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Mr Denis. R. Beresford Land-grabbing in 1892.

By kind permission of Mr Michael Purcell

Landgrabbing in 1892.

Mr John Byrne from Tinryland, Carlow, writes to the Carlow Vindicator in 1892 to complain of the taking of his farm by "Hanging-Gale Beresford".

John and his sister had only been evicted when the home-place and all his improvements and those of his forefathers, were taken over by a man described by John as a "land-grabber" without a penny compensation, and the time selected for the eviction was during "Holy Week" 1892.

Carlow Vindicator.

Letter to the Editor.

Tinryland, April 30th, 1892.


Dear Sir, --I wish through the medium of your journal to expose a case of the most barefaced landgrabbing , which I am sure will meet with the condemnation it deserves from all honest men. I was evicted from my home, which was in the possession of my family for generations, by my landlord . Mr Denis. R. Beresford, for non-payment of a rent which must be admitted to was exorbitant even by his own valuer. He scarcely allowed the clay to settle over his mother's grave when he called in the services of Messrs Moore, Mack and Ryan and Watters (the latter acting as emergency man), and turned myself and my sister out on the road on a cold February morning.

We were not well out when J---?---- (name published in report but I will not publish it in this transcript) comes and takes possession of all my improvements and those of my forefathers, without one penny compensation to me --the time selected by this pious Catholic for doing so being Holy Week. The rent of the farm (if you can call it such) is 12 yearly, the area six acres, including a road all around it about thirty perches. This, with waste of rocks, leaves about five acres tillage land. So you see it was the house and premises built by my predecessors, without one penny from the landlord, and on which I expended during the last ten years over 100, which were coveted.~~

I remain yours,
John Byrne.
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
Source: Michael Purcell c.2010

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