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County Carlow

 Landowners c.1875

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Land owners name Address Acreage owned
John Agar, Slyguff, owned 63 acres.
Edward V. Alcock, Ballynoe, owned 570 acres.
John Alexander, Ballygowan, owned 2,075 acres.
Rev. G. F. Armstrong, Reps. of, no given, owned 10 acres.
Rev. R. A. Armstrong, Killeeshal, owned 10 acres.
Colonel Thos. Arthur, no given, owned 866 acres.
William Ashmore, Graiguealug, owned 135 acres.
James K. Aylward, Rathwade, owned 435 acres.
Rev. Leslie Badham, Fenagh Glebe, owned 26 acres.
Elizabeth G. Bagenal, no given, owned 155 acres.
Georgina Bagenal, no given, owned 250 acres.
Philip H. Bagenal, no given, owned 199 acres.
Sarah C. Bagenal, no given, owned 110 acres.
Beauchamp F. Bagenall, Bennekerry, owned 1,309 acres.
John M. Bailey, Sherwood Park, owned 603 acres.
John Barker, Clonmore, Hacketstown, owned 38 acres.
Thomas Barker, no given, owned 23 acres.
William Barker, Clonmore, Hacketstown, owned 5 acres.
Barrow Navigation Co., no given, owned 266 acres.
John Barton, no given, owned 55 acres.
Robert Bayley, no given, owned 3 acres.
Rev. W. C. Bellingham, Ballynakillbeg, owned 38 acres.
John Bennett, no given, owned 1 acre.
Denis W. P. Beresford, Fenagh Lodge, owned 5,567 acres.
Denis Bergin, Urglin, owned 11 acres.
William Bergin, Urglin, owned 8 acres.
Earl of Bessborough, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, owned 10,578 acres.
William Betty, Ballyedmond, Hacketstown, owned 1,024 acres.
Samuel D. Biggs, Ballaghaclay, Clonmore, Hacketstown, owned 281 acres.
Hugh Blackney, no given, owned 750 acres.
Godfrey C. Bloomfield, no given, owned 43 acres.
William Bolton, no given, owned 1 acre.
Rev. John Bonham, no given, owned 1,091 acres.
Dawson Borrer, Altimont, owned 95 acres.
Mary A. Borthwick, no given, owned 69 acres.
John B. Brady, Myshall Lodge, owned 1,198 acres.
Catherine Brennan, Tomard, Upper, owned 2 acres.
John Brennan, Ballycrogue, owned 368 acres.
Mary Brennan, Parknakyle, owned  26 acres.
Michael Brennan, Currane, owned 24 acres.
William Brereton no given, owned 136 acres.
Edward Brewster, no given, owned 59 acres.
Henry Brien, Clonmore, Hacketstown, owned 39 acres.
Thomas Brophy, Milltown, owned 72 acres.
William Brophy, Clorusk, Upper, owned 3 acres.
Jane Browne, Reps. of, no given, owned 11 acres.
John F. Browne, Brown's Hill, Carlow, owned 543 acres.
Robert C. Browne, Browne's Hill, owned 4,410 acres.
William C. Browne, Sandbrook, owned 118 acres.
Henry Bruen, Oak Park, Carlow, owned 16,477 acres.
Denis Bunburry, Johnstown, owned 12 acres.
Henry M. Bunburry, no given, owned 233 acres.
Thos. Bunburry, Reps. of, no given, owned 552 acres.
William Bunburry, Johnstown, owned 13 acres.
Colonel Kane Bunbury, Reps. of, Moyle, owned 3,098 acres.
Thos. K.M.C. Bunbury, Lisnevagh, owned 4,960 acres.
Henry Burgess, Ballycormack, owned 118 acres.
Thomas Burgess, Tullowphelim, owned 73 acres.
Patrick Burke, Leighlinbridge, owned 3 acres.
Peter Burtchaell, Kilkenny, owned 177 acres.
R. R. Burtchall, Graignamanagh, owned 282 acres.
Sir Charles Burton, Pollacton, Carlow, owned 381 acres.
William F. Burton, Burton Hill, owned 4,422 acres.
Charles Butler, no address given owned 547 acres.
Edward H. Butler, no address given, owned 99 acres.
James T. Butler, no address given owned 196 acres.
Sir Thomas P. Butler, Bart., Ballintemple, Tullow, owned 6,455 acres.
Eliza Byrne, Reps. of, no address given, owned 131 acres.
E. A. Byrne, Rosemount, New Ross, owned 757 acres.
James Byrne, Ballinvalley, owned 2 acres.
John Byrne, Parkakyle, owned 11 acres.
