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Index to P.MacSuibhne book

'The Parish of Killeshin' 1972., Graiguecullen'.

Madden, lane of Knockbeg. Married Captain Joseph Carruthers. Buried at St. Mary's Church, Carlow, 14. Denis, Springhill, 126.
Mageney railway station, 104.
Maher, FT. James P.P. Killeshin, 122, 138. Was sent to Paulstown to reform the people there, 139, 153. Photo, 46. Fr. James and Pat P.P., 27. Fr. Pat C.C., Killeshin 1860-71, 145. P.P. Killeshin 1874-79, 142. Fr. Patrick J., eleventh rector of Knockbeg 1949-55, 19. Fr. William C.C. Killeshin 1886-7, 147. Anne, Killeshin, 122. John, Leagh, 123. Fr. James P.P., 153.
Mahon, Anne, Ballyhide, 109.
Mall, The, 160.
Malone, William and Thomas, Coorlaghan, 112. Thomas and James, Sleaty St., 117. Michael, Patrick, James and John, Rossmore, 124-5. Edward, Dunbrin, Athy helped Padraig MacGamhna to keep the I.R.A. alive. Commandant, 70. Michael, Rossmore, 155.
Marshall, James 1. Esq., Leagh, 123.
Massey, Rev. William, Graigue, 115.
Mater Hospital, Dublin; Padraig MacGamhna transferred there, 71.
Mathew, Fr. The Three Farrells took his pledge, 35.
Mathews, Fr. Edward, CC., Killeshin, PP. Clonegal, 149.
Munsell, Richard, En., Derrymoyle, 113.
Maynooth College, Centenary Ode written by W. A. Byrne, 20.
Mayo, Laois, Killeshin people used to go there to do the stations, 104.
May Sunday in Killeshin revived by Fr. Nicholas Cullen C.C., 103.
Meara, Ellen, Graigue, 114. James and Ellen, Leagh, 123.
Medlar, Michael, Graigue, 115.
Meelia, Michael, Sleaty St., 117.
Milchu, to whom Patrick was a slave, 6.
Miller, Monsignor Liam, P.P., V.F., Droichead Nua attended opening of Kill schools, 90.
Mitchell, Humphrey, Esq., Graigue, 115. Maryboro' St., 116. Crossneen, 112. Leighlin St., 120.
Molloy, Michael T.C., Carlow, later M.P. Bought the new jail, 15.
Molyneux, Sir Thomas made a tour of Ireland, 52.
Monasterevan, Dr. Connor Ford was C.C. and P.P. there, 41.
Monavogue, Mass-station there, 160.
Monure, Moin Iubhair, 62.
Mooney, John swore against Andy Farrell, 80. Fr. John Mooney P.P. Clonegal, 89. Edmund, Ardateggle, 108.
Moore, Fr. Bryan, P.P. Arles, 137. John, Chapel St., 118. Brigid, Sleaty St., 117. Mrs Elizabeth, Leighlin St., 120. John, Margaret and Ellen, Killeshin, 122. Michael, Ardateggle, 108. Mary, Garrough, 113. John, Rathduff, 124. Patrick and Murtagh, The Numbers, 120. Honoria, Clonmore, 111. James, Church St., 119. James, Clogrenan, 110. Thomas, Leagh, 123. John, Michael and Patrick, Graigue 114-5. Howard, Es., 115. Jim first or second house in the Numbers. His wife nee Nanny Pender. They had a brick-walled garden, 133. Billy, The Numbers, 133.
Moran, Sergeant Major Denis, St. Fiacc's Terrace, 131, 155-6. Tom, his son, 132, 156. Patrick helped at the Mass Hollow, 57.
Morony, John, Wellington Quay, Graigue, 121.
Morrin, William, Maryboro' St., 116. William, Morrins' Lane; 116.
Mothelty, Patrick, Leighlin St., 120.
Motley, Margaret, James, Michael, John, William, Ardateggle, 108.
Mountjoy, Padraig MacGamhna condemned to penal servitude there, 70.
Mowlcawn, field owned by McWey's, 36.
Moyle, land division there, 88, 89.
