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Leighlin Bridge National School

For Females

The new Scoil Naomh Laisrian or
St Laserians Leighlinbridge National School
St Laserians Leighlinbridge National School source Google Street View

Query,  Number 22
Roll,     Number 671
Application, Number 18
Leighlin Bridge (Female)  National School
 Leighlinbridge Old NS
PARISH: Leighlin Bridge.
Leighlin Bridge.
When locally Established: 1826
Class of Application: 2
How situated in respect of Religious Houses: No Proximity
Established Church -  Presbyterian -  Roman Catholic  Patrick Kehoe, Gerald Mahon
Number of Lay Applicants:  Protestant - 8  Roman Catholic - 7
Dimensions of School Rooms: 54½ x 18½
When taken into connexion by the Board: 1832 15th September
Reverend P. Kehoe, Leighlin Bridge
SCHOLARS: Male  —  Female 168
Mary Foran
Aid-granted toward: Building  — Fitting up see folio 28 — Salary £10 — Requisites see folio 28
31st March & 30 September  Up to 31 March 35
Number of National Schools within Three Miles

1842 June 2.

Paid salary to 31 March 42  £6  Mary Foran       Scholars Female 195
October 24  Ditto 30 September 42 £6    ditto      Scholars: Female: 190

1843  Requisites £3.13.8.  9 December 43

April Ditto [Paid salary to] 31 March 43 £6 ditto [Mary Foran] Scholars Female 202

1845 / 1848 Requisites May 11/- [shillings] 6d [pence]

November 9th.  Granted Salary to Assistant from 1st August 1848.  Bridget Aylward Asst.  Salary: 9 13  Requisites £5.6.0.  Free Stock  August 1847

1849 / 1850 Requisites August 11shillings 8pence

1853 December 23rd Application for Salary to a Work mistress rejected, the person applied for being too young

Board Order 14.12.53  On letter 8931. “Inform Manager, that Miss Aylward absented herself without permission from the Training Establishment on Saturday night, and part of Sunday in company with Mr. Carroll teacher in Training.  that they slept in the same house, but that after the most diligent enquiries the Commissioners ascertained that they occupied separate rooms, there is no proof that any improper connexion took place between them. Commissioners notwithstanding the want of proof of any criminal intercourse, consider her conduct to have been so very improper that they cannot permit her to remain in the Training house, or to continue in her school.  Her salary however will be paid up to the period of her leaving the Establishment."

Requisites £5.10.0  Free Stock  August 1857  £3.0.0. Free Stock  September 1853

1854 December 1st Granted Salary to Workmistress from 1st August 1854:  Mary Dooley Work Mistress  Salary £8

Transferred to N.C.B. Volume 1 Folio 39

Source: National School Register, County Carlow, ED 2/1, fols. 31, 81

HANSARD 1803–2005  Commons Sitting


 HC Deb 10 August 1894 vol 28 cc565-6565

DR. KENNY (Dublin, College Green) I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1) whether he is aware that Mrs. Carey, late teacher of the Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, Female National School, was on the 9th of August, 1892, served with a three months' notice of dismissal by the manager of the said school, the Rev. J. Connolly, P.P.; (2) whether the notice alleged any cause for Mrs. Carey's dismissal, and whether Mrs. Carey had been over 20 years a teacher with an excellent record; (3) is he aware that on the 11th of August, 1892, Mrs. Carey's husband himself, teacher of the Leighlinbridge Male National School, appealed to the Rev. Father Connolly to permit Mrs. Carey to complete her term of service so as to entitle her to full pension, and that this request was refused by Father Connolly; that subsequently, on the 29th of August, 1892, Mrs. Carey, by letters, requested Father Connolly to specify the grounds on which he was about to dismiss her, but received no reply to her letter; that before the expiration of the three mouths' notice, on the 14th of September, 1892, Father Connolly informed Mrs. Carey he would not even permit her to complete the three mouths, and tendered her instead a cheque in payment of salary for the period; (4) whether he is aware that on Mrs. Carey refusing the cheque she was informed by the rev. gentleman that if she did not accept he would peremptorily dismiss her husband also from his post by a three mouths' notice; (5) whether he is aware that Mrs. Carey then laid her case before the Bishop of the Diocese, the Most Rev. Dr. Lynch, and that after inquiry by his Lordship, she was on 16th October, 1892, restored to her position; that subsequently Father Connolly made charges against Mrs. Carey before the National Board which were investigated by Head Inspector of National Schools, Mr. Connellan, and Mrs. Carey exonerated from blame; (6) whether he is aware that Mrs. Carey is now an inmate of a lunatic asylum; and (7) whether, if the facts are substantially as stated in question, he will seriously consider the necessity of legislating with as little delay as possible to put an end in Ireland to a managerial system under which these occurrences could take place?

MK. J. MORLEY (1-2.) The statements in the first two paragraphs of the question are substantially accurate. No cause was assigned for the dismissal of Mrs. Carey. (3-4-5.) The allegations in the third, fourth, and fifth paragraphs are in accordance with the statements made in the correspondence which took place in the case. It is not correct, however, to say that Mrs. Carey was exonerated from blame on the Report of the Head Inspector after the investigation of the complaints preferred against her by the manager. Of six charges made against her, the Commissioners practically exonerated her as regards five; but on the sixth charge they decided that it was sufficiently established and caused Mrs. Carey to be admonished. (6) There is no foundation for the statement in the sixth paragraph that Mrs. Carey is an inmate of a lunatic asylum. On the contrary, she is still schoolmistress at the school in question. (7) Regarding the concluding paragraph, the Commissioners inform me that this is an entirely isolated case in its leading particulars, and has had no parallel in the history of the National system for the past 60 years.

MR. A. O'CONNOR In view of the serious character of the allegations contained in the questions, will the right hon. Gentleman direct a sworn inquiry?

MR. J. MORLEY I cannot pledge myself to that extent, but the matter shall be carefully considered.

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