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The King Who Hated To Have His Hair Cut

Donkeys Ears!

Long long ago there lived in Leighlinbridge, Carlow a troubled king. This kings name was Labhraidh Loingseach. He had a terrible secret. He had the ears of a donkey!! To hide his awful secret, he let his hair grow very long. However, he had to get his hair cut every year. To keep his donkeys ears a secret he had the poor barber killed!!

One year, a widow's son was chosen to be the unfortunate barber. The boy's mother pleaded with the king for her son's life. The widow's tears melted the king's cruel heart. The king promised to save the boy's life if he kept the secret.

After the boy had cut the king's hair, he became very ill. His mother took him to a druid. He told the boy to tell his terrible secret to an oak tree .The boy did this and immediately felt better.

At the same time the King's musician was looking for a new harp. He went out and had a tree chopped down from which he made a new harp. That night, the king asked his musician or Bard as they were called, to play on his new harp. The bard started to play but the song that came out was "Labhraidh Loingseach has donkey's ears!! Labhraidh Loingseach has donkeys ears!!" Now everyone knew his secret!! However the King stayed in power as everyone was too afraid of him. The good news though, was that no more barbers were killed!



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