Margaret Byrne, nogiven, owned 359 acres.
Matthew Byrne, Carlow, owned 143 acres.
Matthew Byrne, Ballymartin, owned 34 acres.
Michael Byrne, Ballymartin, owned 38 acres.
Michael Byrne, Killerrig, owned 14 acres.
Patrick Byrne, Johnstown, owned 43 acres.
Patrick Byrne, Tinryland, owned 10 acres.
Rev. R. A. Byrne, Leighlinbridge, owned 54 acres.
* Simon Byrne, Currane, owned 10 acres.
Sylvester Byrne, Ballymartin, owned 18 acres.
Terence Byrne, Tinryland, owned 6 acres.
Thomas Byrne, Carlow, owned 2 acres.
Thomas Byrne, Killymeany, owned 48 acres.
Thomas Byrne, Hacketstown, owned 481 acres.
William Byrne, Parknakyle, owned 12 acres.
Michael Cahill, Rathellin, owned 27 acres.
John Carey, Ballyteiglea, owned 52 acres.
Rev. James Carleton, Old Leighlin, owned 19 acres.
Viscount Carlingford, Reps. of, no address given, owned 686 acres.
Ellen Carpenter, Raheen, owned 38 acres.
Mary Carpenter, Raheen, owned 43 acres.
Patrick Carpenter, Moanduff, owned 14 acres.
Timothy Carpenter, Raheen, owned 62 acres.
Susan Carter, no address given, owned 91 acres.
Michael Carton, Seskin, Upper, owned 141 acres.
Charles Casey, Carlow, owned 5 acres.
Jeremiah Casey, Graiguenaspidogue, owned 15 acres.
Chancery, Court of, Dublin, owned 2,617 acres.
Rev. J. Chapman, Dunleckney, owned 23 acres.
John Clarke, no address given owned 159 acres.
John F. Clarke, no address given owned 50 acres.
Clonmel, Earl of, Bishop's Court, Straffan, owned 1,945 acres.
Anthony Coffey, Reps. of, no address given, owned 2 acres.
Right Hon. William H. F. Cogan, Tinode, Co. Wicklow, owned 651 acres.
Anne Colclough, Tintern, Kinnagh, owned 33 acres.
John Comerford, Parknakyle, owned 20 acres.
Thomas Condell, Ballylennon, owned 14 acres.
Eugene Connolly, Artane, owned 1,128 acres.
John Connolly, Killcarry, Clonegad, owned 926 acres.
Major Connolly, Reps. of, no address given owned 342 acres.
Thomas Connolly, Banagagole, owned 2 acres.
William Connor, no address given owned 10 acres.
Darby H. Cooper, Carlow, owned 748 acres.
H. H. Cooper, Shrule, owned 644 acres.
William C. Cooper, Reps. of, Cooper Hill, Queen's Co., owned 160 acres.
William H. Cooper, no address given owned 3 acres.
Mary Corcoran, Enniscorthy, owned 836 acres.
Dorah Corrigan, Ballyleen, owned 78 acres.
John Corrigan, Ballyknockan, owned 19 acres.
Thomas Corrigan, Killerig, owned 169 acres.
Courtown, Earl of, Gorey, owned 7,395 acres.
Maurice Cramer, no address given owned 521 acres.
Edward Croghan, Carlow, owned 7 acres.
Croker, ? first name, no address given owned 248 acres.
Samuel Crosthwaite, Bagenalstown, owned 96 acres.
Thomas Crotty, Carlow, owned 1 acre.
Ellen Cullen, Carlow, owned 5 acres.
Patrick Cummins, Tinryland, owned 4 acres.
James Curran, Reps. of, no address given owned 1 acre.
John Curran, Busherstown, owned 223 acres.
William Curran, Bennekerry, owned 93 acres.
Joseph Dalton, Knockagundarragh, owned 23 acres.
Andrew Darcy, Ballynolan, owned 5 acres.
Edward Dargan, Ballon, owned 3 acres.
Charles Davis, Reps. of, Colmannagh, Hacketstown, owned 1,174 acres.
Sydenham Davis, Reps. of, no address given owned 119 acres.
Michael Dawson, not known, owned 31 acres.
John Deering, Ardnehue, owned 65 acres.
William Deering, Tullow, owned 42 acres.
Thomas Delany, no address given owned 1 acre.
Frederick H. De Montmorency, Broughhillstown, owned 428 acres.
George DeRenzy, Moore Abbey, Co. Kildare, owned 2 acres.
Sir Chas. DesVeux, Bt., no address given owned 722 acres.
Elizabeth Digby, no address given owned 168 acres.
