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John Brennan
Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois

John Brennan
Born on the 17 August 1892 at Coopers House, Ballickmoyler, Co. Laois.
The son of Mark Brennan (1841-1902) and Catherine (Kate) Lalor (1859-1893).

In the photograph above John Brennan, which we believe was taken in France c1918, appears to be wearing the cap badge of Royal Irish Rifles. We can also see that he has on his left forearm two 'Wounded in Action' stripes. He also has three chevrons on the lower right forearm which indicate 'Overseas Service Stripes' These were first awarded in 1918 they were back dated to 1914 and could be worn in combination with Good Conduct Stripes, and were not limited to junior ranks. One Blue Chevron was worn for each year’s service overseas, with a Red Chevron indicating that the soldier went overseas before 31st December 1914.

It has also been noted that he may have been attached to HQ, the arm band does give an indication to this. As a clear 'H' can be seen. As for the Triangle still no identification of its meaning can be found:

Personal notes on John Brennan:

He appears in the 1901 census for Ireland and it suggests that he was age 7 at the time (which meant he was born in 1894).  Birth Certificate states he was born 16th August 1892. He was only 5 months old when his mother died in Jan 1893 so he would have been brought up by his sister Hannah who was the eldest girl in the family aged 18 years old at the time.
His Father died in 1902 when John was only 10 years old.
In 1914 at the age of 22 years he joined the British Army. It is reputed that he went to France during the First World War where he was twice 'wounded in action'.
This man is proving very difficult to find.  So far all the John Brennan's that we have looked at, none of them state that they came form this particular part of County Laois which leads us to believe he may not have been living in Laois when he joined the Army. Also, his mother and father were both dead at the time he joined the army in 1914 so its assumed that he didn't give them as his NoK.

He could have been in one of two places which was either Dublin (his sister's Hannah and Christina were both there at this time), or, he went with his brother Martin to Belfast. We don't know what year Martin went to Belfast so this is only an assumption.

All local postal addresses used in Ballickmoyler was Carlow and not Laois in there addresses so he may have used Carlow as his birth place, again this is only an assumption for example: Mr. John Brennan, Ballickmoyler. Carlow.

(John Brennan is my Great Uncle (Michael Brennan))

(Army service number and record has yet to be corroborated with documented evidence)

I would love to hear from anyone who might have any information on this mans family:

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