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Pat Purcell Papers


Notification Of Keeping Arms

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell - 2011

From the PPP.

Notification Of Keeping Arms.

As directed by the Act of the 36 George 3. Entitled an Act. more effectually to suppress INSURRECTIONS, and prevent the Disturbances of the PUBLICK PEACE.~~~ County of CARLOW, to Wit ~~

I Bryan Shortall of Kilmurry in the Parish of Ballon in the Barony of Forth in the Town-land of Kilmurray do hereby give NOTICE that I keep ARMS, and that the place where the same are usually kept is at my dwelling house at Kilmurray and that the number of said arms is one muskett 4 brace balls and one sword.

I Byran Shortall do SWEAR that the above NOTIFICATION is TRUE, and that I am by LAW entitled to keep ARMS.

(signed) Bryan Shortall.
Sworn before me at Tullow Sessions
16th January 1802.
(signed) Hen Bunbury, E. Eustace, Constantine Brough.

24th March 1802.

Arthur Kavanagh of Ballycriggan, Farmer, maketh Oath that his wife Cathy Kavanagh called in Court yesterday to prosecute Mary Doyle for assault, was delivered of two Children 4 days ago and consequently was unable to attend the Court in said trial.


Names: Hannons, Bunbury & Hacketstown Fair

From Pat Purcell Papers.


William Hannon of Little Scotland, Carlow, came before us this day and made Oath on the Holy Evanagelists that Richard Hannon the Elder and Richard Hannon the younger and John Hannon all of Little Scotland and Darby Hannon of Hacketstown have forcibly and contrary to Law taken possession of and received by force the Tolls and Customs of Hacketstown fair, which said Tolls and Customs are the property of the aforenamed William Hannon of Little Scotland by virtue of a Lease and Warrant from the Honourable Lord Wicklow.

(signed) William Hannon.
Sworn before us this 4th February 1802.
(signed) Benjamin Bunbury, and William Hoare Hume.

William Hannon of Little Scotland Bound in 20 to appear and prosecute the above foresaid Hannons in open Court at Carlow.

Documents transcribed and provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - 2011/12

Names: McDaniel, Connor, Lyng, Maher, Pacey, Doherty & McDaniel. 1802

Under Oath & Perjury 1802.

[Note added 2012 by Michael Purcell

In this statement John Lacy is accused of making a serious allegation of perjury against Mary McDaniel and Mrs Connor, he claims that they have made 16 false statements under oath against John Lyng.

This charge illustrates how such statements sworn before magistrates may be based on false information, begrudgery or score settling and unless we discover what was the outcome of a trial dealing with such charges we should presume the accused innocent of the charges as outlined in all extracts from the Pat Purcell Papers.

Just because an allegation has been "duly Sworn on the Holy Evaneglists" [the Bible] does not mean it is true.

Remember that no less a person than Father James Maher had advised Patrick Pacey in 1837 that he would not be committing perjury if he lied after swearing on the Bible in Carlow Court - "because", Maher advised him, "it is a Protestant Bible"!.]

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Examination of John Doherty of the Town, Parish, Barony and County of Carlow, Servant to Mathew McDaniel of Carlow, Victualler taken before Robert Watters, Esquire, one of his Majestys Justices of the peace for Carlow.

Who being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith that on the evening of Sunday the thirtyeth day on May 1802, as he was peaceably going to his bed to his Masters Slaughter-house near the Potatoe Market in the Town of Carlow he was called by John Lacy of Carlow Town, Victualler, who Demanded of him " did not his Mistress (Mary McDaniel wife of Mathew McDaniel) take six false Oaths and Connor's wife take ten false Oaths on the Prosecution of John Lyng, at the last General Quarter Sessions of the peace held at Carlow"  --  that Expression had been made by John Lacy to John Doherty in the Publick Street before a Concourse of people.

Sworn before me this [blank] day of May 1802. (unsigned).

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

Surnames: Bartle, Cloven & Bunbury.

Pat Purcell Papers.


By Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

The Information of James Bartle, Sub Constable, Stationed at Rathvilly, Carlow, who being duly Sworn and Examined on the Holy Evangelist Desposith and Saith that on the fourth Day of March 1802 the Informant heard Owen Cloven of Rathvilly declare on the Publick Street situate in the town of Rathvilly in most reproachful  language - he did not give a farth for the King or his bledly Crown or any / here uttering a Tremendous oath / Proclamation of the bledly King - whilst thus Shouting Loudly Owen Cloven was pulling at a Notice from the Gate of the Roman Catholick place of worship for the parish of Rathvilly on which was posted a Reward for Information Notice that would lead to the apprehension of a gang of notorious robbers at the time believed to be in hiding in the townland of Rathvilly and Baltinglass. James Bartle verily believes the the said Owen Cloven is a dangerous idle lunatick and should be further Examined by the Magistrates of the County as a Person uttering falsehoods and against the Peace of the Liege Subjects of his Majesty the King, and the Peace, Crown and Dignity of our Sovereign Lord, George, King, Defender of the Faith and so Forth, and James Bartle further Saith not.

(signed) James Bartle.
Sworn before me this 5th Day of March 1802.
(signed) Benjamin Bunbury.

Deponent is Bound in the Sum of 5 Sterling to Prosecute the aforesaid Owen Cloven at the next General Sessions of The Peace to be held at Carlow in the said County of Carlow and attend from Day to Day and from Sessions to Sessions until Discharged by the Court ~

Taken and Acknowledged before me at Rathvilly this 5th Day of March 1802.

Taken from the Pat Purcell Papers and Transcribed by: Michael Purcell 2012

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