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St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec.


All marriages took place in Montreal.

The following transcriptions were sent in by Sheila, Ontario -
This list of marriages that have taken place in St. Patrick's, Montreal and with roots in Ireland, (but not necessarily Carlow) are posted here in the hope that they may be of interest to other researchers.
The records, where they mention a Co. in Ireland, means the parents stayed in Ireland or were deceased in Ireland and their sons and daughters came to Montreal, where the marriages took place.


Aug. 9, 1864, St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M16

James Murphy, resident of this city, son of dec, James Murphy and of dec. Ann (looks like) Kelly of Co. Carlow. To: Ellen O'Sullivan daughter of dec. John O'Sullivan, and of dec. Ellen (looks like) Ford of Co. Kerry.  Wit: Timothy O'Connell, Catherine Murphy

Nov. 17, 1864. St. Patrick's, Quebec City, - M103

Richard Dryden, Protestant, private of the 25th regiment, son of age of dec. (looks like) Henry Dryden and of dec. Janet Bulmer of Yorkshire, England.  To: Mary Whelan daughter of dec. Patrick Whelan and of dec. Catharine Burgen of Co. Carlow Wit: John McCormick, John Moore


June 13, 1865. St. Patrick's, Quebec City.  - M39

Patrick Burns, labourer, son of  Michael Burns and Bridget Coady of  Co. Carlow.  TO: Ann Gahan daughter of Thomas Gahan and of Frances Curran also of  Co. Carlow. Wit: Patrick Buckley and Jane (looks like) Burns

Sept. 26, 1865, St. Patrick's, Quebec City, - M72

Richard O'Neill, merchant, of Port Hope, Canada West, son of dec. James O'Neill and Mary Doyle of (looks like) Rathvilly, Co. Carlow, Ireland. TO: Elizabeth Jordon daughter of dec. Charles Jordon and Mary (looks like) Mulhearn  of this city.   Wit: James O'Neill and of Ellen Jordan

Oct. 24, 1865 - St. Patrick's, Montreal - M144

John Scanlan, son of John Scanlan and Ellen Leahy, of Co. Limerick, Ireland. To Catherine O'Rourke, daugher of dec. William O' Rourke and dec. Mary Doyle of Co. Carlow, Ireland. Witt: Daniel McCarthy and Susan Higgins


Nov. 5, 1866 - St. Patrick's, Montreal  - M122

Thomas Breen wid. of Margaret Long to Bridget Murphy daughter of James Murphy and of dec. Margaret Doyle, of Co. Carlow, Ireland. Witt: Mark Breen

Nov. 19, 1866, St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M63

William Sykes, seaman, son of William Sykes and Agnes Hastler of Yorkshire, England.  TO: Mary Kelly daughter of James Kelly and of dec. (looks like) Frances (looks like) Eaton of Co. Carlow . Wit: Margaret Larkin and Thomas Fitzgerald Note: Poor writing


Feb. 23, 1867. St.Patrick's, Quebec City - M17

Ralph Dodd,  private of the Rifle Brigade, a Protestant, son of dec.  (looks like) Isiah Dodd and Margaret Watkins of Birmingham, England. TO: Maria  Doyle daughter of dec. William Doyle and Mary (looks like) Farell of Co.  Carlow. Wit: James Farrell (sic) and of  Hanora McNamara


Aug. 7, 1867, Notre Dame, Montreal, Quebec. M77 - M402

Timothy (hard to read) Hoorihan?? shoemaker of Vermont, USA son of dec. (hard to read) Murtagh Hoorihan and Margaret Hooley of Co. Cork, Ireland To: Ellen Brennan of this parish, daughter of dec. William Brennan, farmer and of dec. Susan Ralph of Co. Carlow, Ireland Wit: Michael Hogan


May 29, 1870, Notre Dame, Montreal, Quebec - M77

Charles Caulfeild, foreman in a brewery, domiciled in this parish (Notre Dame, Montreal, son of age of Wilberforce Caulfeild (dec) and Catherine Butler of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. TO: Eulalee Legault dit Deslauriers, minor daughter of Olivier Deslauriers (dec) and of Lucie Chartrand.   Witnesses: Francis B. Caulfield, brother and of Georginana Legault dit Deslauriers, sister

May 30, 1870. St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M16

James Byrnes, laborer, son of Michael Byrnes, and Bridget Codey of Co. Carlow to Anastasia Barden daughter of dec. Peter Barden and of dec.  Margaret Neville, of Co. Wexford.  Wit: John Burns (sic) brother of they bridegroom, and Norah Callanan Groom signs, James Byrnes

Oct. 17, 1870, St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M34

Philip Tanguay, laborer, son of dec. Michael Tanguay and of Archange Lamontagne of the parish of Notre Dame de Levis. To: Margaret Butler, daughter of dec. Thomas Butler and of the late Margaret (looks like) Kinsela of Co. Carlow.  Wit: Xavier Tanguay, brother to the groom and Jane  Butler


Nov. 3, 1875 St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M50

Edward Cooper, son of George Cooper and of dec. Elizabeth Reese, and widower of Mary O'Brien, a native of Gosport, Hampshire, England. To:  Maria Carr,  daughter of dec. Patrick Carr and of dec. Mary Nolan, a native of Co. Carlow, Ireland. Wit: John McManus and Mary Ann Hilier.


