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County Carlow Memorials
"Journals for the Preservation of the Memorials for the Dead"
By Kind permission of Susie Warren c2008
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Parish of Nurney.

Killerrig Churchyard.

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.]

     'This is a small burial-ground, situated by the road-side, 3½ miles to the north-west of Tullow.  All that remains of the old church is a portion of the east gable end, containing a single-light window of cut granite, with an ogee head.

     'A large walled-in enclosure has been built by the Humfrey  family, of Dublin, on the foundations of the church ; inside, in the  west wall, there are projecting two slabs of cut-stone work, a sill and a lintel, which supported a large tablet, now dislodged and lying in a fractured state on the ground ; it bears the following inscription' :

This Burial Place
was enclosed by
for the use of his family
in the year of Our Lord 1808.
The Remains of an amiable
beloved wife, and five of their children
are here interred, to whom he hopes
to be united in happiness.

     'In the Protestant Church at Tullow there is a monument to the memory of a John Humfrey, of Killerrig (ob. 1827), and his wife, Anne Mary (ob. 1811), daughter of Elias Caulfield-Best, of Bestfield (see the JOURNAL, vol. ii, p. 439).'


     'On a headstone' :

     Here Lyeth ye Body | of Timothy Donovan | Aged 63 Also his | wife catherin Bryan | aged 56 | who departed this | Life in the year of | 1765 [Remainder below the ground.]


     'Near the west wall of the churchyard there is a socketed granite stone, apparently the base of an old cross.'

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1916, CARLOW, page 17.


     ‘On the south side lies a large fractured slab, bearing this inscription, which is hard to decipher’ :--


‘It is just possible that the "St" in the second line is a Sr." There are tombstones to the families of Brewster of the County Wicklow (1818), and Brewster of Tullow (1754), in the Protestant churchyard at Tallow (see the JOURNAL, vol ii, pp. 441 and 446).’


     ‘On a small fragment of a limestone slab, now placed on a Heap of stones, there is inscribed’ :

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . .Killer[rig] . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . [Benja]min Bunbu[ry] . . . 

     ‘The remainder of this headstone has quite disappeared. The Benjamin Bunbury here named was a descendant of the Benjamin Bunbury of Killerrig, who died on the 3rd April 1707, and whose tomb-slab exists in St. Mary’s churchyard, Carlow. This latter Benjamin was the son of Thomas, youngest son of Sir Henry Benjamin Bunbury, Knight of Stanney in Cheshire.’

     ‘Benjamin Bunbury, of Killerrig, who died in 1707 had five Sons, viz. :

     1. Joseph, of Jobstown, Co. Carlow
     2. Benjamin, of Killerrig, Co. Carlow
     3. Thomas, Cloghna, Co. Carlow
     4. William, lo Lisnevagh and Moyle, Co. Carlow
     5. Michael, of Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary


     ‘The above inscriptions also appear, incorrectly copied, in vol. iv, pp. 189 and 190, of the JOURNAL.’

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1916, CARLOW, page 18.


Parish of Nurney.

Kilhogan Churchyard

     'Owing to the representations made by the Rev. Canon ffrench, M.E.I.A., & member of our Committee, to Michael Molloy, Esq., J.P., M.P., Chairman of the Carlow Rural District Council, that body have advertised for tenders for the enclosure of the Kilhogan burial-ground.

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1910 - 1912, C
ARLOW, Page 9.


     ‘This graveyard has no fence of any kind; it contains many tombs broken by the trespassing of cattle, and also a small granite Celtic cross of the same type as that at Nurney (see below), lying prostrate and broken, but which, as all the parts are perfect, could be easily restored.

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1910 - 1912, CARLOW, Page 10.

  Parish of Nurney.

Killerrig Churchyard.

[Kindly contributed by Miss A. Vize, 1899.]