Francis Digby, no address given owned 86 acres.
John Dillon, Johnstown, owned 107 acres.
John Dillon, Ballymartin, owned 28 acres.
Patk. Dillon, Reps. of, no address given owned 12 acres.
Michael Dobbyn, Pollerton, Little, owned 18 acres.
John Doherty, no address given owned 1,105 acres.
James Donohoe, Tullowbeg, owned 4 acres.
Patrick Donohoe, same address, owned 4 acres.
Rosanna Donohoe, Rathellin, owned 16 acres.
Ambrose Doran, Feamore, owned 55 acres.
Charles Doran, Seskinamadra, owned 47 acres.
Francis Doran, Old Leighlin, owned 29 acres.
Arthur M. Downing, no address given owned 6 acres.
Samuel Dowse, Friarstown, owned 599 acres.
Charles Dowzer, Hacketstown, owned 73 acres.
Andrew Doyle, Pollerton, Little, owned 7 acres.
James Doyle, Rathellin, owned 7 acres.
John Doyle, Pollerton, Little, owned 19 acres.
John Doyle, Raheendarragh, owned 69 acres.
John Doyle, Rathellin, owned 5 acres.
John Doyle, Killerrig, owned 14 acres.
Peter Doyle, Ballymartin, owned 25 acres.
Peter Doyle, Raheenkyle, owned 48 acres.
C. M. Doyne, Wells, Gorey, owned 3,203 acres.
Mrs. C. Doyne, Abbey, Tullow, owned 126 acres.
James W. C. Doyne, Seapoint, Gorey, owned 1,026 acres.
Rev. John L. Drapes, no address given owned 26 acres.
Charles S. Duckett, Knockarda, Carlow, owned 339 acres.
Joseph F. Duckett, Kingstown, owned 217 acres.
Stewart Duckett, Russellstown Park, owned 1,232 acres.
William Duckett, Duckett's Grove, Carlow, owned 3,441 acres.
Rev. C. W. Duke, Craanlusky, owned 6 acres.
Robert Dunbar, Slyguff, owned 38 acres.
Richard Dunne, Reps. of, Sleaty, Carlow, owned 15 acres.
Rev. J. F. Durbin, 88, Lower Mount-St., Dublin, owned 1,121 acres.
Alexander Durdin, Huntington Castle, Clonegal, owned 296 acres.
Henry Dwyer, no address given owned 35 acres.
Luke Dwyer, Killoughternane, owned 11 acres.
Elizabeth Eagan, Currane, owned 20 acres.
Edward Earle, Killedmond, owned 73 acres.
Edward Earle, Raheendarragh, owned 15 acres.
George Earle, same address, owned 204 acres.
John Earle, Dunroe, owned 67 acres.
Newton Earle, Raheendarragh, owned 45 acres.
Thomas Earle, same address, owned 18 acres.
John Edge, no address given owned 362 acres.
Chas. Elliott, Reps. of, no address given owned 99 acres.
Nicholas G. Elliott, Johnstown, Carlow, owned 1,199 acres.
Samuel Elliott, Reps. of, no address given owned 198 acres.
William Elliott, Kilmeany, owned 632 acres.
Anthony Esmonde, no address given owned 5 acres.
Hardy Eustace, Castlemore, owned 2,087 acres.
James Eustace, Newstown, owned 1,255 acres.
William Faircloth, Carlow, owned 7 acres.
Ellen Farrell, Reps. of, no address given owned 2 acres.
Robert Farrell, Reps. of, no address given owned 160 acres.
B. W. Faulkner, no address given owned 83 acres.
Benjamin B. Feltus, Reps. of, no address given owned 152 acres.
Elizabeth Fenlon, Curraghcruit, owned 16 acres.
James Fenlon, same address, owned 37 acres.
Thomas Fenlon, no address given owned 39 acres.
Michael Finn, Reps. of, no address given owned 234 acres.
Joseph Fishbourne, Ashfield Hall, owned 105 acres.
Robert Fishbourne, Reps. of, no address given owned 7 acres.
William Fishbourne, Font Hill, owned 28 acres.
Wm. R. Fitzmaurice, Everton, owned 18 acres.
Anne Fitzpatrick, Parknakyle, owned 23 acres.
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Ballinabranna, owned 12 acres.
John Flood, Hacketstown, owned 19 acres.
Michael Flood, Boris, owned 28 acres.
James Foley, Moanduff, owned 31 acres.
Patrick Foley, Banagagole, owned 32 acres.
Patrick Foley, Demesne, owned 77 acres.
Thomas Foley, Annagar, owned 24 acres.
