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Kennedy Street


Originally known as Coal Market & Water Lane.

Noted added 2012 by Michael Purcell: Coal Market was renamed Kennedy Street on 3rd December 1963 in memory of President John. F. Kennedy who, a week earlier, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Kennedy Street leading to Castle Hill c1990's
Kennedy Street;  Location of Archaeological find of skeletal remains in Sept 2004.
(Carloviana 2004)

Approaching Kennedy Street from Castle Hill
Kennedy Street
(The Deighton Hall in Burrin Street is on the right.)
(Image: W. Muldowney c2006)
Government Buildings in Kennedy Street, Carlow c1970.
Source: M. Brennan Postcard collection
Public House in Kennedy Street, Carlow
Image by "Carloman"

Hackett's Bookmakers of Kennedy Street (up for sale 2013) at the junction of Castle Street.
Kennedy Street
(Photo W. Muldowney c2006)
Kennedy Street c2006
(Taken from Castle St)
  Kennedy Avenue  
The River Burren. This is a view taken from or near the bridge on Kennedy Avenue that leads to the old Quinnsworth shopping centre which Penneys have bought. Quinnsworth have re-located to the new shopping centre in the old Fair Green/Cattle Mart.
The Victorian lamp standards are a new feature. The roof of the post office is on the right and the Burrin bridge at the end of Burren Street is just out of sight.
Info & photo Source:Carloman.

Kennedy Avenue site of the Carlow Post Office on the right in the early 1960's - Courtesy of Paddy Godfrey 
Relaxing at Kennedy Avenue, Carlow (from left) are: Bernard Swan, Christy Brennan, Tom Scully, Tom Rice, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Tony Curran, Jack Hynes and that lovely dog.

7 Kennedy Avenue, Carlow
Kennedy Avenue, Carlow. In the background you can see the Post Office
Image by "Carloman"
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