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Journals of Kildare Archaeological Society (1891 - 1999).

Carlow in Kildare

Carlow material in Kildare.

The following list may interest some of your members, Articles on Carlow published in the Journals of Kildare Archaeological Society (1891 - 1999).

A complete set of the Journals / Articles is available on DVD.

Carlow, A history of the Town and County of Volume VI: 390.

Carlow, Borough of Volume VI: 337, 365.

Carlow, Bridges Volume VI: 321, 390.

Carlow, Burial-grounds Volume VI: 390, 391.

Carlow, Castle and Manor of Volume II: 10-11, 19, 123. Volume III: 129. Volume IV: 329, 335. Volume V: 277. Volume VI: 311-338, 365-397.

Carlow, Castle partly thrown down Volume VI: 376.

Carlow, Church of Volume IV: 233, 303, 309.

Carlow, County of Volume I: 159, 168, 367. Volume III: 129.

Carlow, Engravings of the Castle Volume VI: 398.

Carlow, M.P.'s or Members of Parliament for the Borough Volume VI: 396.

Carlow, Manor of Volume IV: 302.

Carlow, Militia Volume VI: 372-373.

Carlow, Parish Priests Volume VI: 395.

Carlow, Patron Saints Volume VI: 328, 377.

Carlow, Rectors Volume VI: 394.

Carlow, Tenants of the Lordship of Volume XII: 99-101.

Carlow, Title of Volume VI: 393.

Carlow, town of Volume I: 62, 65, 368. Volume III: 377. Volume VI: 65, 444-445, 447.

Carlow, Vicar of Volume IV: 304. Carlow, Viscount of Volume IV: 197, 221.

Carlow-Graigue (Graigue), Co. Laois Volume VI: 366-367, 390.

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