     The remains of this ancient edifice consists now of the eastern wall and window and part of south wall.  It dated about A.D. 700.  The burial-ground contains a very few monuments ; others have disappeared, such as those to the BUNBURY Family.  At the north side is a walled-in enclosure, capped with cut stone, abut 6 feet high ; the ground measures 12 or 15 x 12 or 15 feet, and at the west side of which, in the wall, are the evidences of some monumental structure that had been at one time inserted, for the cut stone, top, and base are built into the wall.  At its foot lies a large broken, inscribed stone, with the following inscription thereon (the entrance to this enclosure is through a gate-way ; the gate has long since been wrenched off !  The gate to the outer burial-place around the churchyard has also been taken away) :

     "This Burial place was enclosed by JOHN HUMFREY of Dublin Esqre
for the use of his Family in the year of our Lord 1806 (?)  The Remains
     of an amiable and Beloved wife and five of their children are here 
      intered to who he hopes to be united in happiness (......... )"


"Killer....)   (.....min BUNBURY... )  (      )  (           )"
     I found the above on a piece of smashed stone, and surmise it is to the memory of one of the Bunbury family, very possibly the Rector of Rutland, whose name appears on the Latin Tablet of that church over west door (which see).


     "Here interred the Body of S' (or St) JOHN BREWSTER January 1
     1709 (?) aged 80 years & MARY His Daughter Octobr 21, 1770 Aged
     (..........) 80 years."


     "Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Erected by WILLIAM NOWLAN in Memory of
     his father JAMES NOWLAN who depd this life Janry 24th 1782 aged
     56 yrs Also five of his children.  Requiescant in pace  Amen."

JPMD, Vol IV., Issue 1898 - 1900, Page 189.


"I.H.S.  This stone is erected by LEAUGLIN DOYLE here lieth 2 of his children.  Also himself who Departed this life July the 14th 1772 aged     ..............."
(Remained under the ground.)



"Erected by WINEFRID DOYLE in memory of her Husband DENIS DOYLE who departed this life 11th June 1822 aged 62 years also of his children who died young.  May they rest in peace.  Amen."


"Here lieth the Body of JAMES RAFTER who Departed this life May the 29 1770 aged 60 years also of his brothers."


"Here lieth the Body of THOMAS MAHON who Departed this life April the 28th 1782 aged 80 years.  Also his wife BRIDGET BYRN who Departed this life January the 26th 1776 aged 62 years.  May the Lord have mercy on their souls."


"This stone is erected by BARTW HUGHES for himself and his Family  Here lieth the Body of his mother MARGRETT HUGHES alis Connor who deptd this life April the 10th 1784 aged 60 years  Also his Father JOHN HUGHES who dept this life June 8th 1785 aged 70 years.  The Lord have mercy on their souls."


"Here Lyeth ye Body of TIMOTHY DONOVAN aged 63  Also his wife CATHERIN BRYAN who Departed this life (.....................)


"Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Erected by JAMES DOWLING of Ballyhackett in memory of his Father PATRICK DOWLING who depd this life February the 6th 1829 aged 55 years."

'The walls surrounding this burial-ground are in a bad state of preservation, in some places falling out ; there is no gate, the gateway being merely filled in with loose boulders.'

JPMD Vol, Issue, CARLOW, page 190.

Nurney Parish.

Nurney Churchyard.

     ‘The photograph, from which the Illustration of the small Celtic cross in the Nurney churchyard was made, has been kindly Supplied by our member, Canon ffrench, who alludes to it in the notice of the Kilhogan graveyard (see above).’

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1910 - 1912, C
ARLOW, Page 10.



Nurney Parish.

Clonmulsh Churchyard.


‘The remainder of this font is nowhere to be found.’

JPMD, Vol V, CARLOW, Page 8. 

Nurney Parish.

Painstown Church. (in ruins).

     "Here lyeth ye Body of RICHARD LYNAM and Family he Died March 1768 Aged 20 years  Here Lieth the Body of EDWARD LYNAM Father to the Above RICHARD who Depd this Life November the 6th 1791 aged 75 years Also his wife MARGRETH LYNAM Alias CROW who Depd this Life January 9th 1795 Aged 75 years  Lord have Mercy on their Souls Amen."

JPMD, Vol V., Issue 1901, 02 , 03, CARLOW, page 310.


  Nurney Parish.

St. Mullins Churchyard.

     Tombstone St. Mullin's Churchyard.
     Latin inscription:
     "svb hoc lapide laet corpvs"  DANIELLIS KINSELLAGH, "olim de - qv- obiit 8 die mensis no anno do" 1646. "etiamqve hinc in memoria sui" - L.K.
     'On the same stone:
     Also are here deposited the remains of Doctor James Kinsellagh, who departed this life in November, 1781, aged 81 years. Also his wife Mary Kinsellagh alias Doyle, who departed this life in April 1794 aged 74 years.

J.P.M.D. Vol 1., CARLOW.

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