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St Mary's Church, Carlow

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Parochial Registers of Carlow Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin,
Parish of Carlow and Graigue
Marriages, Nov. 8, 1769-Aug. 20, 1786      
Date of Entry Grooms Name Brides Name Witnesses Names Place of Marriage
1769 Nov 13 Lau Linn Ann Green Margt Doyle & Nesty Maclusky  
1772 Janry 20 Mathw Maddin Mary Cummins Colelough Byrne, Will: Doyle & Patt Fluskey  
1773 May 11 Antony Farrell Mary Cummin Jno Cummin, Patt Brennan & Neal Moor  
1773 Ober 26 James Tinan Cath Whelan William Doyle, John Graythorn & Mark Cummins  
1778 Febry 23 Certificate to Ant Cummins for his Son Silvr    
1778 Febry 25 Michl Neal Margt Cummins Jno Scully, Esther Byrne  
1778 July 5 Michal Dixons   Michael Dixon & Catherine Dixon Tullow Street
1778 July 5 John Gorman Honor Cummins Michael Dixon & Catherine Dixon  
1778 Novembr 10 William Cummins Grace Moore Patt Moore, Patt Maher & John Parr Greige
1781 February 27 John Cummins Margaret Riely Thos Riely & Margaret Riely  
1781 Octobr 1 Thos Farrell Catherine Cummin Wm Gafney, Wm. (Dann?) & Nial from Killeshin  
1781 Octobr 1 James Cummins Sarah Simmons Patt Murphy & Namcy Doyle  
1781 Octobr 29 Patrick Cummins Catherine Donahoe Thomas Brennan & Wife, Wm Gafnee  
Marriages, January 1, 1820 - June 17, 1845      
Date of Entry Grooms Name Brides Name Witnesses Names Place of Marriage
1825 May 29 John Prendergast Mary Cummin George Kerby & Mary Cummin Brown St
1828 January 29 Wm Doran Bridget Byrne Pat Cummins & Mary Nolan  
1839 February 12 Thomas Cummins Eliza Hendricken Patrick Cummins & Anne Grant,Certified Grange Rathoe New Garden
1842 May 12 Patt Cummins Catherine Bolger Rev. D. McCarthy & ___[illegible] Neill Polertown
1844 July 7 Patrick Cummins Margaret Neill Levoy Cox & Margaret Breen  
  Cummins a private in the 90th light Infantry stationed here now - the girl resides in Polerton road
1844 Oct 29 John (Spurious), John Cummins Kate Murray Margaret Whelan Coal Market
1845 Jan 22 Richard Dunn Catherine Comeford Owen Cummins & Anne Metcalf Brown St
Marriages, January 22, 1845 - April 14, 1856      
Date of Entry Grooms Name Brides Name Witnesses Names Place of Marriage
1845 Jan 22 Richard Dunn Catherine Comerford Owen Cummins & Anne Metcalf Browne St
1845 Oct 8 Thos Brophy Ellen Fanning John Cummins & Mary Hackett Water Lane
1845 Oct 29 Francis Walker, Park Lane Eliza Gorman, Tullow St Patk Cummins & Catherine Dwyer  
1848 Nov 16 James McDonnell Margaret Dwyer Patk Cummins & Catherine Dwyer Polerton road
1848 Nov 16 Moot Murphy Anne Brennan Jas Maley & Brid Cummins Coal Market
1850 Feb 10 Laurence Byrne Mary Cummins Luke Byrne, Ellen Byrne Pauper [___?]
1850 Sept 2 Patt Dunne Mary Cummins Jas Dunne & Margt Connor Dublin St
1851 Feb 30 [sic] Cornelius Curren Margt James Thomas Cummins & Margaret Curren Carlow
1851 Nov 19 Alexander Patterson Cath Cummins Edward McIver & Anne Cummins Barracks 92 Regt
1851 Nov 29 Edward McIver Anne Cummins Maurice Kernnee & Catherine Patterson Barracks 92 Regt
1854 Nov 28 Patrick Commin Catherine Kinsella Thomas Kinsella & Ann Kinsella Stapelstown Road
[NOTE: This entry was hard to read, Commin might have been Conners.]  