Muinebeag, Muinbeag, now Coill Beag or Killabeg, Clonmore parish, 9.
Muldowney, Thomas, Ballyhide, 108. Edward, Rossmore, 124.
Mulhall, James taught school at Graigue, 84. Mary, Chapel St., 110.
Mullally, Thomas, Maryboro St., 115.
Mullany, Michael and Patrick, Graigue, 114.
Mullins, Mrs remembers Fr Pat Maher P.P., 104. Michael, Crossneen, 113.
Michael, Springhill, 126.
Mulrooney, John, Derrymoyle, 113.
Murphy, Fr. Arthur C.C. Killeshin 1893-98 encouraged the Poor Clares, 95. Very jolly 104, 148. Fr. Paul E., fifth rector of Knockbeg. Later PP. Edenderry. Died poor, 18, 21, 23. Tommy, Knockbeg, renowned footballer, 131, 156-7. Myles and Patrick, Leagh, 123. William, Patrick and Myles, Sleaty, 127. Patrick, Coolrain, 112. John and Michael, Cappanaboe, 110. Richard and Patrick, Rossmore, 124-5. Mary, Church St., 119. Michael, Ballyhide, 109. Alexander, Graigue, 115. Mary, Chapel St., 118. Captain William, Ballickmoyler, United Irishman, 75. Frank, Carlow bid for the New Jail in 1897, 15. John and Martin, Sleaty St., 116. Andy, Knockbeg, 155.
Musgrave, Sir Richard wrote on '98, 79.
McCann, Mr. of Dublin, guardian of the Poor Clares, 93. Henry, Graigue, 116.
McArdle, Terence, Barrow St., 116. Mary, Sleaty St., 117.
Mcasey, William, Sleaty, 127.
McCarthy, Mrs J. D. nee Dunne, 41.
McAuliffe, James taught Killeshin Classical School, 83.
McCombe, Rowan, a former Orangeman became a patriotic Graigue man, 75, 76.
McCormack, Anne, Graigue, 114.
McDarbys,' Maryboro' St., known as "The Mallet." Michael, 131. Brigid,
Maryboro' St., 115. Mike, 157. Martin, 156. Miss McDarby, 156.
McDermot, P. A. became an early member of the I.R.A., 69.
McDonald, McDonnell, Edward, Cappanaboe, 110. Patrick, Clonmore, 110. Michael, Clogrenan, 110. Catherine, Springhill, 125. John, Killeshin, 122. Randall, James and John, Rossmore, 124. Patrick and Joseph, Ballyhide, 109. Christopher Esq., Charles and Patrick, Graigue, 114-5. Dan, Carlow, same family as Fr. Michael McDonald, C.C., Killeshin, 63. James, Bridge St., 117. Patrick, Monure, 123. John, Chapel St., 120. Pat, coachman at Clogrenan, 78. John, Morrins' Lane, 116. John, Patrick, Charles, James, The Numbers, 120. Fr. Michael, C.C. who built Holy Cross Church, 40, 63. Day-boy, later boarder Carlow College, 65. Ordained 1816. C.C. Killeshin 1817. Delivers letters written by Fr. James Doyle O.S.A. to Fr. Conran at Ballon. Died 1823. Buried in the sanctuary of Holy Cross Church. J.K.Ls. grief, 65, 68. Rexie, football captain, 156.
MacFirbis, Dualtach, antiquary, 3.
MacGabhann, Sean T. a loved teacher at Cnoc Beag, 24.
MacGamhna, Padraig, hero of Carlow - Killeshin area. Memorial to him at Killeshin, 68. Organised the I.R.A., 69. Quartermaster, 70, 158.
McGee, Honoria, Springhill, 125.
Mac Geoghegan, Dr. Ros, bishop of Cull Dara who approved of the Annals of Eire, 44.
MacGinis, Edmond P.P. Killeshin, 137.
McGrath, James, Sleaty St., 117. Margaret, Killeshin, 122.
Maguire, John, Graigue, 114. John, Chapel St., 118.
McMahon, Alex, Esq., Coolhenry, 111. Shanvalley, 125.
MacNeill, Eoin, great historian, 7.
