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Courtesy of Michael Purcell

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1800 Inquest, Murder of Garret Brennan.

Carlow Inquest 1800.

An Inquisition Indented taken for our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord the King, Defender of the Faith and so forth at Lorum in the County of Carlow the 15th day of May 1800 before James Byrne, Coroner, on view of the body of Garret Brennan late of Carrigbeg, Carlow, Farmer, then and there lying dead upon the Oath of John Doyle, William Eagan, Pat Tierney, Dan McGrath, John Rogers, Alexander McAdams, Richard Murphy, Pat McGrath, James Semple, Laurence Geghan, Andrew Tierney, James Farrell, and James Brennan, Good and Lawful men of Carlow duly Sworn and charged to inquire for our Sovereign Lord the King when, how, and by what means did Garret Brennan come to his death, -  do state that a person unknown did on the 11th of May with force in the parish of Dunleckney feloniously wilfully and of malice aforethought make an assault and that this unknown man with a blunderbuss or gun charged and loaded with gunpowder and leaden bullets held in his hands and against the right side of Garret Brennan did shoot off and discharge and give one mortal wound penetrating the body of Garret Brennan to kill and murder Garret Brennan.

(signed) John Doyle, Foreman for self and fellows, (Jurors)
James Byrne, Coroner

Source: Michael Purcell c.2011

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