years. Also his daughter Mary Duggan who departed this life 5thMay 1878 aged 28 years. Requiescant in Pace Amen.

19. Mulhall.   Erected by Edward Mulhall of Buenos Aires in loving memory of the above his mother and also his father Thomas Mulhall Solicitor Erin Lodge Carlow, who died October 1856. Sacred to the memory of John B. Mulhall Solicitor Erin Lodge Carlow, died Good Friday 1882 aged 64 years, also his wife Frances Mulhall died 31st. Oct 1888 aged 63 years.  R.I.P. Sacred to the memory of departed worth Kate the beloved wife of Mr. Mulhall of Erin Lodge, Carlow who died on the 30th Jan. 1849 aged 42 years.  Requiescant in Pace.

20 Aylward.   In loving memory of Patrick Augustine Aylward who died on the 5th April 1910 aged 75 years of his wife Maria Teresa Aylward, daughter of Edward Hammond who died Jan. 3rd. 1926. May he rest in Peace Amen.

Hammond  Of your charity pray for the repose of the souls of Edward Hammond of Carlow who died 30th May 1858. aged 56 years of his eldest daughter, Kate Mary Hammond who died 2nd January aged 22 years. Of his beloved Mary Hammond who died March 1880 aged 72 years. And of his son John Hammond M.P. who died 17th. November 1907 aged 65 years R.I.P. “But the just shall live forever and their reward is with the Lord and the care of them with the most high" Wisdom. 5. chap.

21(A). Donohue   Sacred to the memory of John Donohue of Curragh Esq., who died the first subscriber to this Chap.  He departed this life on the 29th of April 1832 in the 80th year of his age. Also to the memory of his beloved daughter, Mary Donohue otherwise Timmons, who departed this life on the 10th of August 1844. Also to the memory of Joseph J. P. Timmons, the only and beloved son of Mary and Grandson of the above named John Donohue, who departed this life 25th Dec. 1867. And also to the memory of James Donohue,  son of the above named John Donohue who departed this life 4th March 1869.

21(B). D'Aubertin.   Here lieth the body of George Louis D'Aubertin who departed this life on the 8th April 1855 aged 56.  "An honest virtuous and upright man for many years Organist in Dublin and to the Catholic Cathedral of Carlow, eldest son of Francios Louis D'Aubertin a native of the town of Dijon-Chef-Lieu du departement de la Cote d'Or France whose remains are deposited in the Glasnevin Cemetery near Dublin, R.I.P.

22. Comerford.   In loving memory of John Comerford died 30th March 1962.  His wife Bridget died 11th Dec. 1963, their daughters Mary (Maisie) died 21st. Jan. 1968. Bridget (Ciss) died 16th March 1939 and sons William died 26th July 1985 interred in England. Patrick died 25th Oct. 1991. R.I.P.

23. Curran.   In loving memory of Bridget Curran, Killeshin died 8th December 1939 aged 70 years, her husband Michael died 15th Jan. 1945 aged 89 years. Their son John died 1st. Sept. 1988 aged 89 yrs, also his wife Brigid died 25th July 1991 aged 79 yrs. Erected by their loving family.

24. Dowling.   I.H.S. In loving memory of Patrick Dowling, Ardenteggle died 18th April 1957 aged 92 yrs. and his wife Elizabeth died 2nd June 1958 aged 82 yrs. Also his son Andrew died 12th Jan. 1986 aged 75 yrs. R.I.P.

25. Moran. In loving memory of Patrick Moran, Clonaloo died June 18th 1985 aged 71 years. R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife and family.

Grant   Erected by Margaret Grant, Killeshin in memory of her parents Edward Grant, died 18th Nov. 1914 aged 69 years.  Kate Grant died 9th June 1893 aged 44 yrs, and their children William died 20th March 1909 aged 29 yrs. Daniel died 23rd Feb. 1936 aged 59 yrs. Annie died 14th June 1936 aged 39 yrs. Mary died 24th Feb. 1943 aged 72 yrs. Patrick 14th Dec. 1945 aged 70 yrs. Francis died in U.S.A. aged 40 yrs. and four children died young. Also the above Margaret died 7th Jan. 1949 aged 70 yrs. R.I.P.

26. McWey In loving memory of Johanna McWey,  Sleaty who died 6th. Feb. 1966 aged 78 yrs. and her husband James McWey who died 30th. June 1971 aged 86 years. R.I.P. In loving memory of James McWey, Sleaty died 24th April 1909 aged 54, his wife Johanna died 31st. March 1928 aged 69, their son John died 11th April 1917 aged 20. Their daughter Josephine died 20th. Oct. 1917 aged 17.

Dunne In loving memory of John Dunne, Monure died March 1937, his wife Mary died April 1960, their son John Francis,  his sisters Margaret and Bridget, his grand-son lames J. died 17th. Jan 1945, his great granddaughter Mary Columba died 6th. Jan. 1972. R.I.P.  Gloria in Excelsis Deo.