MacSuibhne, Fr. Peadar and F. Caoimhgin O'Neill concelebrated at the Mass Hollow, 23, 55, 56, 127, 128. Tenth rector of Cnoc Beag 1927-49. With two other priests received Padraig Mac Gamhna's remains at Gleann Uisean, 71, 155.
McWey, Mathias former owner of Sletty farm at Burns' gates, 36. Fr.
Simon, P.P. Kilcock, 151. James, Sleaty, 127. Fr. Liam, Kiltegan, 152. Fr.
Sean C.C. Eadan Doire, 152, 156. Brendan, 156.
National Board sounded the death-knell of the Irish language, 61. Graigue
National School, The Numbers, 120.
Nationalist and Leinster Times, Carlow, 75
Naughton, Tommy of Carlow a great musician, 35.
Nell, O'Neill, Mrs Tommy, Ballon. Her house was formerly the dwelling of Fr. Conran, PP., 63. Mary, Honoria and Michael, Killeshin, 122. James and Margaret, Keeloge, 121. Mary, Jane and Andrew, Cappanaboe, 110. Michael, Leagh, 123. Edward, Church St., 119. Bryan and Mary, Graigue, 114-115. Michael, Sleaty St., 117. Bryan, Bridge St., 119. Crossneen, 112. Lambstown, 123. O'Neill's old houses, Henry St., 132.
Nelson, Mary, wife of Thomas Gaskin. Grandparents of three priests, 28, 29. John, Clonmore 111. James, Barrow St., 116. Peter, Killeshin, 122. Patrick, Springhill, 125.
Nemthur, birthplace of St. Patrick, not identified, 5.
Newtown coalfield, 60.
Nicholson, John, Springhill, 125.
Ninth Dragoons were posted on Graigue Bridge, 76.
Nolan, Mary, Stephen, John, Michael, Andrew, James, Edward, Anne, Judith, Graigue, 114-115. John, Peter, Thomas, Michael, Springhill, 124-5. Patrick, Chapel St., 117-8. Martin, Patrick, William, Sleaty, 127. Michael. Judith, Crossneen, 112. Edward, Catherine, The Numbers, 120. John, Monure, 123. James, Cappanamrogue, 110. William, Coolrain, 111. Jacob, Ballinglen, ancestor of Fr. Kehoe, P.P. Clonaslee, evicted, 63.
Nolan, Fr. James, first rector of Knockbeg, 16, 21. Made a coffin for himself, 36. Jim Nolan, Henry St., 131, 155.
Nut Hollow near Burns' Gate, 37.


O Cleirigh, Cucoigre, one of the Four Masters, 44. An Brathair Michael, also one of the Four Masters; Chronicler of Gleann Uisean, 43, 44. Conaire
O Cleirigh a learned antiquary who helped the Four Masters, 44.
O Connell, Tom, an early member of the I.R.A., 69. Daniel, 154-6. Fr. Terry P.P., Portarlington, 162.
O Connor, Cure, PP. Baltinglass, 52. Frank, wrote Irish Miles, 105. Charles of Belangore, celebrated Irish antiquary, 13. Art, Irish leader, helped Fr.
Campion, C.C., 89.
O Donoghue, Fr. Edward, seventh rector of Knockbeg, 18.
O Donovan, John, Irish antiquary, 3, 52, 54.
O Duigeanain, Cucoigre, one of the Four Masters, 44.
O Farrell, Sean was an early member of the I.R.A., 69.
O Haire, Fr. Patrick, P.P. very saintly, 104, 145, 162.
O Hanlon, Canon, PP., historian of Laois and of the Irish Saints, 58, 159. See Lageniensis, 10. Wrote on J. K. L., 80. Mrs 0 Hanlon from Cork, 133.
O Higgins, Kevin, Irish leader, pupil at Knockbeg~, 24.
O Kelly, Alban, Bord na Mona organiser, 155, 157.
Old Derrig, near Killeshin, where J. K. L. came to live in 1822, 80, 15 3-4. Graveyard, 123.
Old Graves, ancient cemetery at Carlow, 28.