Jan. 17, 1876, St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M2

Michael Farrell, son of dec. David Farrell and of dec. Bridget Murphy, a native of Co. Carlow to: Eliza Feltis daughter of dec. John Feltis and of dec.  Roseanna Murphy a native of the same place. Wit: John McCabe, Jane Cooper


May 13, 1879 St. Patrick's, R.C., Quebec City, Quebec  - M7

James Laughran a native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, son of dec. James Laughran and Isabella Mackell to Janet Elizabeth Macintosh a native of Edinburg, Scotland, daughter of age of dec. Alexander Macintosh and of Maria Isabella Stuart. Wit: Patrick John Phillips and of Mary Ann McDonald

June 3, 1879. St. Patrick's, R.C. - M9

Henry Williams a native of Quebec, son of dec. Thomas Williams and of dec. (looks like) Catharine Quinn TO: Mary Reynolds a native of Belfast, Ireland daughter of James Reynolds and of Mary Davidson.   Wit: Hugh Reilly and of Ann Burns

June 7, 1879 - St. Patrick, R.C. Quebec City, Quebec - M12

Mark Little, Protestant, Native of Co. Fermnagh, Ireland, son of dec.  William Henry Little and of Mary Ann Brown. To: Jane Henery, native of Passage East, Waterford, Ireland daughter of dec. William Henery and of dec. Mary Power.    Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCarthy

June 9, 1879 St. Patrick's, R.C., Quebec City, Quebec. - M13

Edward McDermott, a native of Dublin, Ireland son of dec. John McDermott and of Jane Seale to Mathilda Bolger, native of Belleville, Ont. daughter of age of Francis Bolger and Margaret Baker. Wit: John O'Neill and of Isabella Hurst

Oct. 20, 1879. St. Patrick's, R.C. Quebec City - M30

Edward Murphy, a native of Fermoy, Cork, Ire. son of dec. Thomas Murphy and of dec. Margaret Lyons TO: Bridget Shannaghan, a native of St. Basile, Quebec daughter of of age of Denis Shannaghan and of dec. Anne Clerey   Wit: Patrick Gallagher and of Bridget Ellen Gallagher


Jan. 19, 1880 St. Patrick's, R.C. Quebec City, Canada - M3

Peter Hanlon a native of Nanagh, Co. Tipperary, Ire. son of dec. Peter Hanlon and of dec. Mary Duffy to: Amelia Miller, native of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, daughter of dec.  Charles Miller and of Eliza Smith and widow of dec. John Hart   William Cook, and of Rosina Barret

May 10, 1880 St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M14

William Brown a native of Co. Mayo, Ireland, son of dec. Richard Brown and of dec. Mary Gardner, widower of Mary Duffy. To: Catharine Montagne a native of Quebec, daughter of dec. Patrick Montagne and of dec. Mary McDonald. Wit: John McCabe and Margaret Kirwin

June 2, 1880 - St. Patrick's, Montreal - M18

John Evans Walsh, a native of Belfast, Ireland, now in Quebec, son of dec. Michael Walsh and of Mary Brennan, to: Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, daughter of Cornelius Sullivan and of Hannah McCormick.   Wit: James Cornelius Sullivan and of Elizabeth A.McAuley

June 30, 1880, St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M22

Patrick Connollly, a native of Clifton, Co. Galway, Ireland son of dec. Patrick Connolly and of dec. Catharine Coyne. To: Bridget Power daughter of dec. John Power and of dec. Mary (looks like) Memnock??   Wit:Patrick Collins

Sept. 6, 1880, St. Patrick's, R.C. Quebec City - M38

James Burns a native of New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland, now domiciled in Quebec, son of James Burns and of Catharine McGee. TO: Delima (looks like) Leclerc, a native of Point Levis, Quebec, now domiciled in Quebec (City) daughter of Charles Leclerc and of Pelagia (looks like) Ochet.  Wit: Michael McCarthy and Mrs.Charles Duglas (looks like)

Sept. 6, 1880, St. Patrick's, R.C. Quebec City - M39

John Egan a native of St. Columba, Sillery (Quebec) son of dec. Thomas Egan and of dec. Elizabeth Sheran and widower of Mary Graham. TO: Bridget Gaffney a native of (looks like) Castlecomar, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, now domiciled in Quebec, daughter of dec. William Gaffney and of dec. Mary Brennan.  Wit: John Gaffney and Mary Humphry.

Sept. 14, 1880, St. Patrick's, Quebec City, - M42

John Mulroney a native of St. Catharine's, Co. Portneuf, Quebec now domiciled in Quebec, son of Pierce Mulroney and Ellen Buckley. TO: Ellen Murphy native of Quebec, daughter of dec. Thomas Murphy and of Elizabeth (looks like) Scallen.   Wit: Jeremiah Mulroney and Ann Murphy.

1888 - 1903

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