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Courtesy of Michael Purcell

Page 5

Inquest 1786,

[Note added 2011. Extract from the Benjamin D' Israeli Inquest Papers.

One of 8 pages relating to an Inquisition on the death of Henry Lawler held at the house of Michael Cashin at Rathmore, Carlow.

Henry Lawler died on Friday the 31st March 1786 after "Languishing with great pain in the back of his head for six days" at the home of John Lawler of Ratmore.

Other names mentioned are Gregory Lisk of Rathvilly, Laurence Byrne of Rathvilly, Francis Lucas, Thomas Hingston, Mathew Lucas, John Lucas, Beaumont Ryan, Thomas Deerin, John Sewill, John Shaw, William Davis, Darby Neil, Daniel Neale, James O' Toole, William Stephens.]

William Nowlan of Bough, Carlow, Blacksmith, Sayth that on the night of the 25th March 1786 he had some altercation with Fergus Cummins in the Street of Rathvilly and shortly after Henry Lawler, since deceased, came up and struck the said Fergus Cummins whereon William Nowlan brought Henry Lawlerinto the house of James Doyle where informant saw James Dempsey of Patrickswell, Miles Dempsey and Elizabeth Doyle wife of the said James Doyle of Rathvilly sitting at the Fire and as soon as Henry Lawler came into the house James Dempsey asked him was he one of the Cushes who answered he was on which reply James Dempsey said he would strike him which he did with a Stick on the head and then James Dempsey and Henry Lawler were pushed into the Forge that adjoins the Room where William Nowlan heard many strokes given and says it was the said James Dempsey who struck Henry Lawler in the Forge where he was severely beat.

Sworn before me this 2nd  Day of April 1786. (signed) James Byrne,
Gentleman, Coroner.
William - his X mark - Nowlan.

Extract from Carlow Inquest in the Benjamin D'Israeli papers 1823.

James Kinshilagh of Ardiston in Carlow Saith that on Saturday night last between nine and ten o'clock he was called upon by Loughlin Doyle who told him that a man was lying under a car on its side up the road and desired him to get up and assist him in Extricating the man.

He went with two other men and saw the man was under the car and the horse lying under the shaft whereof was the neck of the man under the weight of some sacks that were in the car were then dismantled and prevented the horse from getting up and the feet of the horse was very much mangled.

The flesh of the one of mans legs was tore and from which issued a great deal of blood.

Assisted by Patrick Cummins of Tortane and also his servant boy William Maher,

they succeeded in getting the man and boy out of the Ditch and put the car on the road and yoked the horse under it and the injured man said he would go to some house where he would get some Refreshment.

James Kinshelagh believes the man was Henry Griffin and that he was found dead sitting in the Car on the next day.

(signed) James - his X mark - Kinshelagh. Truly read out to James
Kinshelagh by -? - Byrne before signing.
Sworn before me this 3rd day of March 1823. (signed) - ? - Byrne. Coroner.

Surnames: Goss, Morton, Byrne & Butler 1785.

From Pat Purcell Papers.

The Examination of Thomas Goss of Hacketstown, Carlow taken before me One of His Majesties Justices of the Peace.

Who being duly sworn on the Holy Evanglist Deposeth and Saith that on the 5th December 1785 this Deponet [Thomas Goss] went with his master Joseph Morton of Hacketstown to D..? for Rent Due to his master Joseph Morton by Dennis Byrne on the Lands of Killconock, Carlow, that his master sent Him for a horse and mare that was on the Lower part of the Lands the property of the said Denis Byrne.

As Thomas Goss was Driving the said Horse and Mare he was met by Anthony Byrne and Thomas Byrne  both sons to the said Dennis Byrne and then and there Cursed and Swore he should Not Drive the Horse or Mare and Forceably Rescued them from him and this Examinant further Saith Nought.

(signed) Thomas, his X mark, Goss.
Sworn before me this 14th day of March 1786. being first truly read to Thomas Goss.
(signed) Paul Butler.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2011

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