O Leary, Fr. Edward P.P. helped at History of Queen's Co., Vol II, 58. Sean, former principal teacher in Graigcullen, secretary of the Old Carlow Society, 133.
O Maolconaire, Fearfeasa, one of the Four Masters, 44. Muirgheas learned antiquary who helped them, 44.
O Meara, Dr. taught by Matt Haughey, 27.
Orchard, Clonegal, Fr. McDonald's people came from there, 63.
O'Rourke, Paddy, (Brownie) Seamus, 156-7.
O'Shea, Thadeus, Esq., Ballyhide, 109. Rossmore, 124.
O Suilleabhain, Gearoid, Irish leader, teacher at Cnoc Beag, 24. With Padraig Mac Gamhna organised the I.R.A. Became adjutant general, 69.
O Sullivan, A. H., enthusiastic teacher at Cnoc Beag, 24.
O'Toole, Tom and Seamus, Rathdangan, 155.
Our Lady's Shrine, a light over Rossmore, 106.
Overton, Elizabeth, Graigue, 114.
Painstown, Carlow parish, 137.
Paircalark, eight acre field north of Grange churchyard, 33.
Parochial Schools, 1824, 83.
Peevers, John, verger at Staplestown church, 78, 79.
Penal bell, chalice, missals, crosses and books at Knockbeg, 21.
Petrie, George, Irish antiquary, 52.
Phelan, Michael taught school at Kreekawn, 84. John, Killeshin St., 119.
Piper's Hall, sloping ground near Shrule, 31.
Pitman, William and wife, taught school at Graigue, 85.
Pius Xl, Pope favoured land division in Ireland, 89.
Poor Clare Convent, 9 3-5.
Portarlington, Earl of Killeshin, 12. Rossmore, 124-5.
Portlaoise, Padraig Mac Gamhna tried there, 69.
Power, Brigid, Sleaty, 127.
Powell, Charles, J. Diocesan architect under Bishop Keogh, 104.
Prendergast, John, Killeshin, 122. Johanna and Honoria, Clonmore, 111. James and Mary, Springhill, 126. Thomas, The Numbers, 120.
Presentation Convent, Carlow, 38.
Price, Eamonn helped Padraig Mac Gamhna to organise the I.R.A. Became Director General, 69. Captain Ned, 131, 156. Thomas, Barrow St., 116.
Proctor, Edmund, Killeshin, 122.
Protestant Parish Church, none in Sliabh Mairge barony in 1801, 61.
Purcell, Paddy wrote on Rowan McCombe in Carloviana, 75. Paddy and Billy Kelly Wrote the address read at the Mass Hollow, 55. Matthew, Clogrennan, 110. Catherine, Chapel St., 118. Morgan, Ballyhide, 109.
Patrick, Ardateggle in the Papal army, 59. Michael, John, John, Jim, James and James, Jim, Ardateggle, 108.
Putlock, Owen, Coorlaghan, 112.
Quaker cemetery, Fenagh, 63.
Queen's Co. Corps of United Irishmen, 76.
Quigley, Michael, Laurence, Ardateggle, 108.
Quin, John, Patrick, Graigue, 114. Michael and John, Ardateggle, 108.
James, Sleaty St., 116. William, Church St., 119.
Quinlan, Michael, Maryboro' St., 115.
Rafter, Michael, PP. Killeshin, 83, 138. Enlarged Graigue chapel 1825, 162.
Randall, Edward, Graigue, 116.
Rappa, two fields so called near Shrule, 32.
Rathduff, Rath Dubh, 62.
Rathkillinure graveyard near Herondale, 37.
Rathvilly schools had 1200 pupils in 1824, 104.
Reading Made Easy, a schoolbook long ago, 38.
Reddix, James, Sleaty St., 117.
Redmond, Patrick helped at the Mass Hollow, 57. Mary, Sleaty St., 116.
Reid, Read, John, Northern Ireland engineer opened old coalmines, 70. Thomas, Springhill, 125.
Reilly, Patrick and Julia, Graigue, 114. Michael and Patrick, Coorlaghan, 112. James, Maryboro' St., 115. Bryan, Springhill, 125.