Dunne   Erected by John Dunne of Monure in memory of his mother Elizabeth Dunne who dept. this life March 11th. 1843 in the 85th. year of her age. Also his beloved son Michael who dept. this life July 21st. 1852 in the 23rd. year of his age, also his wife Mary Dunne died 17th. Dec. 1868 aged 70 years. The above John Dunne died 9th Aug. 1875 aged 77 years, and their grand daughter Mary, in Religion St. Mary Columba died 1st May 1882, aged 21 years. Requiescant in Pace Amen.

28 Byrne. Erected by John Byrne of Rossmore in memory of his beloved children Mary died Dec. 21st. 1863 aged 12 years, Patrick died Dec. 10th 1863 aged 8 years, Bridget died Dec. 10th. 1863 aged 8 years. Also his wife Bridget Byrne who died August 21st. 1879 aged 58 yrs, Margaret died March 13th. 1883 aged 18 years. Also the above John Byrne died Nov. 8th. 1887 aged 78 yrs. Requiescant in Pace Amen.  In loving memory of Margaret Byrne,  Rossmore who died 16th. February 1912 aged 39 years. R.I.P. Also her daughter Bridie died 19 August 1915 aged 7 years. Her husband Edward Byrne died 4th March 1933 aged 81 yrs. R.I.P. Erected in loving memory of John Joseph Byrne, Rossmore who died 15th January 1970 aged 69 years, his brother Edward who died 14th March 1968, his brother Patrick who died 5th March 1968, also his wife Elizabeth died 9th June 1990 aged 85 yrs. R.I.P.

29. Bolger.   Erected by William Bolger, Coal Market, Carlow in memory of his father William Bolger, who departed this life the 18th July 1862 aged 76 years.  Also in memory of his mother, Mary Bolger who departed this life on the 17th March 1869 aged 82 years. And in the memory of his dearly beloved wife Emily Bolger who departed this life 28th July 1890 in the 40th year of her age. Also the above named William Bolger, who departed this life 30th Jan. 1898 aged 62 years. Erected by James Bolger, Carlow in memory of his wife Catherine Bolger, nee Lennon, who dept. this life 5th February 1884 aged 42 years. Also his daughter Maria who departed this life 20th July 1880 aged 16 years. Also his daughter, Katie who departed this life at St. Brigid's Convent, Goresbridge 12th Nov. 1885 aged 17 years. Also the above named James Bolger, who departed this life 19th June 1909 aged 80 years. Also his son Patrick who departed this life 24th July 1909 aged 51 years. Also his son William Bolger who died 15 Nov. 1916.

31. Connolly.   Connolly, Coolane, Killeshin, R.I.P. love is giving and forgiving.  In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Connolly, Coolane, Killeshin. R.I.P. My Jesus Mercy.

32. Kennedy.   In loving memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy Kearnstown, who died 4th. April 1942 aged 38 years. Also her three children Patrick, Kathleen and Margaret who died young, also her husband James died 19th. Feb. 1975 aged 76 yrs. Also his wife Hannah died 15th April 1979 aged 67 yrs. R.I.P.

33. Rose.   In loving memory of William Rose, Graiguecullen died 27th. Sept. 1931 aged 55 yrs, and his sons Henry died 15th. Nov. 1935 aged 33. Also his parents, brother and sister, and his wife Mary died 11th. March 1962 aged 87. R.I.P.

35.  Gough.   Erected by John Gough in memory of his uncle Arthur Beard who died January 8th. 1847 aged 66 years. Also his aunt Catherine Beard died February 10th 185,4 aged 80 yrs. Edward Patrick and Mary Gough who died young.  Of your charity pray for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Mary Gough, Old Derrig who died 17th. August 1878 aged 64 years.   May they rest in Peace.

36. Murphy   Erected by John Murphy in memory of his beloved mother Alice Murphy, who died 17th July 1819.

Curran.   Erected by Michael Curran Esquire, Curragh, in memory of his sister Mary Anne Curran who died 20th. August 1900 aged 36 years. Also his mother Mrs. Ellen Curran who died 30th November 1900 aged 70 years.  The above Michael Curran died 20 Feb. 1932 aged 73 yrs.