Eleanor Foote, Reps. of, no address given owned 624 acres.
William Fox, Tomduff, owned 8 acres.
Viscount Frankfort, no address given owned 636 acres.
Lawrence Franklin, Ballyknockan, owned 9 acres.
Thos. French, Reps. of, no address given owned 24 acres.
R. A. B. French-Brewster, 26, Merrion-square, S., owned 586 acres.
W. B. Frizelle, Clongarry, Newtownbarry, owned 208 acres.
William F. Fryer, Lumclone, owned 12 acres.
Rev. Jas. P. Garrett, Kellistown, owned 874 acres.
Rev. William Garrett, no address given owned 340 acres.
John Gibson, no address given owned 81 acres.
Governors Hibernian School, no address given owned 6 acres.
William Graham, no address given owned 85 acres.
Earl of Granard, Castleforbes, Co. Longford, owned 349 acres.
John Gray, Upton, owned 260 acres.
Mary Gray, no address given owned 900 acres.
Rev. W. B. Gregg, Myshall, owned 5 acres.
Wm. Gregory, Reps. of, no address given owned 67 acres.
William Griffin, no address given owned 52 acres.
George Griffith, Rosdillig, owned 39 acres.
Richard Griffith, same address, owned 25 acres.
Rev. C. T. Grogan, Dunleckney, owned 16 acres.
Thomas H. Guiness, Haroldstown, Tobinstown, Tullow, owned 543 acres.
Lieut.-Col. Guize, St. Waleran, Gorey, owned 1,283 acres.
Walter B. Gurly, no address given owned 16 acres.
William Hade, Urglin, owned 3 acres.
Edmund Hagerty, Borris, owned 1,256 acres.
Hall Dare, R. W., Newtownbarry, owned 5,627 acres.
Douglas Hamilton, no address given owned 649 acres.
John T. Hamilton, no address given owned 234 acres.
Thomas R. Hardy, Reps. of, Burrough, Hacketstown, owned 602 acres.
Lorenzo W. Hartstronge, no address given owned 855 acres.
Lady Elizth. Harty, Prospect, Roebuck, owned 313 acres.
James W. Harvey, no address given owned 356 acres.
John Hatchell, Ballypierce, Newtownbarry, owned 1,836 acres.
Rev. T. H. Hatchell, Ballincarrig, owned 5 acres.
Loftus Hatton, Slyguff, Bagnalstown, owned 64 acres.
Miss Haughton, no address given owned 18 acres.
Samuel W. Haughton, no address given owned 1 acre.
Sarah Haughton, Reps. of, no address given owned 7 acres.
George Hayde, Ballyvergal, owned 8 acres.
James Hayes, no address given owned 1 acre.
William Hayes, Killedmund, owned 17 acres.
William Hendricken, Johnstown, owned 67 acres.
Francis Hickey, Urglin, owned 20 acres.
James Hickey, Pollerton, Little, owned 19 acres.
John Hickey, Urglin, owned 28 acres.
Patrick Hickey, Ballylennon, owned 22 acres.
Sir Ralph Howard, Reps. of, 6, Bellgrove Mansion, London, owned 543 acres.
James Hughes, Pollerton, Little, owned 23 acres.
Patrick Hughes, Ballygowan, owned 145 acres.
Charles Humphrey, no address given owned 10 acres.
Mary A. Humphrey, no address given owned 14 acres.
Rose Humphrey, no address given owned 373 acres.
Edward Hunt, no address given owned 19 acres.
Anne Hutchinson, no address given owned 503 acres.
Joseph Hutchinson, Roscrea, owned 1,282 acres.
John Ivers, Reps. of, no address given owned 7 acres.
George James, Raheenkyle, owned 28 acres.
Edward L. Jameson, Carlow, owned 31 acres.
Samuel J. Jenkins, no address given owned 136 acres.
William Johnston, no address given owned 80 acres.
Hanna Jones, Rathnegrew, Hacketstown, owned 77 acres.
Robert P. Jones, Woodside, Hacketstown, owned 46 acres.
William Jordan, Ballinvally, owned 2 acres.
Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh, Borris House, Borris, owned 16,051 acres.
Rev. Dr. James Kavanagh, Carlow, College, owned 7 acres.
Andrew Kealy, Currane, owned 17 acres.

* Simon Byrne., Currane, Borris in the Parish of Clonagoose was a blacksmith born c1800/1810 married Mary Flanagan Kilcloney circa 1841 died after 1870. This information was provided by Mick Kinsella Kilcumney, Goresbridge. Co Kilkenny. c2008

Source:  Contributed by Susie Warren

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