Rice, James, Ardateggle, 108.
Roche, Captain, led a large contingent to Carlow, 80.
Rochfort, Colonel and Robert, Clogrennan, 79. Horace, 110. Horace, Ballyhide, 109.
Roc, James, Chapel St., 119.
Romanesque Church, Killeshin, 50, 51, 58.
Rooney, Andy, first cousin of Bishop Comerford, 37. John, Graigue, 114. Alice and Michael, Harristown, 121. Mice, Leagh, 1~3. Catherine, Wellington Quay, 121. Rossmore, Laois Co. Council found coal there, 70. Fr. Campion C.C. a leader in the movement to open the mine, 90. Re-opened, 106. Dancing-board, 105. Ros Mor, 62. Arthur Young marvelled at the industry of the Rossmore men, 105. Rossmore Hill, 28. Turf-cutters, 154.
Rourke, O'Rourke, John, Ballyhide, 109. Daniel, Sleaty Street, 117. Patrick, Graigue, 115. James, Springhill, 125.'James and John, Rossmore, 124. Patrick built the altar at Clais an Aifrinn, 57. T. of Dublin St. The ITGW Union meetings held there, 70. Brownie, Paddy, 155-6. Seamus his son wrote When Everyone Knew Everyone, 131.
Royal Commission on Education 1824. Sat till 1827. Cost Ireland 40,000. Made J. K. L. more cautious and vigilant. Advised his P.P's to send duplicate returns to himself, 83.
Russell, George, Esq., Garrough, 113.
Ryan, James and Thomas, Chapel St., 118-9. Mary, Coorlaghan, 112. Thomas, Chapel St., 119. Ryans, Cappalug, 28. Archbishop Ryan, 23. Michael became an early member of the I.R.A., 69.
Sacred Heart Home, formerly a military barracks, where the '98 insurgents were tortured and executed, 14, 80.
Sadleir and Keogh, Mulhall their solicitor is buried in Killeshin, 104.
Saints' Grotto, Killeshin, 72.
Sandymount, Dublin where Canon O'Hanlon was P.P., 7.
Scotti, the Irish, 6.
Scully, Jeremiah and Anne, Cappanaboe, 110. Mary, Graigue, 115. John, Morrins' Lane, 116. Judith, Killeshin, 122.
Seare's Field, adjoining Julian's, 33.
Selby, Leonard a young English lad was killed while taking down St. Anne's church, 104.
Senior, Arthur, Esq., Graigue, 115. Sleaty St, 117.
Seraphine, Mother. Her Rosaries helped to transfer St. Anne's Church to Graigue and to build St. Clare's Church, 101.
Shackletons, Barrow Mills, Graigcullen where Padraig Mac Gamhna began work, 69.
Sheehan, Brigid, Ballyhide, 109. Michael, Sleaty St., 117. Denis and John,
Sleaty, 127. Michael, Graigue, 114.
Sheepwalk on Julian's farm, 33.
Sheffield, Ballylinan. Protestant services held there, 61.
Shine, Fr. Patrick 1., twelfth rector of Knockbeg, 20
Shirley, James, Ardateggle, 109.
Shrule, Axles parish, 31. Sruile, 62.
Simmons, Patrick, Chapel St., 119. Judith, Leighlin St., 120.
Sinn Fein manifesto read by Padraig Mac Gamhna in Carlow, 69. Sinn Fein Bank, Harcourt St., 87. Sinn Fein club started in Graigue, 71.
Skelton, Dr. Walter, V.G. of Leighlin, classical scholar, astronomer, man of
science, mathematician, master of French language and literature, 13, 137.
Slaney river. Fr. Campion C.C. loved it, 89.
Sleater, Edward, Sleaty St., 117. Killeshin, 122.
Sletty, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 54. Sleibhte, ancient church, 3. Sletty schoolmaster, 26. Parish, 126. Sleibhte-Graig, Graigcullen, 74. Graveyard, 36, 127. Mill there manufactured flour, 61.
Sliabh Mairge barony, 40, 41, 50. Coalfield, 60. "Slievemargy," a Laois poet, 56.