37. Kelly.   Of your charity pray for the repose to the soul of Laurence Kelly of Carlow. An affectionate husband and a tender parent, an upright citizen and a sincere Catholic. He departed this life the 16th. of April 1857. May he rest in peace. His monument has been erected by his sorrowing widow as a sad tribute to departed worth inscribed by her sorrowing children in memory of Margaret Kelly, widow of the above who departed this life 29th. June 1868 in the 52nd year of her age. In memory of John Kelly of Carlow who departed this life on Ascension Day May 24th 1906.  His good works follow him.  R.I.P. In memory of Margaret Cecila fifth child of Lawrence and Margaret, she dept. this life on 13th. May to the inexpressible grief of her sorrowing brothers and sisters, being made perfect in a short space she fulfilled a long time. R.I.P. In loving memory of William Patrick Kelly who died on the 7th.November 1893 and of Michael Kelly who died on the 31st. of December 1900.  We have loved them in life let us not forget them in death. In memory of Elizabeth Kelly who died 11th Nov. 1829 and Katherine Kelly died 1st February 1844. Also Betty Kelly died 1844.

38. Haughney.   Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on Martin Haughney, Sleatv-St., Graiguecullen died 29th. May 1940 aged 70 years. Also his daughter Anne died 2nd. Sept. 1931 aged 21 years, and his son Martin died 21st. Sept. 1949 aged 46 years. Also his wife Margaret died 30th. Nov. 1958 aged 91 years, also his son Edward died in U.S.A. 29th. June 1959 aged 53 years.  Also his daughter Mary Ellen (Ciss) died 15th.May 1984 aged 77 years. Also his daughter-in-law Ellen (Nell) Haughney died 12th. May 1989. R.I.P.

30. Kavanagh.   Underneath the remains of Michael Kavanagh of Graigue. A sincere and humble Christain, a warm patriot, upright for conscience sake, respected and esteemed.  Blessed in his industry he was most generous to the poor and liberal to the house of God. He died the 1st. of Nov 1840 in his 63 year full of hopc of a blessed immortality. Erected by Elizabeth Kavanagh in memory of her loving sister Bridget Kavanagh who departed this life 30th. Jan 1897 aged 68. Also the above Elizabeth Kavanagh died 16th Oct. 1901.

41. Kennedy.   In memory of Breda Kennedy, Ardenteggle, accidentally killed 28th Oct. 1958 aged 24 years. Also her mother Bridget Kennedy died 6th Aug. 1968 aged 75 years. Also her father John Kennedy died 17th Oct. 1981 aged 80 years.

42. Fitzpatrick.   Erected by Paul Fitzpatrick of Rossmore in this parish for himself and his family and in memory of his wife

Catherine Fitzpatrick who dept.this life January the 29th 1832 aged 54 yrs.  Also Thomas Kelly died .him- 9th 1888 aged 84 yrs. Also his wife Mary Kelly died Feb. 16th 1889 aged 84 yrs. and Martin Kelly's 4 children died young. In memory of Johanna Kelly wife to the son of the above named Thomas Kelly died 14th. July 1892 .aged 35 yrs.  May she rest in Peace Amen.

43. Kehoe.   Erected by Bridget Kehoe, Rossmore.  In loving memory of her father, Martin Kelly who died 15th March 1912 aged 77 years. Also her sister Catherine Kelly died 19th Sept. 1901 aged 19 years.

44(A). O'Meara.   Erected by John O'Meara in memory of his son William O’Meara who dept. this life 7th day of October 1835 in the 31st year of his life. Also the body of the above John O’Meara died 12th Sept 1867 aged 88 years and his son John O’Meara who dept. this life 6th Jan. ??

44(B). McGrath.   Stone in front of Lawrence Kelly. Erected by William McGrath of Killeshin in memory of his father James McGrath who dept. this life the 5th. March 1829 aged 65 years. Also his mother Mary McGrath who dept. this life Januy. 7th. 1839 aged 75 years and also his sister Alicia McGrath who dept. this life Oct. 4th 1843 aged 40 years. Requiescant in Pace. Amen.

45. Brennan.   Erected by Margaret Brennan, Graigue. In memory of her husband James Brennan died 6th. Sept 1875 aged 75 years.

46.  Brennan.   In loving memory of Martin Brennan, Coolnariska died 3rd. March 1937 aged 66 yrs. Also his wife Mary Brennan died 23rd Jan. 1961 aged 84 years. Their sons Alexander 25th.April 1940 aged 27 yrs. Patrick died 4th. Dec. 1948 aged 31 years, and their son who died in infancy. Also Patrick and Margaret Brennan (parents of the above Martin) and his sister Annie Kennedy. Their son Michael died 31st. Dec 1979 aged 66 years. R.I.P. Under the shadows of the holy cross let them rest.

47(A). Clear.    Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Erected by Patrick Clear of Keelogue.  In memory of his beloved wife Catherine Clear who died Nov. 19th. 1859 aged 37 years.  Also his father-in-law Patrick Farrell who died Oct. 19th. 1859 aged 74 years.  Also five of his children who died young.

Source: 'Gravestone Inscriptions' Killeshin, Sleaty, Graiguecullen, Mayo, Arles, Doonane, Castletown, Rathaspick, Shrule, Rathnure etc with historical notes. 1997. by Paul Redmond N.T.

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