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Pat Purcell Papers

Irish Republican Army

Source: Michael Purcell c.2010

Thomas Connoran & Irish Republican Army.

From Irish Republican Brotherhood documents in the Pat Purcell Papers.

Veterans of the Irish Republican Army were encouraged to apply for free land in the 1930s.

The idea was that some of the Landlords were to have their large land holdings confiscated and distributed among local small farmers.

Here is one of several hundred applications, unfortunately the whole exercise turned out to be an election promise which was never kept.

Application form for Allotment of Land.

Thomas Connoran, Junior, of Rathnellin, Leighlinbridge.
32 years old,
Living with his Father, mother and wife.
Has a lifetime of experience working on land.
[What other qualifications, besides I.R.A. service has applicant]
Understands working land, --- Cottier.
[Extent of acreage sought] ---35 acres.
[Name of Estate to be confiscated] --- Stewart Ducket.

Applicant lives within a few hundred yards of Estate, at the moment has to take meadowing to extent of twenty pounds per year.

I certify, from my own knowledge and from enquiries made, that applicant, who is a member of Sean-Oglaigh na h-Eireann, has had I.R.A. service as Volunteer in C. Company 1st Batt., and that his period of service dated from 1917 to 1921.

(signed) Eugene Brennan,
Battn Secretary.
Countersigned, Pat Purcell.

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