1855 May 29 Owen Common Anne Wall or Flood John Canivay & Alicia Magrath Tullow St
Marriages, May 10, 1856 - Nov. 22, 1880        
[Note: Many of the earlier pages are very faded and very difficult to read.]    
Date of Entry Grooms Name and Parents Details Brides Name and Parents Details Witnesses Names and Place of Residence Grooms Place of Residence Brides Place of Residence
1857 Nov 5 [___?, could be Thomas or Patrick] Cummins Mary [Doyle?] Maria Brennan, [___?], & Jacobus Dunne, Carlow res. [___?] res. [___?]
parents [Tho?] & Mary Cummins from parents [not listed or too faded to read]    
Knakling, Co. Leis from Arklow, Co. Wicklow    
1859 July 12 Guillelm Brien Maria Cummins George Moore, [Katon?] Lane, & Ellen Moore, Lee St. Chapel Road New St
parents Jacobus & Brigette Brien, from Chapel parents Maria Cummins, New St    
1861 April 9 Jacobus Cummins Anne Dempsey [___?] Conner, Tullow St., & Julia Murphy, Jerusalem Dublin Road Jerusalem
parents Jacobus & Catherine Cummins, Carlow parents Michael & Catherine Dempsey, Jerusalem    
1861 May 28 Martinus Brennan Johannah Cummins Jacobus Lynch, Paupish, & Maria Byrne, Staplestown Road Paupish Staplestown Road
parents Voliamus & Julia Brennan Paupish Jacobus & maria Cummins, Staplestown Road    
1862 Sept 1 Jacobus Meslan Eliza Cummins Patrick Walsh, Barrack St., & Catherine Brennan, Barrack St Paupish Little [___?]
parents [___?] & Bridget Meslian, Castletown parents Thomas & Anne Cummins, Nay;and    
1863 April 18 Morgan Cummins Anna Carey Patricius Kavanagh, Barrack St., & Catherine O'Brien, Tullow St Tullow St Tullow St
parents Jacobi & Anne Cummins, Pollerton Road Johanis & Anna Carey, Paupish    
1865 May 10 Dionysius Cummins Maria Rourke Patricius Kavanagh, Barrack St., & Catherine O'Brien, Tullow St Tullow St Tullow St
parents Jacobi & Maria Cummins parents Thomas & Margaretta Rourke    
1865 May 16 Johanis Cummins Anne Byrne Jacobus Dunne, Chapel Lane, & Marcella Byrne, KilQuade Castle St KilQuade
parents Malachia & Bridgetta Cummins, Tullow St parents Patricii & Mary Byrne, KilQuade    
1865 October 18 Gulielmus Cummins Bridget Byrne Mr. P. Howslett, New Ross, & Nannie Byrne, Castle St. Carlow New Ross Castle St
father William Cummins, New Ross father Mathew Byrne, Carlow    
1867 October 18 John Commins Anna Carel James Dunne, Collyr St., & Ellen Dunne, Hanover Road Staplestown Road Barrack St
father John Commins, Staplestown Road father William Carel, Barrack St    
1873 July 29 John Brophy Bridget Cummins John Dwyer, Carlow, & Mary Doolan, Carlow Carlow Carlow
parents Bernard & Catherine Brophy, Carlow parents John & Mary Cummins, Carlow Graigue    
1874 May 26 Edward McGuirk Jane Foley Thomas Cummins, Carlow, & Eliza Nolan, Work House. Carlow Tullow
parents Edward & Mary McGuirk, Carlow Patrick & Anne Foley, Tullow    
  Material provided by Susan Clement and transcribed by Ron Lanning    
Material provided by Susan Clement and transcribed by Ron Lanning <>
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