Smith, Michael, Ballyhide, 109. Rossmore, 124.
Somers, Luke, Coorlaghan, 112.
Somerton, the parochial house in Graigue, 39, 104.
South Leinster Coalfields. Padraig Mac Gamhna strove for their development, 70.
Spa Farm, Killeshin. A school there in 1824, 85.
Spearin's Field near Shrule, 32.
Springhill. A Mass station there in penal days, 58.
Sraugh Ho., Ballon, where Fi. McDonald C.C. was reared, 63.
Sruleen river between Maganey and Athy, 34.
St. Aedh, Fiacc's successor as bishop at Sletty, 12.
St. Anne's Church, now St. Clare's Church, Graigcullen, 10 1-3.
Stanney, Stanaidh, 62.
Staplestown Road, 80.
Stapleton, Mary, Chapel St., 118.
Statistical Survey of the Queen's Co., 54, 60.
Staunton, Dean, P.P. Carlow. First president Carlow College. His Monstrance at Knockbeg, 22. Died 1814, 65, 163.
St. Barbara, patron saint of the miners, 106.
St. Clare's Church, 30. Blessing of, 98-102.
St. Columcille, uncle of St. Comgan of Killeshin, 40.
St. Comgan, second Abbot of Killeshin, 40, 43.
St. Diarmuid, first Abbot of Killeshin, 45. Earliest of the Killeshin Saints, 40,43. Died 874 A.D. His well, 45, 58. Blessed by the parish priest, 45.
Steadman, Mary, Sleaty St., 117.
Steps, The, where Fr. Maher P.P. lived, 141.
Stevens' Hospital, Padraig MacGamhna died there, 71.
St. Fiacc, bishop and founder of Sleibhte, 3, 4, 9. St. Fiacc's parish church, now a parish hail, was overcrowded, 101. St. Fiacc's Tce.. 131.
St. Germain, St Patrick's teacher, 5.
St. Joseph's Statue, over the 1879 wing in Knockbeg, 21.
St L.azerian of Leighlin was schooled at Killeshin, 40.
St Mary's Parish Church, Carlow, 30. College, see Knockbeg.
St. Mel's, 1.ongford, football rivals of Cnoc Beag, 26.
St. Moedog, of Ferns, 7.
St. Mary's parish church, Carlow, 14.
St Muirgein of Killeshin, 43.
St. Mullins, the Faith established there by 600 A.D.
St. Nainnidh of Killeshin, 40.
St. Patrick, Apostle of Eire, 49.
St. Tassach, who gave Holy Viaticum to St. Patrick, 7.
Sullivans, Athy relatives of Matt Haughey, Sletty, 27. Thomas, Graigue, 114. Martin, The Numbers, 120.
Suncroft, Fr. P. MacSuibhne was P.P. there 1949-5 1, 19.
Sunderland, Daniel, Leighlin St., 120.
Sutton, Thomas, Rossmore, 125.
Tara, royal residence, 4, 5, 6.
Taylor, Dr. James Ignatius, president Carlow College, secretary of the Catholic University, distinguished ecclesiastic, founder of Knockbeg College, P.P. Rathvilly, later of Portlaoise, 14, 15, 23. Clonmore, 110.
Knockbeg, 127.
Thomas, Henry, Ballykillen, 109. Old Derrig, 123. Rossmore, 124.
Thompson, Fred, Hanover Works, formerly the new jail, 15. John, Esq., Garrough, 113. Graigue, 114. Mary, Sleaty St., 117. John, Church St., 119.
Thorpe, John, Sleaty, 127.
Thower Feeg, Fiacc's Well, 35.
Three-cocked Hat, Killeen. The road cut it into that shape, 33.
Tierney, Mr., had a bolting mill, 61.
Timmons, James, Maryboro' St., 116. Michael and Martin, Chapel St., 119. Michael, Rathduff, 124.
Tinkers, an English firm took down St. Anne's Church, 104.
Tinryland, Carlow, 87.
Tobar Diarmuda, Gleann Uisean, 73.
Tobar na Fainneog, a field in Shrule, 31.
Tobin, John, Chapel St., 118.
Tolerton people, 41. Used to attend Mass at Clais an Aifrinn, 56.
Toole, Joe, helped to open Rossmore coalmines, 71, 141. Tom, Rossmore had words at will, 104. Michael, Rossmore, 124. John, Leighlin St., 120. Michael, Bohernasear, 110. Joe, 155.
Treacy, James and Maurice, Killeshin, 122. William and Richard, Ardateggle, 108.
Trustees of National School, The Numbers, 120. Of St. Patrick's College, 127.
Tunstead, John, Graigue, 114. Robert, Graigue, 116. John, Sleaty St., 117. Margaret, Sleaty, 127.
Turra people used to attend Mass at Clais an Aifrinn, 56.
Tynan, Patrick, Graigue, 115.
Tyndail, William, Maryboro' St., 115.
Tullow St., the houses there set on fire, 74, 80. Birthplace of Bishop Comerford, 41.
United Irishmen of Carlow, Ballon, Killistown met at the Broken Stones, 74.
Victor, St., the angel, 6, 7.
Wade, Patrick, Ardateggle, 108.
Walker, Henry, Ballyhide, 109. Miss Eliza D., Clonmore, 111. Henry, Clogrenan, 110. John, Maryboro' St., 115. John, Barrow St., 116.
Wall, Thomas and Brigid, Derrymoyle, 113. John, Sleaty St., 117. Edward, Leighlin St., 120. Margaret, Wash or Well Lane, 120. Tomas, D. Ph. Wrote in Cnoc Beag, 15.
Walsh, Essie, Mrs. Haughney.
Walshe, Bishop James, added a new wing to Knockbeg, 21. Fr. John CC., Killeshin 1843-48, 146. John, Rossmore, 124. James, Leighlin St., 120. Patrick, Ballyharmon, 109. Michael, Maryboro' St., 115. William, Sleaty St., 116. Michael and James, Barrow St., 116. John, Church St., 119.
Ward, Mrs Eliza, Harristown, 121. Rathduff, 124. Leagh, 123. George, Bachelors Walk, 116. Ward's Tree, 32.
Ware, Sir James, Irish antiquarian, 53.
Warren, John, Bridge St., 118. Leighlin St., 120.
Watters, Richard, BalIykillen, 109. George and Richard, Old Derrig, 123, 162. Richard and Samuel, Springhill, 125. Thomas and Michael, Sleaty St., 117. Samuel, Clonmore, 111. Leighlin St., 120. Ellen, Mill St., 118.
Weckbecker, A., German artist, 144.
Westminster Abbey roofed with Cooper Hill oak, 29.
Whelan, Pat, Knockbeg, local historian, 31. Daniel, Knockbeg, 127. Michael and John, Coorlaghan, 112. James, Killeshin, 122. Michael, Keeloge, 121. Patrick, Sleaty, 127. Leighlin St., 120. Sara, Ardateggle, 108; Andrew, Springhill, 125. Thomas, King St., 118. John of Crossneen helped at the Mass Hollow, 57. Michael helped at opening Killeshin coalmines, 71. Martin, Denis, Anne, John, The Numbers, 120. Patrick, Maryboro' St., 116. Michael, 158.
Whistler's Boy, a field in Shrule, 31.
White, John, Ballyhide, 109. John, Rossmore, 124. Thomas, Springhill, 125.
White Field, 36.
Whitney, Liam, 95. Employed at Knockbeg. Driving force in Graigcullen GF club. His ambition to have a proper playing pitch. His house the GAA headquarters. Died 1957, 96. Photo, 97. Pakie, his uncle, 99. Whitney Place, 95. Tommy helped at football notes 157.
Whittaker, Ellen, Bridge St., 118. Richard, The Numbers, 120.
Wilson, George, Esq., Graigue, 115. Leighlin St., 120. Rossmore, 124. James, Crossneen, 113. Leighlin St., 120. Michael, Maryboro' St., 115. Graigue, 115. Barrow St., 116.
Wolseley, Colonel destroyed Killeshin Round Tower, 52, 53.
Young, Arthur visited Carlow in 1792, 105. James, Rossmore, 124. James, Monure, 123.
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